40 No Kids And Bf Needs Vasectomy Reversal

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Julie - October 20

There you have it, I am 40 years old and have never been pregnant. My boyfried had a vasectomy 8 years ago and is willing to have a reversal. Can anyone offer me any hope that we could overcome these odds and become pregnant.


kris A. - October 20

If you are really serious about having a baby, you need to get going... the first step would be to consult a fertility specialist and they would have to examine your bf, and they would be the ones to give you a realistic prognosis of what your chances are, because every man is different. Then they would look into your cycles, are they regular, etc. This isn't really a question anyone here could give you accurate info on because of the individual differences. Go see a specialist, and the best of luck to you!!


Maidencanada - October 20

I cannot say anything about your particular case but there are lots of men who have vasectomy reversals, and at 40 you are still fertile as long as yo udo not have any mdical issues you should be able to concieve. I was 40 when I concieved last time (miscarried) and am now 41 and trying again. My doctor says there is no reason why I cannot get and keep pregnant. Good luck to you both!


megan beck - October 23

My husband had a vascectomy 14 years before we decided to have a baby. I couldn't find anyone to advise us on which way to turn,ie IVF with surgical sperm removal or the reversal. Unfortunately, we went with the reversal and it didn't work, the doctor we used kept making us wait to see if it was going to work and by the time he suggested we try IVF I was 39. I fell pregnant first go and now have a beautiful 3 year old son. Apparently, we would have needed IVF a__sistance anyway even if the reversal did work as the sperm usually arent motile. The reversal ended up costing us about $6000 out of pocket compared to about $2000 for IVF with the safety net.


Lena - October 27

At 8 yrs your bf has good odds of a successful vasovasectomy. However you should consult a urologist who specialized in this procedure. He'll examine your bf and let you know if the odds are favorable or not. Keep in mind that it can take several months to a year for the vasovasectomy to become successful and they aren't always successful. (My husband's wasn't.) In the meantime, your body is on a schedule where every month counts. The longer you wait to have a child, the less your odds of conceiving will me. You may want to consider IVF with ICSI. With this procedure you could find your self pg in the next 2-3 months. Though expensive, ICSI is a great alternative for men who have undergone a vasectomy and for woman who are older. [And doesn't it really suck that we are considered "older."]


Shannon - November 1

Hi Julie You and I are in the same place. My husband had the reversal 9 years ago. We married at age 36 and he has two kids from a previous as well as my daughter from a previous. It will have been 20 years since having a child if we do this...and I really do want this because it would strengthen somewhat tenuous bonds in our mixed family. As you can sense I am sure, this predicament is scary and I am really nervous about the odds of success. Unlike yourself, I have had several pregnancies (one child and others terminated). The doc we spoke with said that the efficacy of the procedure is really quite high, although the challenge of our own somewhat diminished fertility may play into the odds So....just an FYI to let you know you are not in your situation alone.....


shannon - November 1

Apologies for my mistake in previous message. What I meant to say was that my husband had a vasectomy 9 yrs ago and is now preparing for the reversal



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