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gcmickens - January 28

Hi I just gor my BFP this morning and of course I am so happy, but now worried about miscarrying - what %%% of us womane over 40 have this horrible thing happen - is there anywhere I can go to search info & data on this? Any feedback most gratefully appreciated!


miraclebaby - January 28

Sorry I dont know, but I do know a girlfriend that was 41 and had a baby :) :)


sweetlady - January 29

gcmickens go to babycenter.com its has a board called pregnant at 40 the wormen there are all 40 and over and they have had healthy pregnancies they offer alot of support so go check them out..


gcmickens - January 30

txs sweet lady! I will!


MRCLbaby42+ - January 30

no real answers-but to say WORRY NOT GOOD. do and SEE things that make you happy or calm. My sister had her (3rd-after 20 years) healthy baby at age 42.. young husband may have been factor. She active with fair/good health habits. I'm 40+ and JUST NOW working towards first with 'fair' health. I wish..hope..and 'pray' for you not to WORRY.


kris A. - January 31

They are all just odds... the only thing you can really do is wait it out. If you hit 12 weeks risks dramatically decline. Then the doc's will hit you up with the horror stories of risks of downs and other advanced maternal age - this is a very scary time - just try to stay above the fray with knowing what tests you'll do, what you wont, and stick with it. I've been there, suffered a miscarriage then right after suffered through a problem pregnancy with abnormal test results, placenta previa, and subchorionic hemorraghe. I prayed a lot and worried more, counted every day of every week, declined all invasive and high risk tests but in the end our baby girl is here, safe, sound, and healthy. It was stressful and I wish I could have handled it better. \ wish you the best.


gcmickens - January 31

MRCLbaby42+ and kris A !!!! Boy kris, so sorry you had to go through so much but so happy you have your healthy baby girl! You are both right - worry can only makes it harder, and I am just going to look at the bright side, that I'm healthy, no physical or psychological problems, I'm at week 5 (3 since conception) by that means only 7 more weeks to wait for dreade 12 week wait for safety will be over! After that I will feel sooooooooooo relieved, even if later they tell me the baby has downs or something I can still handle that over a miscarriage, if you get my drift !!!!!!! Thanks for your support, and I am still going to research to see what percentage of us over 40 have miscarriages, just to see optimistically what percentage I will NOT be in! :-D



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