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jellywelly8 - July 31

I had a m/c tuesday night and am still in disbelief that it happened. My husband and I have been trying since we have been married, 9 years. I went through fertility testing 4 years ago, and fit in the "unexplained" box. I was also overweight and hormone panels over the years have showed their levels all over the chart. To my surprise I found myself pregnant in July and we were so excited, that it must have been meant to happen. I am trying not to get discouraged by all the info on the Internet (all the talk of old eggs, etc), but it is so hard. I am afraid that me getting pregnant was a "fluke" and that it won't happen again. I finally lost a lot of weight too, we think maybe that has something to do with me getting pregnant...but still wondering about the hormones... esp progesterone. I guess I thought because I got pregnant everything was ok in that department. Just looking for support and info/advice on when/how to prepare for ttc again.


mom45750 - August 29

Well, maybe if I tell you my story, you will feel a little better. I spent my life savings and 10 years TTC. Last year, my dr gave me Lupron. It made me crazy. I took it for 2 mths and quit. A month later, I discovered I was pregnant. I made it 12 weeks, but found out that the baby quit growning at 8 weeks. This is after I had seen the heartbeat. I was devestated. My dr. said it was a fluke, and I knew then I would never get PG again. However, in July, I discovered I was pregnant again. I am now 9 weeks. The only difference I have this time is Progesterone 3x daily 200 mg. I am diabetic and have high blood pressure. HOwever, both are being treated and I am doing quite well. One last thing, after trying for 10 years, the ONLY difference was I got a C-Pap machine. I found i had severe sleep apnea. This could create many problems that drs do not check for. If you snore, please have this checked before you TTC again or no matter what you do, you may have the same outcome. Anyway, I am doing very well. I am praying for you...



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