42 Ttc And Praying It Works

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mmelo - June 9

Hello ladies, I have been MIA for a few cycles. The last time I had checked in I had just done my first IUI after being on bromo for 5 months. My levels were still over 40 but they figured we could give it a try. The put me on Femara, then the HCG injection, then progesterone. All of which made me a little crazy, but I figured if it worked, it would be worth the aggravation. Well it didn't work. I took the month off, continued to take the bromo, was getting back into the mindset to try again this month. Did a blood test and now the levels are back up to 71 instead of down. I was stunned. Now they are putting me on dosinex to see if that helps, but I just blew another cycle because it takes about 4 weeks to kick in. I am so frustrated and discouraged. Any words of encouragement, I am beginning to think this is a pipe dream.


miraclebaby - June 9

sorry no one has responded to you, unfortunately I do not know anything to tell you. I do not know the statistics of 42. Any event, good luck to you and remember the power of prayer works


Hannah24 - June 10

Hi mmelo, have you had any children at all? I am 47, and have been taking a Fertility Herb Blend (Vitex, Black Cohosh, False Unicorn Root, Golden Seal, Red Clover) for about 4 months. Im in Australia by the way. This Herbalist, a Professor, is very well known over here, and has amazing results with this herb blend. Its a long story but I came to know about him through other people, that I didnt know by the way, I was in a Drug Store and heard a lady talking about him, then I was at church and heard another stranger talking about him. So years ago, I began taking it, just for a while (long history of endometreosis/infertility)...it is an expensive mix ($80.00 per 200ml Aus). I noticed immediately a drastic change in regular periods and producing the signs of fertile ovulation mucus. Well years down the track (this year 2006), I contacted the Herbalist again and began taking the mixture. Amazing, Amazing - my FSH Level in February was 31 (hopeless), now a few months later, it is 4...!!! LH levels were 323, now way under 250...amazing. Well, today as I speak, I am 7 days late for my period - and I am quietly very excited. 'Twins' seem to come up everywhere I turn, and that has been my desire to have twins - and waiting for 47 years, two would be wonderful, one....would be a miracle. So today Ive decided to have a Pregnancy test...now, Im not sure where you are over there in the US, but a herb blend is available - complimentary vitamins are important such as Folic Acid, Evening Primrose Oil, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin E Oil, I researched a little, and the Herbalist said I couldnt have found a more complimentary mix of vitamins to the Fertility Blend. Anways, keep believing, keep hoping, hope is all we need, and prayer, praying is vital, God is never early or late, just on time. Any time you need encouragement, just holler...my best for you, a baby is only a miracle away.


Prisoner_of_Hope - June 11

Hi Melo and Hannah, I am 41 and TTC my first with my DH (32). I have some health issues, but I am still hopeful and continuing to pray and be a "prisoner of hope". God bless you, ladies and let me know of your progress and successes along the way. If you ever need to talk (to a stranger LOL) you can email me at [email protected]


chris mandola - June 11

HI, I just had a baby at age 41. If you are stilll having regular cycles and are ovulating each month, there's no reason you can't get pregnant. At our age it can take a while because of age of eggs. I tried all kinds of fertility treatments for 7 years and got tired of spending so much money. After a year I got pregnant naturally. I blame stress on not conceiving. What's your history?


mmelo - June 12

hello everyone, thx for your support. I am 42 and ttc my first. To all, here is my history. My dh and I decided we would ttc when I was about 25. After a year of nothing we were referred to a fertility clinic. Now remember this was 17 years ago and they basically wrote us off due to male factor infertility. So we went about our business and of course nothing ever happened and I thought I would be OK with that. My cycles were always regular until I reached the age of about 37. Then they became fewer and farther between until they stopped all together. I thought I was going thru menopause but with an MRI and blood tests they discovered I had high prolactin levels which was causing this. Well, nothing kicks the maternal instict into high gear like knowing your time is running out. By the time I turned 40 I knew I still wanted children, the instinct kicked in full throttle and I knew it was either now or never. So now not only am I fighting with my DH about it(he thinks he's too old to be a dad now)but I am fighting with my body working against me too.


ibk8t - June 14

Hi....I am 43 and pregnant and I used Evening Primrose Oil....3000 mg's a day...it apparently makes your cervical mucous so friendly that sperm can survive up to 5 days.....which widens you window considerably


Citrine - June 16

Hi mmelo - I'm 41 & ttc #1 naturally. I'm hoping to find out any day if I was successful this month. No signs of Af right now & she is due today, plenty of pg signs this month. ( I'm afraid to test right now though b/c I've had some bfns in the last few days.) But my doctor said the same thing Chris Mandola said. Also, I read somewhere too that you have to "believe" that you can conceive. I realized that I have been thinking for years that I might not be able to & realized I should stop thinking that way! I've always been very regular, though I had a cervical cone biopsy in April 06 to remove pre-cancerous cells. That went very well, so I'll let you know what happens. But I keep telling myself that my great-grandmother had my grandmother 83 years ago at age 41 (of course it was her 6th & not her 1st) but I don't think that was unusual back then. While the age thing of course is very real, I also think its b__wn a little out of proportion. It's not a pipe dream!


ibk8t - June 16

It is definitely not a pipe dream Citrine...I am 43 and conceived naturally (with the help of the primrose I guess...almost naturally) My Great grandmother, and 2 aunts also had full term healthy babies at 43 and 44. Here is a cool site: http://www.mothersover40.com/celebrities.html


ibk8t - June 16

here is the evening primrose article http://www.babyhopes.com/articles/epo.html


ibk8t - June 16

whoops...no dash...try here for momsver40 http://www.mothersover40.com/celebrities.html


lallababie - July 11

i am 42 and i'm 13 weeks pregnant.. my husband and i started trying in october but after xmas we got busy and kinda forgot about it and then i missed my period in may.....


summerlover - July 11

thank you ladies for all your posts. reading them has given me hope . I am 44 and just finished my first cycle of clomid. I had a tubal reversal 2 months ago, so this is our first official month of trying. We havn't told anyone we are trying and it's a little lonley not being able to talk about it. I am thankful i found this site. My af is due today, but so far its a no show. I did a hpt on sun. and it was neg. so i am not holding out much hope. My dr did a blood test on fri. but still no word from them. the waiting is stressful. I wish you all luck and hope to hear from you soon.


Prisoner_of_Hope - July 21

Hi Lallabie and Summerlover! Lallababie - Congratulations!!! Wishing you lots of sticky stuff and a happy healthy pregnancy. Summerlove, are you TTC your 1st? We have a thread for over 40 TTC #1. in problems in Pregnancy Forum. Someone took objection to all the TTCs thread in this forum (since its pregnant over 35 not TTC over 35). So you are welcome to stop by our thread and share. Ciao~



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