43 And Positive EPT

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G1458 - May 5

Hello everyone. My husband and I will be married for 20 years in July. We started ttc our first child two months ago. I used fertility charting and tried to follow everything. My period is late, this is my 17th day of high bt. Since Saturday, I have taken 4 pregnancy tests, including the EPT Clear Indicator Digital test. It stated pregnant. I am calling the doc. I am so excited but fear that this cannot be real. The only symptom of concern that I am experiencing is intermittent, dull ache on my left side near my ovary. Sometimes, it is a little sharp pain, other times a throb. Does anyone know if this is a bad sign? I just don't know what to think. I have never been pregnant. Never really knew if I could before. I want this so bad! I turned 43 in 12/28 and my husband will soon be 45. Thank you,, Gina


blessedwith4 - May 5

I had that same type of pain with all 4 of my pregnancies and have 4 babies! Congrats and Enjoy!


Kristin72 - May 5

Congratulations first and foremost!! Just make sure this pain you are describing is not coupled by any bleeding. Get your bloodwork done to see if your hcg is doubling. Then you will know if everything seems fine. Also get an early ultrasound this would be a good idea because of your age as well. I am not far behind as I am 40. On the other side...There is a possibility of it being an ectopic..I know this because I had one in Sept of last year and I had that dull and sharp pain you describe in my left ovary. However, it could also just be the early pregnancy signs. Your body is gearing up for the pregnancy and pushing aside all your vital organs to make way for the uterus to grow. I wish you the best of luck!! Let us know we are rooting for you!!


G1458 - May 5

Kristin, did you get pregnant after the ectopic? Thank you all for your kind responses. Please keep me in your prayers. I had the first HGC today and the second on Wednesday coming up.


Kristin72 - May 6

I am on my 3rd cycle ttc after the ectopic. I am still b___stfeeding also . My lo is 17 months. I had a sonohysterogram to check to see if ther were any blockages in my tubes in mid January and they determoned evrything was clear. I also had ato wait becasue I was given methodextrate to shrink the embryo in my tubes. So to answer your question..I am ttc now. I am hoping this is my cycle i am on cd13. Good luck to you..I am sure your little baby will be just fine. BABY DUST!! xoxo


G1458 - May 6

Thank you so much! I wish you the very best ttc! Lots of babydust your way! Gina


clare41 - May 6

Congratulations! I'm41 and this is myh first time here and first time TTC. I know it's a long road but I wanted to say that's a great post to read. I'm also rooting for you. Great forum. I actually have a question tonight -- that's why I found you all so I'll go post it in another thread. CONGRATS!


G1458 - May 6

Good luck ttc, it can happen! Blessings, Gina


mom again - May 8

We are very much alike! I turned 43 on 12/19 and I am due in October! It is not that difficult (so far) to be pregnant at our age. The doctor said if I was healty enough to get pregnant, I will be just fine. The only difference between us is that I have 2 children from a previous marriage that are 19 and 15. My current husband has no children and this will be his first! We are both very excited. If the doctor says you are pregnant, amke sure to change your diet and eat healthy ( I am 18 weeks and have only gained 6 pounds so far!!) get plenty of exercise and plenty of rest. You will be fine and make sure to let us know...I'm really hoping for you!


G1458 - May 8

Sad news. My second HCG test came back and stated that I dropped from 92 to 45. I am losing the baby. I am hoping that I can still get pregnant again and it will stick.


clindholm - May 8

I am so sorry you are going through this. If you were able to concieve this time, you should be able to again. Alot of women have been able to conceive within the following few months after a loss. Did the doc say there was no hope at this point? I'm so sorry. Colleen


G1458 - May 8

Thank you so much for your warm response. I just don't know what to expect now or when I will start bleeding. Since I am only 4 weeks, 5 days, I suspect it would be like a heavy period. Anyone know? I am supposed to go to Hawaii next week to renew our 20 wedding anniv. vows. I think it would be good if we could still go.


hawaiian Butterfly - June 2

Hiya Gina , I just read your email , gradulations , I am 43 as well , but I have three children and lost one at 5 months and a few miscarriages , but i so desire to have another child . I think I might be pregnant now as well but I am not sure , I have been having brown bleeding for about 6 days now and my period is not to arrive until june 13th , I have been reading and they say that could be a good sign of pregnancy ,but don;t want to get my hopes up yet , just going to wait until my period is due and see what happens , well good luck on your baby ... Rhonda


hawaiian Butterfly - June 2

Gina I am so sorry about your lost , I didn;t know until I read to the end , I know how you feel , Just lost a baby a couple of yrs ago at 5 months along , it was really hard on me and it was right around the holidays as well , So I hope the next time for you will be better and you will have a successful pregnancy ..



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