43 And Pregnant

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doodles66 - August 31

Just wanting to update. I now have a beautiful baby girl who was born in April. She is healthy and so happy. Everything turned out just fine and I managed to have a healthy pregnancy without complications. I ate very healthy and only put on 2.5kg. Even with a tummy tuck, I have managed to look somehow much better than prior to becoming pregnant. Doesn't make sense at all but it's true. I feel amazing and my little ray of sunshine has brought out the best in me. I am truly blessed. I am now 44 and feel so much younger. Certainly falling pregnant later in life makes you appreciate things and respect even the upsets in life. Good luck to everyone here and some day your little ray of sunshine shall bless you in the form of a baby boy or girl.


broody - September 22

Ladies it is so good to see so many of you in our age group pregnant. I only have 1 daughter which I had when I was 41. Have wanted another child for several years now but things have got in the way. I will be 45 in October but really want to go for it. We tried on and off since September last year but no luck. Did anyone have fertility tests? If so, which ones and were your GP's helpful. It consumes me and I just don't feel complete but feel I have a small window to do it now. Any advice?


mspig911 - September 24

Hi Everyone! My name is Karlene, I am 43 years old and just found out today (via blood test) that I am pregnant with my first child. To say the very least, I am scared to death! I have no pre-existing health problems other than being over-weight but from what I have read, the best thing to do is live in a gla__s bubble, drink water and eat gra__s and maybe then this child will survive! I hope everyone has a great day!


Sinnamongirl68 - September 24

Mspig- The internet is full of doom and gloom for women our age being pregnant. On the other hand there are some wonderful support groups. Remember, your chances of having a healthy pregnancy and baby are on your side. Congratulations and best wishes!


hopkins - September 27

Good luck everyone!


mspig911 - September 30

Thanks Sinnamongirl68! I have been reading a lot of information on the internet, and have heard the same thing. I know that I have to think positive and remember that everything happens for a reason! After being told for 25 years that I would never have children I know that this is a blessing!


dianeg - October 1

I am new to the board but am 43 and pregnant with #1 (UNEXPECTED!) So for me, the first five weeks were w/o vitamins (of any sort) and included a mammogram and dental visit w/ x-rays. Again, the pregnancy was a surprise. I have been in for the first visit (US) - found the sac but nothing else (I was only 6 weeks). Went for another blood test a few days later and my numbers were low, so I am now on prednisone supplements. I have such mixed emotions....Never thought I wanted a baby at this point of my life (I only met Mr. Right five years ago)....But now I am thinking this happened for a reason. I am so worried about getting attached to this idea of pregnancy, for fear that it will be gone. I keep reading about the miscarriages, chromisonal defects, etc. This can drive me batty - so I am not letting myself get to "into" being pregnant. No morning sickness, just some nausea aound certain smells. What will people think of us? We are so old! I am a Principal at a school and I am imagining what my families will think when I finally let the cat out of the bag (planning to do this at 16 weeks). Anyone else in this boat?


dianeg - October 1

mspig911 - we sound like we are in the same boat!


kpckd888 - October 4

I am 44 and trying to get pregnant. I know your fear that everyone will think you are too old but honestly - they don't live your life so try not to focus on what everyone else thinks! Congratulations!!


mspig911 - October 5

Hey Dianeq, it definitely sounds like we are in the same boat! I go for my first doctor's appt on Monday the 11th. I am excited but also scared to death. I have let myself "be pregnant" and with that done, now I am scared that when I go for the ultrasound on Monday they will find nothing there, which will absolutely devastate me. I had come to terms 25 years ago that I would never have children and for this to happen at this late in life, I feel as though I am completely blessed. I know that it is going to be a tough road ahead but I am ready for it! When I told my 76 yo mother that I was pregnant, she said that everything happens for a reason! So I am going to believe that it does. Make sure you keep me updated with what is doing on and I will do the same. Take care of yourself!


dianeg - October 5

Sounds great - My next ultrasound is 10/25. Unfortunately, my other half cannot be there. I am probably going to take a girlfriend....Just in case the news is not good. I am trying to wait to tell anyone....even my mom.....As I am so frightened that something will be wrong. I just want to get past the next two ultrasounds and I will feel better. Right now I am missing red wine.....but all else feels just fine....I HOPE! I still cannot believe that this has happened......We absolutely have to keep in touch. It is nice to know that some other "old lady" is having a baby as well! (just kidding about the old lady part!) Take care and be healthy!!! STAY IN TOUCH!


amrooskie - October 5

Hi again all....so today we had our 20 week ultrasound! Our baby girl is doing great. I had been having horrible dreams. However none of those dreams are reality. I am 43 and this is my second pregnancy..however there are 23 years between the two. My daughter is very excited to have a little sister on the way. The Dr said today this is just like a first pregnancy, no real difference. I feel so much relief knowing all is well. However, he was unable to get a good look at her heart because she was being a wiggle worm. So we go back in a month so he can take a better look. All the vital organs were fine. My husband went with me and it was a blessing. We have a 45 minute drive there so it was nice to be rea__sured by him. I can tell you all we put off telling our family and friends until after we had a CVS test and survived our wedding. Our wedding was planned for months before we knew we were pregnant and wanted the wedding to be about us, not the baby. We told our family a week or so after. My mother is going to be 78 and my father is 81. This will be their 6th grandchild and she joins 3 of their great-grandchildren. My parents are amazing and are excited, just concerned for my health. My mother told me today to keep up the good work at keeping healthy and taking care of the baby. Everyone here on this forum is here for a reason...we all sought out some community to share...please keep it up.


worthygirl - October 6

Girl reading your thread almost made tears came to my eyes, I must say I was thinking of quitting, since this month I turn 44yrs but I think I have one more shot at this and I do not have any children for my husband out of (2) kids my last is 23yrs so can you all pray for me because I have high expectations and I do expect these little eggs to make contact for my birthday which is October 26th I'll let you all know how it goes. Be Blesse


dianeg - October 6

Worthygirl: DO NOT GIVE UP! I really believe that for me, it was not thinking about it too much. I did lay in bed (not on purpose, but because I like to!) for 30ish minutes upon "completion"....I really think that helped. I will say LOTS of prayers for you....And thank you for the reality check that I should be tickled pink that this happened, and not dwelling on how old I am, how old we will be when this little being graduates, and what everyone will think of a 43 year old pregnant woman. Again, prayers and good wishes to you and everyone on this board, no matter where you are in this process.


kpckd888 - October 6

It helps me so much to read these posts. I have just turned 44 (have 3 previous children in their 20's) and am trying for another. Have you guys taken anything or done anything to help conceive???


dianeg - October 6

We did not - I just went off the pill after 25 years on. We were very lucky I am coming to understand, as it took two months. He was diagnosed with a very low sperm count 23 years ago (in his first marriage), and I have one ovary. If this one does not "stick" (I am about nine weeks), I am coming to realize that it will not be this easy the next time. Again, I know it sounds hokey but try not to think about it too much, and stay laying down after. Again, I am sure we were a FLUKE!!!



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