43 And Pregnant

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mother777 - August 27

hv. lol. i think a support group for woman 35 and over would be great. i am in. the doctors treat us different, and some do not put your mind at ease. so, yes there is a time when we need to vent.


Tammy - August 28

I have posted here a few times before. It is kind of crazy to see that doctors all over are still so gloomy about women haveing babies over 35. There have been some amazing stories and unfortunately, some sad ones. In the beginning of my pregnancy an older doctor in my practice gave me the hard cold facts. I was scared out of my mind. I went throught the genetic counseling, the amnio, the ultrasounds, the glucose test and pa__sed all with flying colors. What are they going to say now? The younger doctors are much more supportive. I had my last child in a record 23 minutes. The only thing that they tell me now is "don't even call us, just show up". I am blessed to be having a wonderful pregnancy and feel great. I have not had any problems so far and am keeping my fingers crossed. I have 8 weeks and 5 days to go until I meet my new little baby boy. I wish everyone here the best of luck in either conceiving or having a healthy birth.


mother777 - August 28

thank you tammy


letty - August 28

Do not be afraid, I work in the medical field and I seen women at the age of 52 and not taking care of them selves and pregnant. And they have healthy pregnancy.


baby 6 - August 28

do not worry yourself I just found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant and I have 26,24,22,19 and 9y/o and I wanted to have a baby becausa I just remarried and my docter states every thing looks good so Good Luck, and stay on #1 and you will do just fine.


ingrid - August 28

Thank you Tammy!


carla - August 30

Do you want the baby? If I were you I would be pleased, get a test to determine if the bay is healty, then be excited! I wish I were in your situation. I am 43 going through my first invitro. Good luck!


niki - August 31

hi, I am glad to all of you,because i am 41 and i had a miscarrage on April2005 it was the first my pregnenecy, now i started to be pregnenet agian about 1 month, i wish i could have a healthy baby as you, i am waiting so much, please pray for me.


Weezy - September 1

Hi everyone, I will be 43 in Oct, and my husband is 43. I gave birth to my daughter a month before I turned 42. We are considering having another...the 2 biggest obstacles I see are my age and finances! I didn't even consider that I might not get pregnant again, as I conceived right away the first time. I feel blessed to have my daughter, but would love to have a sibling for her. It is good that the doctors treat you as high risk, because we are! I went for fetal monitoring during my last 2 months, and the nurses were so happy to see "advanced maternal age" mothers. I didn't want to space my children so close together, but like many people, I married late in life and that's what you get! Good luck to you all.


Ingrid - September 1

Niki, i will keep you in prayer. i know this may be difficult but it is important for you to relax through this pregnancy. anxiety from the miscarriage is very strong but do what you can to release the anxiety. okay? okay. you are in my prayers.


Valerie - September 1

I am in your situation almost exactly. I am 47 years old and just sent my youngest child off to her second year of college. My new husband and I have been married 15 months. We already have five children between us. I just wish there was a place where those of us in this situation could communicate with one another.


Trying - September 3

I will be 40 in Nov. and I have a 4 yr old now. I had a late start because I was married before and suffered from infertility for 11 yrs. Started trying at 21. At 33 got divorced and imagine my surprise at 35 being pregnant. Well, now I would like another baby, and think I may be pregnant, but I am a little worried about the possibility of complications and an unhealthy baby. People think I am crazy for trying at this age. These people have all had their kids at a younger age. I'm hoping that if I take care of myself and do what the Dr. says, all will be well. I am NOT looking forwrad to amnio should I need it. At 35 I refused the AFP (?) blood test because I wasnt going to abort either way. Hopefully, all will be well. At least at this age you have wisdom and patience on your side. :) Good luck to all older moms that are pregnant or trying.


Julie - September 4

Like Sharon, I've just found out I'm pregnant and, provided the baby's on time, I'll just sneak in at 44 and not reach 45. I'm absolutely terrified! The father of the baby wants me to terminate and have nothing to do with me. My age has never concerned me before (you're only as young as you feel and I've never felt "middle aged") but now I'm worried that if I go ahead with this pregnancy people are going to stop and ask me how old my grandchild is! Or my baby will get a hard time at school because of his very old mum. I'm at my wit's end and don't know what to do. My family is a good 8hours drive away and I'll be doing this alone. Is there anyone out there who's been in a similar situation?


mother777 - September 4

julie: there is nothing wrong to have a baby at 44 as long as you have your good health. most of these young girls look older nowadays. we blend right in. in fact, people cant believe my age. this is for trying:i am 39 years old having my third. the other two are 16 almost 17 and 12. so i got remarks like why would you want to start all over again. my replies was i did not plan it, but it just happen, all i want is a healthly baby who will be loved by all. when my kids are off to college i will still have my last child to keep me company along with my other half. i am going to get the sonogram type 2 on sept 12, and depending on the findings i will make a decision about the amino. i would like to think that this baby was a blessing. i was not trying to get pregnant, however, i was not doing anything to prevent it. so it took 12 years.


Trying - September 5

Hi All. Thanks Mother777. You are right. People tend to think we older women are nuts for having babies unstead of realizing we are blessed. Like I said, at this age we have much more patience and wisdom and tend to know more of what we are getting into. Some people think having a baby makes you feel old, but I think it keeps us young... :) Good luck with your sonogram and keep us posted.


naomi - September 11

im naomi im 18 years old and im engaged,my partner is 44 year old. i might be pregnent.but what i would like to know is would our baby be heathly with my partner being 44?? im scared of having a baby because i dont want nothing to be wrong with it. please help....



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