43 And Pregnant

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alley24 - October 13

dont worry, I am 44 now was 43 when i found out I was pregnant and I am due in 7 weeks, things are good, and have had no problems, funny thing is I had horrible pregnancy with my last three, placenta previa, preclampsia, nothing this time, he is small, but all my kids were,I was like you the doctors freaked me out I had my ultrasounds, and did what they told me, i did not get a amnio, and things are great, I am 32 weeks now, and have a very active baby dont worry, they say bad things but they told me the cheances of ds was 1-10 well my test came back 1-1000, i have eggs of a 33 year old. Look at all the woman now that have babies that are older and are fine, I think you take care of yourself better, at 20-30 you dont care you do but your like it will never happen to me, you just watch yourself better, dont worry you will be fine. things have changed SO much since I had my last one, I have a 22,19 and 14 and in 14 years things are so diffrent, went to child birth cla__s last night and went to a tour, and they say after the baby is born you will take a jaccuzzi bath, the freaked me out, we were always told never take a bath after 6 weeks, wow have things really changed, also no more episomitys


Virginia Draper - October 16

Congradulations, I wouldn't spend all my time worrieing. A lot of women have babies after 40,According to ABC news there are even benefits.I didn't get to see that particular storie lastnight as I got buisy,so I don't know what the benefits are.Talk to your Dr. Good Luck, and God Bless.


emily2006 - October 18

I am 42 and have just had my 7th child (after a failed tubal ligation). She is perfectly healthy and beautiful. No doctors or midwives ever even mentioned my age and I did not have any genetic testing. So all you ladies over 40 who are trying to conceive, good luck it is very possible.


anonymous99 - October 19

Hi, does anyone know what kind of fertility treatments Elizabeth Edwards did?


shirkey - October 28

no their not but im older than you im 47 trying to


deb0725 - October 30

Congrats to everyone who got the positive test! I got one on 10-21-06. My new husband and I have been trying for 3.5 months and voila` - it worked! I am 43 and he is 29. I was worried sick over being too old, but I exercise, eat properly, take vitamins (I increased my folic acid, Vit C, E and B's) No problems so far, our due date is 06-22-07, just before my 44th birthday. My next concern will be the amnio or whatever they call it. I have not made my first doctor visit yet. I will be going in the next couple of weeks, I just want to ensure things are moving along first as well as they seem to be.


uvamom - November 1

I just happened on this site. I am 42, I just sent my first child to COLLEGE this fall, my second to HIGH SCHOOL. I just found out that I am 6 weeks pregnant and completely terrified. My new husband does not have any children and is thrilled (altough he always said he loves mine and didn't need any more). I just can't believe it. I found out last week while he is away on business for another week. I have a dear friend that was a genetic counselor before she and her new husband CHOSE to get pregnant and 42 and now have a healthy, beautiful baby boy, I love him. I am SO afraid to get excited about this. My initial reaction was mortification, followed immediately with joy and now unbelievable fear. I had no idea I had the ability in me to do this again, mentally or physically, but I find myself truly in love with this little baby and havoc it will bring to our lives. I can't believe that I really, really am happy (even though all of my friends will think I am completely insane!) I didn't plan this but now I am so afraid to get excited. This site made me smile while I wait for hb to get home and feel a bit more supported. He is a safety engineer , he will FREAK if the doctor says any of the doom and gloom things.


Buff - November 1

I was born when my mother was 44, and I'm (?) normal. ;) My husband's aunt had a perfectly healthy son at 49 and is turning her hair gray. LOL Just keep up with your prenatal visits, consult with a genetics counselor and weigh your options as to what tests to have. Good luck. I'll be 39 when my second is born.


uvamom - November 3

Thanks for your response, I am finding more and more people that have done this successfully, so I feel a bit more confident. My mother and my friends (and probably my KIDS!) will truly think I am insane. HEck, I just wrecked the minivan and my 19 year old dog died and I am STARTING OVER? Yet, I am amazed at how in tune I now feel with my body and what good care I am taking of myself. THanks for the words of encouragement, I needed them.


deniseb - November 4

Hi Ladies, I am 37 and I am trying to have a 2nd child. I have had three recurrent m/c's all with abnormalities. I have no problem getting pregnant just seems to be the quality. My doc said it indicates possible aging of eggs which makes total sense. Anyhow, my question is have any of you ladies had similar circ_mstances? My doctor thinks I should either look into donor eggs, is this crazy??


iampg - November 11

48, on first IUI 7 dpo, fmu faint positive. i feel better now than i did 20 yrs ago. have 6 & 24 yr old daughters. we're living longer and getting smarter every decade! worry can be hormonal at any age. my RE advised take OTC dhea to boost my adrenals. good luck everyone!


didi768 - November 19

My period is late. Could it be that I took two bc pills last month then stopped them?? You'd think that would START a period, not stop it. I have a 15,11,9 at home. All boys. Always wanted a girl but not at my age!!!


suze42 - November 21

Im 42 and expecting am 6wks w/my 2nd kiddo. My DS is 4 yo...I didnt get married until I was 36 so started the mommy stuff late. But I wouldnt change a thing! First, I dont worry about looking like a grandma b/c I DONT look or feel like one now! I had DS4 when I was 38 and felt like a young first time mom...couldnt understand all the "fuss" the docs made about "advanced maternal age" I had an easy, comfy pregnancy and am a very active, get on the ground and wrestle my boy, kinda mom. I do feel a tad bit older this time..but I know Im not alone. The docs have to be overly cautious b/c of medical malpractice. If they did not inform you of ALL the risks and possibilities, they leave themselves vulnerable. So take some of it w/a grain of salt. If I make it to 12 weeks, Im going to relax (had 2 m/c btwn 8 and 10wks). And let myself feel happy and pregnant. im not doing cvs or apk..I think they are innacurate. I will rely on ultras ound unless it indicates a problem that I should persue further testing. So stay positive. We deserve to be happy and pregnant as much as any 25 yr old...pullllease! :)


Tracie822 - January 7

I am 43 (Aug 06). I have been married for 4.5 yrs. We had our first baby (girl) May 05. We got pregnant on the first try both times, suprisingly. The pregancy was pretty easy, way easier than I expected. She was health and is now a very busy 19 month old. Now, I am pregnant again and due in August. Not looking forward to the first trimester screening. I am currently working with young adult handicapped folks and want to make sure as much as possible that all is well. This time around I will strongly consider amnio. Don't worry about being too old. We definitely are at an advantage in many ways. No way anyone thinks I'm the grandma.


momtobab - January 8

congratulations and good luck to you all!! I have two daughters. I delivered one at 37and the other at 39. I had no problems with either pregnancy. I really wanted a third and my DH said NO NO No!!! I got pregnant in Oct. I was 41 - turned 42 in DEc. I lost the baby last week. It's really hard!!! I don't know if we will try again. I know I am still grieving and it's not a good time to decide, but I don't have a lot of time to waste. I am apprehensive about having a baby at almost 43 but I think I might regret not having a third. I really sincerely wish you all the best!!! I will follow your progress. It's good to know there are other women who want children in their 40's.


chocochips - January 24

Hi, I guess there is nothing to worry. I heard many rumours about the health risk on it, but i saw many women above 40 having baby, and they are just fine.. :) so good luck..



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