43 And Pregnant

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gdyan - September 3

Krissy68-How are you, hope you are not to sad with your daughter moving away. My kids will always be my babys I would hate for any to move away. I am really praying for you and worthygirl I really want for this to happen for you guys, when I touch my stomach and think of baby I think you you also. I have not been on cause I have been really sick,and I also turned 40 on the 1st which was not easy for me either.


Krissy68 - September 4

gdyan - How are you doing? I am getting better each day but I still miss them so much. Thank you for all the prayers you are sending my way. Happy Belated Birthday and I hope you start to feeling better soon. As for me not sure what the heck is going on. I was suppose to start AF yesterday and Nothing. Well I tested today like I was suppose to and it was a BFN my temp yesterday was 97.82 and it went up some to 97.94 I guess I will just have to watch and see. If I don't talk to you anymore today have a nice long weekend. Krissy


worthygirl - September 6

To my friends on this network, thanks for all your support I will keep trying until I am told to stop but either way I will still be happy, Krissy my son turned 24yrs today he has left home since (3) yrs now and I am still the mummy, because if he has a problem mummy has to fix it. My prayes right now is for him to get a good wife, my daughter is getting ready to leave the nest so my hubby and I taught before the clock stops we should try something but we are prepared for anything we are just enjoying the moments. and to all you guys who are trying just have fun with it and the rest will be taken care of, my Doctor said I am very healthy so I am not on anything except some tabs for the high blood pressure which is now under control, well I have to go now babies babies to make (LOL) worthygirl


Krissy68 - September 10

worthygirl - How are you doing? I'm just hanging in there and taking each day as it come me and my fiance think that I suffered a m/c because last Friday with my fmu the test was bfn so I didn't think anything about it I was just preparing myself for her arrival well I took another test and it was bfp it was real dark but it wasn't real light either so I was starting to get a little happy but I was going to hold off before I said anything well sometime after midnight I had this sharp pain that woke me up and I thought I was going to pa__s out well I started bleeding real heavy and pa__sing real huge clots and this lasted for 2 days I just finish my cycle so I am not real sure what is going on. I am still sending in my money to the fertility clinic and my new balance as of today is either going to be $525.00 or $350.00 and I will be sending in a payment next Friday. I amd thinking about you and good luck to you. Talk to you soon. Krissy


worthygirl - September 14

krissy,I am constantly praying for you and my prayers always works so hang in there just a little longer. worthygirl


Krissy68 - September 15

worthygirl - How are you doing? thank you very much for your prayers because I really need it. Right now I am taking a little step back in the ttcing and just try and get the money together. I know come this Friday my new balance will either be $450.00 or $275.00. I am so happy about that so I might just get to have the surgery done before the end of the year. Also I am trying to plan a tea party next month for my daughter who will be turning 5 that is all she have been talking about so I have to make that happened. Take care and I will talk to you soon. Krissy


doodles66 - September 23

Hi Sharon, I am currently 43 and have found out that I am pregnant. My eldest son is 24 and my youngest child is just 16. I was shocked to find out I was pregnant again after all this time. I have had 11 miscarraiges over the course of my life and I am curretly on Lovenox and asprin to thin my blood. I am 10 weeks and 5 days at the moment and nervous about everything. I have my NT scan next week to see if everything is ok. I feel like a VIP at the hospital though and it is good to find someone who is compa__sionate at this age, as there are a lot of unanswered questions and nerves. Congrats to you and hope all goes well. Nice to see I'm not the only one in this situation.


Krissy68 - September 24

doodles66 - Congratulation!!!!!!!!!!! I am very happy for you and keep us posted. I hope to be joining you and Sharon very soon. Rub your belly for me. Krissy


debmac67 - September 26

Hi. I turned 42 in april and found out that I am pregnant yesterday. This is a huge shock to me and my husband, we thought we were being so careful. I have a 14 yr old and an 11 yr old. I am only about 4 weeks in and my first appointment isn't until Oct 6th. I was just wondering how long did you all wait to tell the future siblings? I know there are huge risks of miscarriage until week 12 but I feel like I'm hiding something from them. Any input is appreciated. Thanks


Lottalove - September 26

Hi all, I am the lucky mum of a divine 2 year old, conceived via IVF after 3 m/c's when I was 41. After hammering my ovaries with 7 more stimulated IVF cycles in an effort to have a second child, I took three months off and had begun investigating options for donor eggs when bada boom bada bing I conceived naturally at 44...on holiday! Due to give birth at 45! If I had listened to the gloom and doom my first ob/gyn used to dispense I would have given up years ago. NEVER say never!


deb0725 - September 27

Never give up on getting pregnant if you are serious about it. I (on a fluke) decided to give it a whirl when my husband and I got married in the summer of 2006. I was exercising daily, taking vitamins and generally taking very good care of myself. Little meat and lots of fruit and veggies were my mainstay for meals. I was 42 when we got married in July of 2006. We decided to try and get pregnant shortly after getting married due to my age. In September, we were shocked when I missed my period and in November I thought I miscarried (implantation it seems was the cause) and we found out we were having twins!! My husband was thrilled and shocked ....exactly like I was! We are now the proud parents of identical mirror twin girls. They are now 28 months old and I could not be more blessed every single day. Hang in there and the best of luck to everyone!


worthygirl - September 27

you guys are the greatest, just when I feel down about the whole thing you'll have the right things to say well I will be 44yrs next month so i am going till the end of the yeat with my trial so i will keep you guys intouch


amrooskie - August 24

Sharon: I am 14 weeks pregant and 43. I will be 44 when our baby girl is born. I went to my Dr. and she suggested a CVS Test. Your first appt was Aug 17, so I hope all went well.


amrooskie - August 24

Sally: We had the CVS as recommended by our Dr. I had the tests done at the beginning of August, with our wedding planned for the 3rd week in August! Talk about stress! However, our test proved very positive, the baby doesn't have Down's; Trisomy 18. While there may be a situation, it isn't one that all believe will affect the baby. We have to have an additional blood test to see if one of us as parents are a carrier of this same abnormalty. However even though there was something abnormal, they believe it isn't something that will affect the baby at all. Further tests are being done, but we did have a thourough Ultra Sound before the CVS that gave us very good information. Our baby had a sinus cavity and bridge across her nose, indicating at that time she didn't have down's. Also the Trans nural tube wasn't measurable. Another indicator the baby doesn't have Spinal Bifida. However, another blood test will be done at week 20, just to make sure. So far everything has been good. I had cramping and spotting after the CVS. Those have subsided. I have cramping on occa__sion but now I understand that the uterious is growing so fast that the cramping is normal. Good luck with your upcoming decisions. I think that CVS and Amnio are completely a personal decision. For us CVS afforded us much needed rea__surance and an opportunity to make an informed decision if the news wasn't what we wanted.


kpckd888 - August 31

I am 43 and it is so good to read these stories. Gives me hope! I recently had a TR and we started trying again. I have 3 older kids so I know I could get pregnant- now I am just hoping it will happen again!


doodles66 - August 31

Just wanting to update. I now have a beautiful baby girl who was born in April. She is healthy and so happy. Everything turned out just fine and I managed to have a healthy pregnancy without complications. I ate very healthy and only put on 2.5kg. Even with a tummy tuck, I have managed to look somehow much better than prior to becoming pregnant. Doesn't make sense at all but it's true. I feel amazing and my little ray of sunshine has brought out the best in me. I am truly blessed. I am now 44 and feel so much younger. Certainly falling pregnant later in life makes you appreciate things and respect even the upsets in life. Good luck to everyone here and some day your little ray of sunshine shall bless you in the form of a baby boy or girl.



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