43 And Pregnant After 2 Miscarraiges

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daki - March 21

Hi all, I'm 4 weeks and 3 days. My beta came back 2048! Went for ultrasound and we saw a sac! Pretty early to see anything, but it was there. Anyone else over 40 on the path?


Karen E - March 21

Hi Daki: Congratulations! Your beta numbers are great! I am also 43 and unfortunately I miscarried last month but think I may be pregnant again. I am crossing my fingers and will be testing this weekend. Did it take you long to get pregnant after your miscarriages? It seems miscarriages are a fact of life for older moms. I'm not giving up though. You must be on pins and needles after going through 2 miscarriages? I know I will be, am, even though I don't even know if I"m pregnant or not. My bb's are sore though so I am really optimistic.


daki - March 21

HI karen: So sorry about your miscarriage...they are always such a horrible loss.....even if we don't feel it at the time. It actually took me 14 months to get pregnant again. Last pregnacy was in Dec 2004. In terms of symptoms, the strangest thing for me is that I have NONE...literally. I have had sore bbs at other time in the cycle and when I've done HCG trigger shots before IUIs. Have you been to reproductive endocrinologist at all?


Karen E - March 21

Thank you, yes they are hard especially when time is running out. How long ago did you experience the first one? Actually I got pregnant by accident in January. We were trying NOT to get pregnant. We had been using rythm method and withdrawal for 3 1/2 years and then I missed my period by a few days and was kind of shocked to find out I was pregnant. We never have s_x during the fertile week so I must have ovulated early that month or something. Just as we were getting used to the idea, and excited, I miscarried. So of course now I am trying. Only miscarried in early February and have had one cycle since. I have always got pregnant very easy so hope it is the same now I am older. My last healthy pregnancy was a while ago. My youngest is 7 but my current dh and I don't have any together. May I ask what HCG trigger shots are? I guess I am not too worried about conceiving but about miscarrying. I have had 3 miscarriages in my life, but have 2 healthy kids. A 7 yr old boy and 18 yr old girl. How about you? One of my only symptoms last time was sore b___sts so I kind of expect to get the same symptoms this time. With all my pregnancies I did. Is this your first? Some women don't have sore bb's so I wouldn't worry too much. My beta numbers were really low with the one I miscarried. I think at 5 weeks it was only 250 or something like that.


Karen E - March 21

P.S. Did your doctor say anything about your numbers being high? Could be twins lol!!


daki - March 22

Hi Karen, I have no kiddos. Late bloomer, here...only got married at 41! Found myself pregnant afew months before the wedding in March of 2004. Miscarried at 6 weeks. Pregnant again in Dec. 2005. Miscarried AGAIN at 6 weeks. Then went to fertility doc to see what was wrong. Got the old eggs speech. But also found out I had progeseterone deficiency and natural killer cells....long story, but immune problems. So, now Im on the progesterone and I'm going to get an infusion to take care of the killer cells. Got my second beta back today. It was 5371!! More than doubled in 2 days. It's very good sign. Had ultrasound yesterday and there's only one sac. But it's so early...could another could still show. Oh and HCG trigger shot is when you're doing either IUI or IVF and you take a shot to trigger ovulation. The hormone is HCG the same pregnacy hormone we test for in a beta. Cheers.


Breni - April 11

I am 40 and had two miscarriages in 2004 (last on elate November) have not been on any birth control since and just found out Sunday I'm PREGNANT. Yipee - waiting for blood test but I know I am. Very leary this time - don't want to get my hopes up - everyone say a prayer please.


mmelo - April 11

Hi everyone, I am 42 and TTC. Started going to a fertility clinic last year and have been on parlodel since november because of an elevated prolactin problem. This will be my first cycle doing IUI if my levels come down enough. I have also taken Femara this month to boost my ovulation(my doc likes it better than clomid)All these meds are making me nuts but I am trying to persevere because the clock is ticking as they say. I am so glad I found this forum as many words of encouragement are greatly appreciated.


bknbone - April 11

Me, too. Have two, lost the last two and now 6w 3 d...my early beta at 4 w 2 days was 1795.


Reddy - April 13

I am 41and had been trying to get preg since July, up until I gave up in early March. Now, I'm late and mine comes like clock work every month, the 10th. I had just gotten use to the idea that it wasn't going to happen and I was cool with that. But today I go the Dr. at 2:30.


40 and trying - April 13

Just started trying and need positive words of encouragement.


penny - April 14

hello.i am 43 and had a misscariage in july 2005 at 7 weeks,i have been trying every since with no luck.i have 6 heaalthy children already,and has never took me long to concieve.does anyone have any advice.dr says everything is great with me health wise.i need your prayers.


Kristin - April 14

Penny first how old are you? Have you charted your basal temps, are you using an ovulation predictor kit, are you monitoring your cervical mucus? Do you have a regular cycle? After having intercourse try raising your hips too to elevate them on a pillow and stay there for an hour or fall asleep. I had a missed miscarriage at 13 weeks 6 days last Dec 22/05 and I got pregnant again after 2 cycles I am currently in my 9th week of preganancy .. I got pregnant doing all those above mentioned things Best of luck to you! Kristin


hi - April 15

i also am 43 and i am expection another baby after 2 misscarrages, i am now 29 weks and al is going well, i also have a 17 year old special needs daughter


Elizabeth - April 18

Hello everyone, at 43 i am still ttc for a child. At 41 had my first preg. which ended in mc, from there had 2 more m/c. Finally insurance sent me to an RE-found out nothing really wrong except poor quality of eggs and some chromo. issues...Well after my last mc in sept.05, asked the dr for clomid took 50mg 3-7 days for one cycle- big mistake for me as i was reg. ovulating, screwed up my periods for three months. Now back in the game and trying. For all of you first timers i was able to get naturally pregnant by combining many tools: charting my period; ovulation strips (reasonable from babyhopes.com); green tea in the am, red raspberry in the afternoon; 1baby aspirin at night; prenatal; b vitamins; EPOil from 1cd to O; robitussin from 5 cd to 0; ttc everyother day from 7 to 0. These methods worked for me, hope you all have great luck trying them-can't hurt. Just be cautious of the other stuff. I got anxious and ended up losing some valuable cycles. Best wishes to all us.


Breni - April 19

Congratulations! I had some spotting over the the weekend - very little - went to OB ER and had transv____al ultrasound, saw embryo and sac, heartbeat at 104 (kinda low) and embyo up high in uterous. My progesterone went from 12.9 to 79.8 (great) and my quant was 11,416 on Monday, waiting to get STAT results today to compare. Hopefully it went up. Say a prayer please.


Valerie - April 19

Hey all, I'm 42 and 6w4d's along. MC in October after conceiving naturally but had twin blighted ovums. Also concieved naturally this time and had my 1st u/s today. Baby is right on target and I got to hear the most amazing heartbeat (128 bpm)! This is our 1st - I'm a late bloomer too - and I was almost giddy when I left the docs office. I know we're not out of the woods yet but everything looks great right now so at least of chances of miscarrying have decreased somewhat. We could definitely use your prayers. Best wishes and baby dust to all!!



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