43 Pregnant And Very Confused

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saron - November 18

I'm 43, 6 weeks pregnant of my third child. My other children are already 17 and 13 (they will be 18 and 14 when the baby will born). We didn't really looked for a baby but also didn't do preconception prevention so somehow we yes were looking for a child without really thinking about that. Now this is the situation, all my friends have grown up kinds, even my small sisters have grown up kids . I'm happy but I feel like a "phenomenon" since no one at my family or friends get pregnant at this age. We are confused since finally we have lots of independency and now everything will change. It will be great for my familiy to have a baby in the house since everthing is very quiet now and the house needs more "action". But for me personally will be great but DIFFICULT, a baby needs 24 hours attention. How I will do that ? What will happen with my work ? We 100% depend on my job. Will my friends continue to be friends ? Is it good for a child having old parents (I'm 43 and my husband is 47) ? Is that fare for a kid ? Is this crazy and even dangerous ? I'm in great shape, did blood tests and everything is perfect ... I'm so confused...and my husband is also confused.


lovemy3 - November 18

You will do a wonderful job! It always works out and this baby is such a blessing. Try not to worry and watch everything unfold perfectly for you. Best of luck and congrats!


saron - November 18

Thank you lovemy3 , I need some words to cheer up :)


wantanotheraftertr - November 18

I think its exciting! I am 36 myself and have 3 kids already 18, 16 and 13! I am 36 weeks today and yes I am scared to death! All the life changes but I know it will be ok! We are all very excited but I think as any pregnant women we worry about what ifs too much! Just try to enjoy it it is certianly a different experience being older! Good luck to you and your husband your new little person will be such a blessing to you!


docbytch - November 19

My baby boy is 6 weeks old tomorrow. My daughter is 21. I am 40 as is my husband. This is our first baby together...he has an 11 and 14 yo who also live with us. It's been hard to readjust after so long...but also really wonderful. I love the fact we finally have a child together! And think of it this way...you have 2 other helpers already built in. My skids help my husband sometimes. It's doable and worth it in the end if you choose to continue this pregnancy. Good luck


TatiK - November 21

CONGRATULATIONS!! ! I don't know why but you put a smile on my face, when I read your question. It is a true blessing from GOD. My mother was a grandma and was pregnant at the same time with me when I had my first. I understand what you are going through. One year from now you will look back and only smile at your worried. God Bless You and the baby.



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