44 FIRST TIME Pregnant Seeking Similar Aged Buddies

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Faith journey - December 7

Hello, My name is Dawn and my new Hubby and of 1.5 yrs are very happy that I am pregnant especially since we met later in life. We had almost decided due to my age that we might consider adopting in a few years when BOOM--- I was pregnant after our 11 month wedding anniversary mark. I am due in May and will be going in for my Quad screening ultrasound on Monday, 12/10! I would LOVE to correspond with others in my age range that are going through similar scenarios for more 40+ support! :-)


Kristin72 - December 8

Congrats to you!!!!! I am 40 and ttc #2 I fell pregnant but lost it in September due to an ectopic. I also have a just turned 1 year old whom I gave birth to at 39. All the best to you!! How are things progressing for you?


Boo b do - December 8

Hi, First of all CONGRATULATIONS!! I am Bev, 41 years old, pregnant naturally with triplets, lost one a few weeks ago, now carrying twins at 14 plus weeks. I was told that my chances of pregnancy were slim with my age and the 'old egg' theory, BUT I proved them all wrong. I had the triple test results back last week and my results came back that I have the maternal age of a 24 year old!! So don't let anyone scare monger you with this age theory, there are more older mothers out there now than you think and they all went on to have healthy babies from reading their stories. Good luck, keep us updated with your progress.


Boo b do - December 8

Oh forgot to mention, not sure how far gone you are, but apparently multiple babies are more common in older women. :-)


dreamers9999 - December 10

Hi Everyone, good to hear success stories. I am not pregnant but ttc. I just turned 39 and have been ttc for 8 years. Last year I did but I had a miscarriage. We have gone through all the tests and other procedures and I am ovulating on my own. My doctor as one of his last resorts have put me on 50mg of clomid for 3 months. I have completed my first cycle already and waiting for AF. I am 2 days late and took a home pregnancy test last night with a BFN. I try to keep my hopes up but sometimes I find it very difficult as I do not have any children and I am not getting any younger. And hearing these stories do lift my spirits thank you everyone. I certainly hope that when AF comes and I start my 2nd round it will be a success story for me. Thank you


happpygal - December 10

Hi Everyone. I conceived at 43 and had a healthy and adorable baby boy last November (he just turned 1 :)))). I will soon be 45 and am going to try for #2~ So, all you over 40's (and any younger ones who are made to 'fee' older by the medical establishment) DON'T GIVE UP! I do recommend having progesterone checked out. I need to take a supplement. Keep the faith, ladies!


karyn - December 14

Hi Dawn, I'm 40 and pregnant with my second. My daughter is 15 months old (had her at 39) and this one is 25 weeks. Good luck with your tests and let us all know how you are doing.


Kristin72 - December 14

Happpygal, Hi How are you? What supplement are you taking? When do plan on ttc #2? Are you still bf'ing?Hope you are well...I am just getting back into the swing of things...(I have been through the ringer as you may be aware) Zoe turned 1 on Nov 26th..I have a sonohysterogram on JAn 14th and also a app with a specialist on the 24th..if everything seems in the clear I will ttc #2 shortly afterwards? Are you going to do basal monitoring or OPK's? Talk to you soon! XO


Ktrojane - December 16

Dawn, Congratulation! I think there are alot of positive things about having a baby older in life that are often overlooked. You hear and read comments and stories about all the things that can go wrong, when in fact there are alot of successfull pregancies each day. I have three healthy, happy children (16, 12 & 9) and yes at 43 want to have another one. Next month we will start to try. I am hoping it will come pretty easy because I am in good health, excersise each day and had great pregnancies before hand. I know that we are at a slightly higher risk, but so many women get pregant even at 45 years old! I'll keep you posted and Congratulations again.


happpygal - December 21

hi Kristin and everyone. I'm 44, soon to be 45, and I have a 13-month old and am trying for #2! I'm on the countdown right now. I started taking a vitamin, (it's a no-name my PCD gave me) and progesterone post ovulation. I checked with my pediatrician and there is a new study that confirms it's OKAY to take progesterone while b___st feeding (which I"m still doing). I was worried about that, but so far, no problems with milk production or side-effects in baby (not that he nurses all that much anymore, sadly). Why don't we start a TTC older moms thread, or keep this going? Who is is currently trying?


LeslieM - December 21

hi ladies. my name is Leslie. I am 38 and just found out a couple days ago that I am pregnant with #2. My first child Tucker, is 13 and lives with his father. ( In my younger years got in trouble w drugs/alchohol and he went to live w dad..i am sober now almost 8 years and in a new marriage). i am definetly feeling pregnant as my symtoms are more intense every day. i am grateful for that as i can tell my hormone levels are climbing. i have my first OB visit on the 24th of jan. anyway. i wanted to introduce myself in hopes of keeping in touch. i have girlfriends, none whom are pregnant and my closest teo never have been....i think the comroderie here will be nice. anyway, i go to my inlaws tomorrow for xmas and will be returning late xmas day. hoefully will have a chance to log on there, and if not look forward to this when i return. happy holidays!


happpygal - December 22

Hi Leslie: congrats on your sobriety, that's just great! Sounds like you have made a whole new life for yourself, and a little one on the way. I'm not sure where the original poster went, and ' I think some of us are trying, or begging to try. Sure, let's keep the thread going and see who shows up.


Kristin72 - December 22

Congrats Leslie on your positive pregnancy. I turned 40 in Sept and I will soon be ttc # 2 I lost a baby do to an ectopic in Early Sept and it took me 7 weeks for my hcg to finally get back to 0 (near the end of Oct) I fell pregnant on my first cycle ttc after my af returned while bf. I have a sonohysterogam in Jan..to see of my tubes are in the clear. I am anxious to conceive again. I seem to have no problems ttc in the past but I am nervous about having another ectopic. Anyway, sorry to get off topic here...but like Happpygal said it would be nice to start another thread to support us older gals ttc and also those of us who have their bfp's. Both Happpygal and I have Nov '06 babies..hopefully we can be there on our second round again!! Also, I too am still bf'ing my 12 month old baby. Let me know if a new thread starts !! :)


puppylover - December 23

Faith journey, how was your quad screening? I am 43 and are pregnant with our first... but only 4 w 3 days.... so too early to tell if this one will stick. We hope so!!! Hoope everyone is doing well!


Carly67 - December 29

Hi all I am 40 and have four children 20, 18,14 and 8 months. I had a surprise pregnancy in July when my baby was only three months but it ended in m/c on August 28th. I waited three cycles and conceived again and found out I was preggers on December 23rd and m/c again on the 27th. Since it most likely was a chemical pregnancy I am planning to try again in about 2 weeks. I see the doctor on the 3rd and I am going to ask for progesterone supplements because they can't hurt and I want to be proactive. I will have my levels checked but I have a friend say she had hers checked on the days they do and it did not drop to after so it is best just to take it.


Carly67 - December 29

Oh and I don't know if any of you are familiar with Cafemom but it is a great site and you can form any group you want make it private or public and you get a great profile page that you can personalize with pics. I have one there and I have a group for April Babies 2007. If you want to start a group I can do it and send you all a link that way we can stay together on this journey. Let me know.


happpygal - December 29

congrats Leslie and puppy on your pregnancy! How's the pregnancy going Boob B do? And what ever happened w/your triple screen, faith? Well, my preagnacy test we a BFN, this month :(. Disappointing, but it was the first month we actually tried. Sometimes I get down on myself and wonder if I even should be trying at nearly 45....my cycles are still a bit iffy since I'm still BFding. Still, I would love to keep hearing your updates...so chime in ladies.



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