45 And Pregnant

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Bettyboop - February 15

Hi All Im a newbie on this site and have read alot of you heart warming stories. I am alredy a mother of 3 sons aged 25, 23, 20. I remaried 8 years ago and tried so hard to have a baby with my new husband, but after many many test I was informed that I could not have any children and the only way that I could ever conceive was with IVF. Unfortunately due to financial reasons we could not afford this very expensive treatment. Anyway believe it or not I am pregnant. I have my first u/s next week to confrim that everything is ok, but to tell you the truth as much as I am happy that I have finally fallen prenant and am so so scared. I have heard so many stories about old age prenancy that has really frightened me. I dont know much about the affects on the baby and was wondering if anyone out there has some info and tell me where i can look up this info. Hope to hear from someone


in the woods - February 16

I think it's great news! For inspirational stories, look at over-44 pregnancy site pregnancyover44y blogspot com(there are dots between these words, not spaces, three dots)


luckyleo - February 21

I am new to the site as well. I am in a slightly different situation myself, but this is my history: My parents have been married for 48 years. I was 20, and my sister 24 when we got the news that my mother was pregnant again at 45! Needless to say, it was quite a shock as she thought it was menapause! Even thought she was consedered a "high-risk", the pregnancy was very easy on her, she carried full term, and had a healthy baby boy! My little brother is now 19 and a freshman in college. Just make sure that you take care of yourself and follow all of the doctors orders!


ConfuseD - February 26

I was pregnant with my fifth child, and gave birth to him, at age 47. I heard a lot of horror stories, too, so I know how you feel. What didn't help, either, was when I went to the OB/GYN group that delivered my first four children from my first marriage. They gave me and my (second) husband risk statistics that scared us half to death (I can't convey how scared out of our wits we were for a long time - even today, if we recall it, we can still feel "haunted"...it was THAT bad). I cringe, and feel terribly sad, to think that I actually entertained the thought of ending the pregnancy, because I was so frightened. Fortunately, a part of me felt I couldn't allow myself to abort, and with the help from people on this board, in addition to counseling with a counselor (and an online pastor), and changing my OB/GYN, I was able to keep my sanity - THANK GOD!!! What I ultimately learned is that while there can be risks, it doesn't mean YOUR pregnancy won't go well, or that your child will have issues. Keep in mind, by law, your doctor has to tell you of certain risks...despite that those risks may NEVER happen. After I learned this, I wasn't nearly as fearful anymore...I was UPSET. Upset that the first OB/GYN unit felt it better to try to scare me into an abortion, than to follow through with the pregnancy...to make their lives easier. GRRRR!!!! Anyway, if you speak with a midwife, you'll notice they tend to have a very relaxed, "no-problem", att_tude. It can help a lot, if you're worried. In fact, the first midwife I saw said, "You were healthy enough to get pregnant, you should be healthy enough to carry to term and have a healthy baby". You can read some of my earlier posts (I was originally logged in as "Confused" about three years ago, and the topic was about being pregnant at 47). I can't tell you how much this site helped. I especially recall one woman who was good at math, and was able to turn negative statistics around into the positive percentages that accurately reflect the odds. She was right...things ARE on your side! And, let me also say that, when I thought I was alone being pregnant at 47, I learned otherwise. I spoke with all kinds of people who said their mothers (or another relative, or a friend, or a celebrity) had children WELL into their forties - and some of those births took place a couple of GENERATIONS ago! Maybe getting pregnant in your forties isn't the most common scenario, but it does happen! Enjoy every minute of God's blessing! I wish you, and your family, the BEST!!


terryann - March 3

Hi Bettyboop :) My name is Terryann.. I too have 3 grown sons in their twenties... been remarried for almost 5 years and have had at least 3 doc_mented miscarriages and finally am pregnant again. I just found out 2 days ago with a dollar tree test at home... they are light, but there and coming within a few minutes.. only in morning though... went to docs today for quan blood test... im on progesterone... feel pregnant most definately! I am so happy for you, would love to keep in touch... and i love betty boop.. have her all over my car inside... hehe... i am 47 and dh is 57. I think we should just take it easy, not to stress, eat right, exercise, im also taking extra folic, prenatals and progersterone... im sure you will do just fine... im so excited about your story... when are you due... i am due Nov 8th or 9th... look forward to hearing from you... terryann


Justbecoz - March 4

I'm so happy to read your story and all the other posts. I'm 46 and just found out I'm pregnant naturally! I'm both thrilled and terrified. My partner and I have children from past relationships ages 21, 18 and 14. Thank you so much for sharing your "scare stories" with me. I too have had the fear of god put into me for even contemplating this pregnancy. I feel so much better hearing other women tell their awe inspiring stories.


Perl - March 4

Congratulations to you! If you are worried about genetic/biological effects on the baby, the great thing about getting pregnant after 35 is that you're offered all the extra tests so that if you want to find out if there will be a genetic problem then you can beginning in your first trimester. (Combined First Trimester Screening, AFP screening, CVS and amniocentesis) A genetic counselor may help you out here but take it all with a grain of salt and know that there are risks but they don't happen to us all. I'd rather listen to real life stories from women on this website or other mom and pregnancy websites like babycenter or cafemom to hear what has happened with them and their babies both positive and negative. Good luck to you! When are you due?


Justbecoz - March 5

Hi I'm not booked to the midwife till tomorrow but my due date is 09/10/08. I'm from the UK so we may vary a little in testing procedures. Unfortunately I'm a rhesus negative and my partner rhesus positive so am slightly anxious about any invasive tests. My gut feeling however is that this pregnancy is going to be a good one. I've had at least 4 early miscarriages over the years and this one doesn't feel that way -hooray for now - one day at a time will do for me.


Krissy68 - April 23

BerryBoop - Congrats, how are you feeling? Keep us posted. I will be 40 in June and I am ttcing as of right now. Krissy68


mom again - May 8

I am 43 and 18 weeks pregnant. Due on October 1st. I chickened out of the amnio last tuesday. I had a level II ultrasound and doc says everything looks perfect. We were ready to proceed with the amnio, and doc told me about the risk of infection. He said he has done over 5000 amnios and has never lost a baby yet, but if infection sets in, I would certainly loose the baby. Does anyone think I should go ahead with the amnio at my age even though everything else looks perfect?


Run4fun - July 10

Congratulations! I am new to this site, and just ran across it this morning. I am 45, my husband is 36, and we have been married 4 years this month. I have a 21 year old daughter, a 24 year old son, and a 1 year old grandchild. My husband has a 5 year old and 8 year old that we have every other week. We would LOVE to have children together, and both seem to be in good health. We have tried to conceive since day one, with no luck. I've had several tests that all show I should be able to conceive. We haven't gone as far as to go to a fertility specialist - my husband keeps saying if it is meant to happen, it will. DId any of you use fertility drugs? My husband is also a little worried about my health during pregnancy this late in life - but my first two were great! I feel like time is ticking away QUICKLY...any advice would be appreciated. And congrats to ALL of you who were able to conceive late in life!


babykiss - July 12

Congratulations. It seems 45 is the popular age in the 40s for getting pregnant, that and 43, 44 and 46. Enjoy! May I ask how many times a month were you having baby dancing? I'm always interested to know honest answers. I've met enough women who lie about how many times a month they were having s_x and all that sort of thing. Hearing, 'o, I only had s_x once a month and boom', then to find out that was a complete lie, gets pretty tiresome Baby dust to all. Congratulations!


babykiss - July 12

'Mom again', my advise is NO to the amnio. Another woman I met was having a great pregnancy at 43, had the amnio and a few days later her baby died.


Krissy68 - July 14

Momagain - I am 40 and I am ttc for #5 but I did have a amnio in 04 and I had no problems I did what the dr told me I did have some very mild cramping and I spotted just a little bit once I got home from my appointment I stayed the bed and only got up to use the restroom I did this for 2 days and I no problems. I hope this help. Good Luck to you. Krissy68


babykiss - July 14

I forgot to mention that the baby died due to infection from the amnio.


alley24 - July 16

well i am 45 and trying ttc, and hopefully we have, I have three grown children,25,21,15 and a 19month old. All healthy. I to was so scared at 43 with people telling you horrible things and the doctors and there reports, that are from the 70 that need to be really updated. I had a easier time at 43 with no problems and at age 20 and 30 with bad problems, from high blood pressure with the first and placenta previa with the last two and the 19month old NOTHING, so people dont stress because i think we are in better health and are wiser with what to eat, and what to do, than when we were in our 20s at last that is me. good luck to all


babykiss - July 17

Thank you for sharing your story! 45 is a great age to conceive number 2! May I ask how many months/years it took you to conceive your 19 month old baby? Did you use any fertility herbs?



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