45 And Pregnant

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mrsmaltz - August 1

Hi, you are so blessed. I have had several friends who had pregnancies in their 40's and had very healthy babies. The md's will want you to have a amnio done, but you have a right to refuse. I had my 1st pregnancy at 34 and second 35. I didn't do the amnio too afriaid! Eat right, excercise, and care for yourself and baby.


chelle6 - August 5

I am worried myself and have both good and bad things about being pregnant over 40. My main thing is if you have support from family and friends then all will be alright. I know that my husband and I will not have that and I will not tell family until I absolutely have to. Good luck and keep informing us on how its going


audrey86 - August 7

Babykiss, I am new to this forum and TTC! Would you send me info on your site Thank you


babykiss - August 7

espressolounge.smfforfree4.com/index.php?action=forum cafechat.smfforfree3.com/index.php?action=forum Hi, Audrey, thanks. Alley is a member of Espresso and I have a few other members on Espresso and members on Cafe Feel free to join one, or the other or both. I posted info on herbs, fertility info, all sorts of things regarding TTC and also other threads besides TTC, like humor, spirituality, I have a chat room..... I left out the h t t p:// from the name of the websites and spaced it since the post won't go through if I place them together, so don't forget h t t p:// without the spaces when pasting the link in your browser to get there. Hope to see you.


babykiss - August 8

minty, do you use ovulation predictor sticks. The Clearblue Smileys are the best. Start having baby dance from the time you see fertile mucus, every other day. Or at least twice before your LH surge happens, but be sure you BD on the day of your LH surge.


plynn47414 - August 25

Hi I just turned 45 in August and my bf is 50. I am in my 17th week. We conceived naturally. We are so estatic that I'm pregnant. We had the amnio and had no issues with the testing and the results came back normal! My bf has 3 kids already: a 24, a 21, and a 16 year old. I have a 16 year old daughter. So we are starting over.


audrey86 - August 25

plynn47414 Congratulation to you! Please keep me posted on your pregnancy. I am older than you and TTC, but I have this very confident feeling that I will conceive very soon! Blessings


babykiss - August 25

Congratulations and thanks for sharing your age and pregnancy. Did it take you 2 years? I think 2 years is pretty good timing for the mature mom! Hi audrey! Did I tell you about a woman I know who at 46 conceived without the use of drugs. Actually two women I know or knew. One of them was 46 and 11 months old. Did you find any useful info on the site?


babykiss - August 25

hi alley, how are things going with you?


audrey86 - August 25

Hi Babykiss, Yes, I have found this website very useful and informative. confirmation of older women who have conceived is the most helpful info that I could hope for! Haven't had much time lately but when I do I am going to explore the site some more! Thanks


babykiss - August 25

thanks for the time audrey! Glad you found it useful! Baby dusts!.. ...healthy babies to all of us!


babykiss - September 6

Hi ladies, how is everyone?


babykiss - September 7

I'm just going to keep bumping the page up. I would love to hear more stories. If you'd like to head to the below web site feel free. The h t t p : / / part is not suppose to have the spaces so don't let the spaces in. For some reason this web site won't let me put it all together. h t t p :/ / espressolounge.smfforfree4.com/


babykiss - November 24

Happy Thanksgiving....any updates?..anyone?


alley24 - December 3

question, I am very regular on my cycle trying to concieve again. Have 4 kids, 24,21,16 with my first hisband and a 2 year old with my second and I have him at 43. No problems, just small, 4 pounds 11 oz, healthy and went home. well i have missed a peroid only 2 days now, and Took a test it says negitive, my husband swears it is two early to tell, any suggestions?? like i said i am NEVER LATE


babykiss - December 3

...alley, how long is your LP usually? I would wait a few more days. It may just be too early. ....sending positive thoughts



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