45 And Pregnant

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babykiss - December 3

...alley, how long is your LP usually? I would wait a few more days. It may just be too early. ....sending positive thoughts


alley24 - December 3

well it has been going every 26 days today would it is 28


Ann - December 10

Hello, Dont worry sweetie many woman carry to full term with babies that are 40+. The statistics on down syndrome and mental retardation and other problems are way over b__wn and there are many women your age and even older that have healthy babies- check out Fertility Friend website and all the women their on the pregnant in your 40's threads. I am 45 too and we are waiting for our miracle STILL..we had one m/carriage 2 years ago. take care and good luck, Ann


babykiss - December 10

hi alley, and everyone, are you going to go for a HCG blood test. That is the best way to see. Ann, bless your angel and much baby dust to you and your partner.


babykiss - December 25

Merry Christmas and a Babydust New Year 2009


babykiss - December 25

..hi, anyone else have one or two very small fibroids...they don't block tubes?


alley24 - December 28

well all I took a homepregancy test today a clear blue easy digital and it was positive, now some one told me that you can get a false positive is that true/???I am 46 and scared to death that something will be wrong.My parent have beeen NOT supotuive, my mom said get a abortion as well as my dad, he is telling me that i am going to have a downs kids or something worse, i have a two year old that is fine and three other older children that is fine. So weird, I am going to be a grandma in july and me having a baby too,


babykiss - December 28

....happy 2009! to the women over 40 giving birth, how many excellent timings would you say it took you to get pregnant? There doesn't seem to be much support for each other on here, eh? alley, i would trust the digital..is it the pregnant, not pregnant one. Have you gone for a blood test yet? I'm sorry to say this but I think it's quite cruel for your family to be saying such things... Women in their 40s have healthy children like any other age group and like any other age group a pregnancy can give some issues and unfortunately for the baby too...wishing you best!


alley24 - December 29

yep, very cruel. Dont hurt my feeling at all for you to say that. No I have not go t a blood test I did the digital, and it said pregnant. I was told that these test are not right that they can give a false positve have you heard that before. I had a healthy baby boy my last pregnancy and that was when I was 43. matter afact that was my best pregnancy I have ever had. I hope this one goes smooth. Just worry about defects and all, because that is what my parents keep harping on me about.


babykiss - December 29

alley, I personally haven't heard of a digital giving a false positive. I know the ones with the lines do. Have you taken another one? Best to keep a distance on the ones who keep suggesting defects. Not a good thing to have embedded in a woman's head.


alley24 - December 30

well went to the doctors and yes I am pregnant and due in September. Boy those test are really quick. I am worried abouit having this baby and someting wrong but I am gong to relax and rely on god. This baby is here for a reason. My parents can get over it. I just hate people that judge me right now because I am 46 and they say oh you are too old, well that is so wrong. I just want a healthy baby. I go in January 22 for a ultrasound and testing.


audrey86 - December 30

alley24, Congratulations on your wonderful news! I believe you are doing right by trusting in God and thinking positive! Don't let well meaning but insensitive people steal your joy from you. I will keep you in my prayers. Best


babykiss - December 31

happy 2009! how many excellent timings have you all had? Do you discount the times when your man was too tired to 'complete mission', lol, thanks!


Krissy68 - January 2

alley24 - How are you doing? I'm sorry that your parents aren't being supportive. Hey girlfriend I'm 40 and I have 4 girls ages 20, 18, 14, and 4. I also have a 2yr old granddaughter by my oldest and she is also getting ready to have another girl she is due in March. I'm still trying to have 1 more Hang in there. Let me know if I can do anything for you. Sending you a hug. Krissy68


alley24 - January 9

well I miscarriaged on the 1st, they said. I had to have a blood test yesterday because I have all the signs of a pregnancy, so we will see what happens, I am not going to worry about it, it was not ment to be, we will try again and see what happens,.I do believe alot of it was stress from all my great family members.and therere wonderful support., next time i will keep my mouth shut until i am far along so they can not say one word to me.


Kristin72 - January 9

Hi alley, I am so sorry to hear of your miscarriage. I am also sorry you did not have the support you deserve as a pregnant woman. I wish you all the best. You did fall pregnant on your own and it could possibly happen again if that is what you truly wish. I hope you are doing ok. If it does happen again..surround yourself with people who will be behind you 100% regardless of age. Take Care.



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