45 And Pregnant

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Kristin72 - January 9

Hi alley, I am so sorry to hear of your miscarriage. I am also sorry you did not have the support you deserve as a pregnant woman. I wish you all the best. You did fall pregnant on your own and it could possibly happen again if that is what you truly wish. I hope you are doing ok. If it does happen again..surround yourself with people who will be behind you 100% regardless of age. Take Care.


Krissy68 - January 9

alley24 - I am so sorry and I know how our wonderful family and certain friend can be. Thinking about you and let us know if we can do anything to cheer you up. Krissy68


audrey86 - January 9

alley24, I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Perhaps next time you will be blessed to go full term. I am still TTC and I have several years on you. I have a few supportive people in my life, but most of my friends and family think I've gone off the deep end! I will keep you in my prayers and please keep me in yours. Blessings


Krissy68 - January 9

Hey ladies here is a very quick update I did my opk 3rd day and it was a very BFP so I already bd this morning in the wee hours and I will bd again tonight and all weekend. I hope everybody have a great weekend and I hope to see some bfp on Monday. Sending tons and tons of baby dust. Krissy68


babykiss - January 9

Dear Alley, i send you a hug...please don't think that because you confided in your family about the pregnancy that it was the reason why the pregnancy did not go on. The spirit baby decided it wasn't time yet. But, yes best to keep it a secret for as long as you can. Good that you will keep trying..baby dust to you, huggs!....


babykiss - January 9

Krissy, yeeey on the BFP OPK, enjoy yourselves!!...baby dusts!


Krissy68 - January 10

babykiss - Thank you well I did bd and today my temp went up some from yesterday cd12 my temp was 98.10 and today cd 13 it was 98.20 and I did another opk and I got another bfp should I test tomorrow as well? How is your weekend going so far? Krissy68


babykiss - January 10

Hi, Krissy, you can test tomorrow too if you'd like. Usually when a woman gets the first OPK BFP she doesn't really need to test again but some women do so they can observe when the LH surge subsides. Once you get your first BFP LH surge you BD that nite/day, the next and usually you should be all good to go. My weekend is a household filled with flu, LOL, thank you for asking. We're stocking up on Tylenol and NyQuil, lol. I feel miserable but Mondayy I begin my own BDing, hehhe! Baby dust!


Krissy68 - January 13

babykiss - How are you feeling? I am doing okay well sorta I am getting ready to go home for the day I am not having a good day today is my mom anniverssary of the day she pa__sed away. I only use the opk on cd 12 & cd 13. I didn't test any more because I forgot and I was busy. I have been bding so far it has been cd 7-10, 12-13,15-16. I will keep you posted. Krissy68


babykiss - January 13

Hi Krissy, hugs to u and ur mom! God Bless her in the Heavens! O, great on all the BDing. I'm trying to begin mine but husband is sick with the flu..ugh! I'm gonna try tonite.


babykiss - January 13

Alley, how are u doing?


Carol - January 16

I can't advise, but lend my support. I JUST TODAY!!! Found out I am pregnant, at the age of 40!!!!!!! Excited, but equally or maybe even a little more worried about all the possible high risks due to my age. I want this baby VERY much, so now my worry and concern of it's health...weighs heavy on me. I am only about 3 weeks along, so haven't even told anyone.....but YOU! ha ha Let's keep in touch, and CONGRATS and will be sayin' prayers for you, and keeping you in my thoughts.


julip007 - January 23

Just got pregnant for 1st time at 43. Delivered at 44....no problem!! My dream come true! Never even tried before! I did NOT read any books that might make me think any thoughts about what could go wrong...I know how impressionable I am...I just enjoyed the experience...I was under high stress in my life and had to move across country and my father pa__sed away suddenly...all that and had to remain calm for the baby...I cried alot....the genuine emotion I felt....I felt... the baby arrived perfect and happy and soooo beautiful and there were no complications at all....I am thinking the best could always happen and I might be able to have one more ! I didnt even exercise ! I quit drinking however when I was 30...so I think having no substances for years contributed to me being sturdy enough to do this....my neck went out during birth and it was no trip in the park...I had to have epidural and the first real contraction made me smash a sink and hit a nurse who stuck smelling salt in my face...oops! sorry! can you say pain? hahahahaha.......anyway...I was happy to find this site....for years I googled to see who gave birth after 40....I think there were like 2 sites! Now there are hundreds! Its so awe inspiring! I did have an amnio, however, I say its up to you, there are risks. My baby is now 6 months and such a big personality and is so happy and strong!! My advice is to never question yourself and ignore naysayers and anyone that says anything that stimulates fear. Sleep, sleep, sleep...take baths and eat what you want. I ate a pound of grapefruit per day and at least 10 Caesar salads a week. I also had decaf latte in the am with a blueberry scone....if I didnt get any one of these things....I was dangerous...so make sure you have plenty of people on hand that you can hire to run get things for you. Blessings!!!!!!!!!!


gardeneraholic - January 28

alley24 I am also really sorry about your miscarriage. I am 44 and found out I was pregnant on the 27th of December ,but then miscarried on the 10 th of January. I have a great deal of saddness about the loss of this small child,and a lot of anger some directed at my inlaws who said such supportive thins like"what were you thinking?" and "How did that happen" I know that I do want to have one more child and reading about these women and their being able to conceive fills me with much hope.!!! I wish the best to all of the ladies that are currently pregnat and truckloads of baby dusst to those in the process of ttc:) alicia


cinders46 - February 23

hi hun i am 46 i had my last baby at 42 and at 40 and i am now trying for another your story has given me hope because i have read that it is imposible to conceve after 45 so you have given me a glimmer of hope and you are gona be scared it all the storys that are negative but as long as you are healthy and are doing all the right things for you and your baby evrything should go well xx


gardeneraholic - February 26

I plan to ttc again starting in june. I want to shed some lbs. but yes I havn't given up the hope of having one more child even if I am 44 or 45 by the time it happens. I wish all of you luck in the bd and lots of baby dust spread around to everyone



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