45 And Pregnant Again

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Sue Z. - June 9

Jilly, if you don't mind me asking, did you use your own eggs? I'm almost 40 and I have an FSH of 15.2. My doctor is telling me to think about going the DE road. I didn't resond well to the injectables to even get my own eggs. If your 51 and used your own eggs it gives me hope and probably a lot of other hope too.


Jilly - June 9

We used an egg donor and my husbands sperm.I wouldn't take a chance with my own eggs.


Stevie - June 11

I have an appointment with the OB/GYN on Wednesday. I am 47 and we want to get pregnant. My husband has never had kids, I have two grown children. My question is what questions do I ask her?


Sue Z. - June 12

Gor right to an RE and skip the OB/GYN. The RE will take over. He/she will do a day 3 FSH and Estradiol test or the CCCT. Are you willing to consider donor eggs? I'm almost 40 and my FSH is 15.2 and the RE wants it below 10. I wish you the best. I'm sure you'll have a baby, but it may not be with your own eggs. But, you never now with lots of prayers it could happen for you. It only takes one good egg. Sue


Anni - June 13

Hi, I've just turned 45 with three children, ages 15, 14 and 5, all ceasearian birth. I have been using birth control but believe that I may be pregnant as I am almost three weeks late. I am worried about this pregnancy because before my last child was born I had a miscarriage due to the stress caused by the medical scare I was getting relating to children born to women over 35. Having lost my baby, within a year or so I got pregnant again and did not go to the hospital until it was too late to have any tests done for DS. Thankfully everything went well and my baby boy (5 years old now) is w happy and healthy child. My concerns about this time round are as follows: Given that I have already have three c/sections what are the risks of this fourth child and furthermore the fact that I belive that my coil has now been displaced! Is there likely to be any harm to the baby? I am happy to have this baby as I feel that God has blessed me without me even trying for it, but I am a bit worried. Any suggestions? I was frightenend by all the specialists telling me about the risks of Down Syndrome etc.


Stevie - June 13

Sue Z....I am new at this, what is a RE and the test's? Thanks


Silent_Wish - June 14

Hello Sue Z..your story really touched my heart. I am 45 & my husband is 44 and we have been trying for over a year without succsess i even missed 2 periods and did numerous preg tests all neg and another upset. ..However this is where id like everyones view point because guess what?... I have missed another period...and...tonight did a pregnancy test and to my shock there were 2 blue "lines". However the test looked something like this.... \ in the left window...not straight up as expected and faint but clear enough to see...the mark in the nxt window i dont really know what to use to show that but a small i without the dot of course i have only just missed my period really so can understand the hormones being low but a line like this.... \ rather than l is a puzzle...please advise?


ibk8t - June 14

Congrats to all mums.......yes I am 43 and pregnant with my third....in the 9th week....had a good ultrasound at 6 weeks...but still have a ways to go.....question....how did the older siblings take the news....I haven't broken it to mine yet.....


Sue Z. - June 14

Silent_Wish, I wish you all the best. I hope it works out that you are pregnant. It would not be the first time some one over 40 got pregnant. My prayers are with you. Please keep us posted to let it know how it all works out. As for my story, I just wish my husband listened to me and my Dr. knew better. Even more so my husband, because I told him at 35, you never wait, you hurry!!! . My pregnancy was not easy and I have ANA and had two miscarriages prior to having my son. I had to do shots and baby asprin every day to keep my pregnancy. My husband didn't think it was that big of a deal. But I was very high risk. It says a lot about my marriage doesn't it? In hind sight, you'd think he'd be worried and have some concern about me. I was also on bedrest for 2 months and he questioned that too. How did the Dr. know? I just want to scream because he controlled everything and he has be emotionally abusive as well. All that has ceased after he suggested marriage counseling because our marriage "sucked" as he said last year. Well, I disconnected because of his abuse. It has stopped, but that does not change what has happed. I can't help it. I do resent my husband. There is no doubt about it. I guess, I'm pouring my heart out again. The Internet is the best place to do so. I really do want to adopt. I'm a teacher and I've always wanted to make a difference and now I have to do it by adopting. I feel really good about finding a little girl and giving her love and a life she would otherwise never have. Thanks so much for listening. I think the 4th or 5th gla__s of wine helped me get in real touch with my feelings. Sue


Silent_Wish - June 14

Thanks for your support Sue... I can also relate to an abusive marriage the best thing i did for my sanity was get out of it. My ex tried to strangle me but my dog attacked him. I am now happily re-married after saying i would never get re-married! There is light at the end of the tunnel i promise, i dont know if its allowed for me to give my addy out or website address...wish i could help you more. I suppose i could give a "hint".... on a search engine look for darknightwolf. my email address' are there love to all and i will certainly keep posting. Thanks again.


Sue Z. - June 14

Silent_Wish, Things are better now. After we finished counseling he did change. He never hit me. It was just verbal and emotional abuse, but it hurt. I believe I'm stronger now and he's better. Although it doesn't change the pain he has caused. If some one asked me if I'd do it again? The answer is no. Even though I love my son more than the air I breathe. My husband has hurt me deeply for years, and it's not about me it's about his lack of success. You see I've been the main provider througout our marriage. He hasn't been able to hold a job to save his life. I have the benefits and retirement. I'm a teacher and I have a pretty good job. It comes down to that. I'm successful and he is so not successful. Abuse is how the abuser feels about themselves, not the one who is being abused. So in so ways maybe I undermined the plan for the second baby, who knows? I just remember one time whe I was 4 months pregnant and I told him to watch the intersection we were crossing because of black ice and he screamed at me and just went off "Dont tell me how to F%#$'in drive" and just screamed. He did something like that infront of my son when he was 3 a called me incompentnet and no wonder I wasn't an administrator. Kinda funny comming from someone who was unemployed. Like I mentioned, I've never forgotten the pain he has caused. I'm just trying to cope. I don't want a divorce because of my son and things are okay right now. He's making an effort to be better. When we were in counseling my son even asked for a new father, one that doesn't say shut up to him. I think I'm stronger now. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger and that's what I got out of the abuse. Let's keep in touch. my email is [email protected] if you want to contact me privately. Sue


Hannah24 - June 14

Hi everyone, ...silentwish, its so wonderful to see how you keep believing in change for you marriage, I pray it will continue to become better. I learnt many years ago, others change as we change, I cant change others (and have no right to) I can change me. My past has nothing to do with my future, changing my thinking with good strong counselling (and faith in God), today Im so much happier, hence even being courageous enough to ttc a child. Today it a big day for me, Im going to have results of a HCg test - two weeks overdue, urine test was negative, but all the changes in me just dont add up to AF being on the way. It will surely be a miracle at my age 47, the hardest part about ttc was others around me (some friends Im close) and their 'opinions' - 'oh your just too old' ... thank goodness I have great church support who believe in miracles. I guess its like this, with all the tears of the past years...the hoping the yearning, and seeing others so happy on Mothers Day (my heart breaks every year and I just hibernate alone, but next year, child or not, Im going to break through this day in sharing it with others)...who could deny anyone hope to hold a child, especially its hard for me because Im hopelessly maternal and adore children....anyways, just needed to get this all out. have a wonderful day for all and great wishes and baby dust for all your dreaming for.


Hannah24 - June 14

Hi Sue, oops i think Im getting the names mixed up, with you and silent wish, in any case, you are both to be congratulated for your courage. Ok Im off to the doctor, with faith and hope.


Silent_Wish - June 15

Hi Hannah..its ok id guessed you had got us mixed up...lol. Sue.z The thing that got me to move forward from my ex~marriage was this.... "I AM A SURVIVOR NOT A VICTIM" You see all the time i was remembering i was still feeling the emotional pain etc...but once id convinced myself of the above.... things changed because i realised "he" was "still" hurting me thru my memories?....Not anymore. However i understand that it must be harder for you because your still married, i understand you wanting to stay because of your little boy too. I tried that but when i did eventually leave because i couldnt take it anymore and he was being nasty to the kids...... the kids were over~joyed after we separated and have grown into happy independant adults! I did another test this morning with home tester...also got a sample ready for the docs...however home test shows NEG today...so ive thrown the other tester! :-( So it looks like id had a faulty tester doesnt it? I was so excited last night too...funny tho my husband said he would believe it when docs confirm it. My AF was due on 14th June....do you think it may have been too early to test? Normally my AF starts 3 days earlier than the date but it can be exact at times. Oh im just confusing myself here lol...still got sore b___bs and feel sick! [email protected]


Hannah24 - June 15

Hi ...lol...yes I get things mixed up all the time s/wish...age thing? Anyway, sadly the test was negative, 38 days since last AF? Still feel confused and frustrated...the doc said I may have ovulated late and HCg neg for that reason?. Is it possible for Blood Test HCg to be negative? and still be pregnant? any thoughts, thanks.


ChrisD - June 23

I am 46 and expecting my 13th child one baby boy was a neonatal death so I have 11 living. My eldest, a daughter is due to have her 2nd 5 days after me. Im due valentines day 2007 so Im almost 7 weeks its early but Im cauteously optomistic. I had 2 gorgeous healthy babies a girl at age 41 and boy at 44 so much for fertility dropping over 35?? Ive been married 27 years been having/raising children my whole life :c)



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