45 And Pregnant Again

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ChrisD - June 23

I am 46 and expecting my 13th child one baby boy was a neonatal death so I have 11 living. My eldest, a daughter is due to have her 2nd 5 days after me. Im due valentines day 2007 so Im almost 7 weeks its early but Im cauteously optomistic. I had 2 gorgeous healthy babies a girl at age 41 and boy at 44 so much for fertility dropping over 35?? Ive been married 27 years been having/raising children my whole life :c)


Silent_Wish - June 24

ChrisD:What a tower of inspiration you are and personnally i say thank you! (i am 45)Unfortunatley the rest of my tests showed up neg, i spoke to my doctor and she asked for a test to be brought in following morning...NEG! We all a__sume the "positive" test was faulty however i have still not started my period yet so that makes me now~ almost 2 weeks late. My af has been regular since the age of 13 but missed 2 periods in march and april then had af in may now ive missed again. People have suggested perimenopause? my doc disagreed with this but to rule it out she did blood tests and says im not. my b___bs are so tender, i normally get this b4 af but not AS tender as this. So thats my report so far. Hope you are all keeping fit and well anyhow.Chris D? ~yep...well done and again thank you...from uk.


Silent_Wish - June 24

Hannah24: I once asked the same question about blood tests if i could still be pregnant despite test being negative? I had a lady email me and tell me she had blood tests done and they were NEG yet she turned out to be pregnant?. I may have posted that on this site somewhere, my doc totally disagreed with that and told me the blood tests were final and unfortunatley for us she was right. It sounds like you are doing what im trying to stop doing hun and thats willing myself to be pregnant despites all these tests. Not easy i know i became a testing addict but as friends adised not only was it costing me a fortune buying these tests... it was haveing an effect on my mind too causing me to have high's and low's . I feel contradictive giving advice and i apologise in a way but this advice was from close friends and doctors and if it helps someone else? Then this write up has been worth it. When i look back since FEB 2005 i have been willing myself to be pregnant and buying 2 maybe 3 testers at a time. Ive had 4 kids and me and my second husband would like a child between us.... we have been told he has slow moving sperm....so WHO is it that DOES have the problem between me and hubby? We would welcome all replies to this one, Is it POSSIBLE he could have fathered 2 kids? his ex reconds he has but she played away so we are still wondering and she wont do DNA tests either????


Silent_Wish - June 24

Perl: i have just joind the babycenter for UK but cant find any reference to the FertilAid you mentioned in an earlier post id be so greatfull if you wouldnt mind letting me have a look at that link please. Im into a second bottle of Ovulex and its its all a scam!


ibk8t - June 26

ChrisD YOU ARE AWESOME! Did you have your last two naturally? I'm a bit worried about complications (I'm 43) and was thinking of asking about a section


ibk8t - June 26

Yes....I'm 43... have 2 boys...18 and 19 and am expecting January 20th....Congrats..


lallababie - July 11

i am 42 and expecting my 3rd child in january.. i have 2 boys 15 and 13.... they are thrilled and i am terrified.... we are all hoping for a girl...


kathykile - August 1

hi jami I will be 45 in september, I have 21, 17, 15 years old and the newest 14months. I just found out i am pregant again. Oh boy. Help me too.


puddintae - July 23

I also am 45 and had fertility pills 5 1/2 years ago finally gave up and now after resolving to not have any more and forgetting about it almost 6 years later and thinking i could not get pregnant. I am now pregnant we were so shocked but thrilled.


moe324 - July 27

iam 36 will be 37 when i deliver i aslo have a 17 and 19 year old boys my question is how did your older teenage kids take that you were pregant i ihave not told them yet a little nervous


docbytch - July 29

Me! My dd is 21. I am 40 and expecting a boy this Oct. I also have two skids ages 11 and 14 with my dh who is exactly the same age as me. I am excited but not sure what the heck I am going to do with a boy:)


deenahz - July 10

I am 44, will be 45 by the baby I'm carrying is born! I have a 27 year old daughter, a 20 year old daughter, a 17 year old daughter, a 15 year old son, and a 6 year old son, and I'm hoping for a daughter this time. I don't believe in complications just because of my age, just mostly because of my weight and also I'm leery with the times that we live in. I think that the reason so many women have so many problems with their pregnancies when they are older is because they have taken doctor prescribed drugs that are harmful to themselves and their reproduction organs (just everything is effected)...It's important to pay attention to the "side-effects", they are not funny most of the time. I won't swallow anything that says it's going to cause me to have more problems than I've already got healthwise. All of my children have excellent health and are very beautiful and intelligent. I believe in homeschooling. The government is taking more and more of our God-given freedoms away. The times are my greatest concerns above all.


Unhappy@46 - February 22

Wow...This was four years ago. I wonder how it went fo you. I'm 46 and due June 1...


deenahz - February 22

I just had my 6th child at home, delivered by my husband in just over an hour labor on my 8 year old grandson's birthday! He was over 10 pounds and about 3 weeks and 4 days overdue as were all of my babies... I'm 45, a vegetarian and very drug-free, not even birth control pills - so I know it's got to do with being without drugs and your lifestyle. This baby is perfect, but a real shock that we have a boy, we thought he was a girl, had nothing for a boy...lol - SO HAPPY! PRAISE THE LORD FOR HIS GOODNESS TOWARD ME!


lucyc - March 21

I'm 46 and was on the pill (really effetive) i'd just about got used to the fact i was pregnant again when the ultrasound woman decided i needed a heart attack, and told me i was having triplets, i suppose i shouldnt have been so supprised as i have had twins before but still...


Kristin72 - March 22

Lucy, Holy smokes!! That is just hard to believe!!Congrats!! I wish you well with you three babies.. Has it sunk in yet? How many other kids do you have? what are their ages? :)



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