45 And Pregnant Again Second Time In 5 Months

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chery - August 24

Has anyone out there around my age been pregnant naturally? anyone been pregnant twice within a six month period? I am going nuts. I was PG in January. lost the baby in April, got PG again at the end of June. I am now 10 weeks. How wierd is this? My other child is 4 YO, naturally conceived. But I'v had 3 miscarriages in between


Tammy - August 24

chery- Yes, been there. Have not been pregnant twice in 6 months though. I am 45 and am 31 weeks pregnant and also have a 4 yo. I have had 2 miscarriages in the last 3 years. Conceived naturally all times.


maidencanada - August 24

I got pregnant naturally in May and m/c late in July, we are now trying again. My doctor feels there is no reason why I cannot concieve again in the next few cycles. I will be 41 next week. Congrats to you!


Tabby - August 24



Tabby - August 24

Opps - I posted to early. This old bird is still trying to learn how to work a PC. I just wanted to say that my daughter was 40 when she had her first child - high risk obviously. One thing I did for her was rent one of those fetal dopplers. It made a big diff. She was able to sleep at night knowing that her baby had a healthy heartbeat. I rented it from babysheart dot com. I saw your post and just thought I'd tell you something that helped her during her pregnancy. I wish you the best.


Karen - August 24

I'm in my late 30's and I'm 20 weeks now. I rented a Lite doppler from the babysheart company and it was the best thing I could of done. If your worried about being pregnant at your age you should do everything you can to alleve that kind of stress. I hope I helped - God Bless.


pam - August 24

I am 44 now and just lost a pregnancy in July. It was my first and I am crossing my fingers for another one.


j. - August 24

Chery, congrats!! You must be pretty fertile, it's great news. You've already got to 10 weeks, so it's looking good. Hope you go full term with no problems this time. All the best 'super-mama'...


cheryl - August 24

All, thanks so much for your replies. It is helpful to know that I am not alone as an oplder mom to be. For those trying here's my advice--go by the clear blue fertility monitor--it is absolutely the best way to tell if you are ovulating. Good luck



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