45 And Prego And Kinda Freaked Out

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Veigh - August 11

I am only 6 weeks pregnant and new to this site however I already feel better, Anyway I still have a big hill to get over. Thank you to everyone for your honest questions and comments. I have a almost 13 year old boy and a 10 year old boy. Right now it is really hard because I am getting these feelings of panic because I am already exhausted at the end of the day. We have decided to not really tell anyone until after a least 3 months so it's hard, people are asking me why I am so tired and why I am not drinking. I am happy but sometimes I feel like OH MY GOD!!!! how am I going to do this all over again, and I am worried because of my age. It will be great to be able to read everyone's comments and I know I will have a zillion questions.


Kristin72 - August 12

Firstly, Congratulations! Try not to worry about the factor of age at this point. Do get your rest.. I understand not telling anyone until the 3 month mark..that is wise for any pregnancy. Thea fact that you were ablt to conceive just means your body was ready for this pregnancy. I wish you all the best..yes you may be a little more tired..but maybe a little more wiser. Enjoy your pregnancy try not to stress and get all the necessary tests..and makes sure you are taking your prenatals..(are you already?) An early ultrasound and checking your hcg levels early should help to alleviate your worries. I wish you all the best. I am 40 and ttc #2. I love to hear stories of conceiving at amature age. btw did you conceive naturally?


kimcat - August 12

Veigh, congratulations! Kristin, I am 45 and 18 weeks pregnant. I conceived naturally & by accident! :-) I was even on birth control pills. Best wishes to you in ttc! Our other child turns 18 next month!


Kristin72 - August 12

kimcat...wow congratsulations to you too!!! I am very happy for you as well. BTW what was you NT measurement and did you get results from you DS odd etc? and will you opt for amnio? All the best to you!! :)


kimcat - August 12

Kristin, I can't remember the NT measurement exactly. I'm thinking it was 3.5 and anything under about 6 was normal. The main thing I heard was that it was normal! :-) The genetic counselor talked to us about DS odds and overall chromosomal abnormality odds before the ultrasound and said the doctor would adjust them based on the results of the ultrasound. He did not and I forgot to ask. I just know the technician told us they saw no soft markers for DS. However, they did not get a good look at the heart since I am only 18 weeks so they scheduled another ultrasound in 4 weeks. I know that heart problems can be an indicator of DS so maybe that's why the doctor didn't re-calculate the odds yet. Unless the next amnio shows something abnormal that scares us into it, I do not think I want amnio. I am just too afraid of the risk to the baby.


Veigh - August 14

Hi Kristen Thank you for all your nice comments. Yes I did conceive naturally. I am taking 2 mg of folic acid everyday do you know if I should be taking anything else. I go on September 10th for blood screening and I think a ultrasound, still undecided on the amnio test. Thanks and congratulations to you as well.


Kristin72 - August 14

Hi Veigh and Kimcat :) Veigh..well I think a prenatal vitamin as well as the folic acid is a good idea..other than that your doc could advise you on what you could/should take if anything. Some docs advise asprin or progesterone if you have had a history of miscarriage. Other than that, the less you take the better. Make sure you stay healthy and hydrated. Eat well and try not to stress yourself. Your body has done an amazing feat..my neighbour just delivered a baby 4 months ago she is 44. She was on bedrest and had shingles after the birth.. but the baby himself is thriving. IF you excercised before your pregnancy than keep it up. I excercised till a week before my baby was born she is now 20 months. Kimcat, actually anything under 3.5mm is considered normal..but 3.5 would be the high end of normal. But the fact that your doc said everything seems fine is a great sign especially with no soft markers for DS either. Way to go girls!! I think I mentioned I too am trying to conceive my second. with no luck yet. I am actually waiting for a referral to a specialist to get the ball rolling. I had an ectopic last September and I was b___stfeeding when I conceived..In the past I never had problems ttc but as I age it seems to be a different story :) Anyway I wish you gals all the best.. this is just a wonderful time in your lives.. All the best!! xo


Kristin72 - August 15

HEe Girls..I just tested and it came up positive. I have not even missed my af yet. I will confirm this with a blood test very soon so I will keep you all updated! xo


kimcat - August 16

Wonderful, Kristin72! I'm so happy for you.


liz41 - August 22

I have only just found out I'm pregnant - about 4 weeks and am also a bit freaked out. I think the first words I said were holy c___p! At 41 I thought that my beautiful 7 year old daughter was set to be an only child. We conceived naturally and lets just say it was a lucky strike as we failed to use a very safe and natural form of contracepton only twice! Problem is my partner feels we are too old to go ahead with this - bit of a dilemma that one! Hard decision but I have always wanted another child - the thought of sleepless nights and nappies is a bit daunting not to mention the age thing but gut feel says go for it. Glad to hear there are others out there feeling the same - makes me feel a bit more normal


clindholm - August 22

liz- Congrats! I am 39 and 24 weeks with our second. All I can offer for encouragment is, these little ones keep you young! Not that I don't have my moments where I think "I'm too old for this s***" and remember, those sleepless nights do not last forever (although it feels like it at 3 a.m.) and they have sooo much to give after that part is over. My other lo is 20 months, so she keeps me hopping! Congrats again!


Kristin72 - August 22

41 is not that old..really. I think to myself..what's an extra 5-10 years on other women conceiving in the grand scheme of things!! So tha being said...Congratulations! I too just found out last week I am pregnant at 40. I couldn't be happier!! I look very young atleast that is what people say and my dh is 6 years younger than me... this is our second child. I have a due date of about Aug25-27th??That has yet to be confirmed. Everything seems to be going well so far!! I have my first appointment next wednesday. I switched docs to one very close to my house..i don't even have to drive to the appoinments. This is just great as I have a 20 month old too. Anyway..don't worry about being a bit older and having another child..your 7 year old will be a big help and this seems to be more of the norm these days (older moms)anyway. With the way women take care of themselves these days 40 is more like 30 (truly)!! On the other hand I just don't know how to tell my Mom yet..(any suggestions??) She is one of those Mom's who is very rigid in their thinking! She thinks because of my losses (missed miscarriage,ectopic,retained placenta's D&C's) miscarriages, difficult delivery etc) that it was due to my age. AFter my ectopic in Sept last year she told me flat out "Kristin you should just be happy with the one child because your age is not on you side. and MAybe you should throw in the towel on the thought of having any more children!!" Not the greatest thing to hear after a loss but she was just trying to be pragmatic. I spoke to her this morning..and did not mention my pregnancy..anyway I don't know if I should wait until I am 3 months along ..so she can't do an I told you so kinda thing! Anyway all the best to all you gals..this is just fantastic news!!


liz41 - August 23

Hi Kristin - you are so right another few years doesn't really account for much and 40 is the new 30 after all!! A huge congratulations to you all - it really is rea__suring reading through everyones comments. Now about your mum, I'm also hesitating picking up the phone and telling my mum - I'm not too sure what her reaction will be. In saying that and as I've already confided in a few close girlfriends I sort of feel like I'm denying her the opportunity to be a part of the early stage of this whole experience - she is my mum after all. Given everything you have been through it sounds to me that your mum is just concerned for you - simply because she really loves you! Maybe once she hears the joy in your voice and she realizes how very important her support is, she will look understand how important her support and positive outlook is to you. Take care :)



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