46 And Ttc

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canneh - February 22

I am 46 and ttc. I had a mc 2 years ago for no apparent reason. The gestational sac was perfect. I was going to go to a fertility specialist last fall, but he told me due to my age I would have to have a donated egg. I am against this. I already have 3 step kids, and to have a donated egg would be like having another step-child.. it wouldn't be a part of me.. .I would like to have a child that is part me and part my dh. Any suggestions on what I can do.


dunne - February 22

Hi There, My husband and I are trying for our 1st and I am going to be 43 in Apr. My re said the same thing but we are trying chlomid first for 3 months. I said basically the same thing as you, I feel we might as well adopt if the baby would not biologically be mine and my husband kind of agrees. My doctor did tell me though since the doner egg would be from a younger woman the chance of getting pg is 80%, although I guess it also dep on the person. Not really a sugg but I was glad to find a kindred spirit. Really think about it before saying no, my friends tell me there is nothing like giving birth to your own child and the bond will be there anyway since the child is growing inside you.


docbytch - February 24

Canneh, I understand how you feel on the egg issue. I have a 20yo, and my dh has 2 from a previous, we've been married for 3.5 yrs, and I am currently PG at 39 with what will hopefully turn out to be our baby. Had a m/c last year so it's worrisome. But the thing is...if something prevents us from biologically producing OUR FLESH AND BLOOD baby, then I will let it go. I hope not...cuz it would kill me to think his b___h-a__s ex wife gave him two kids while I was unable to. But if the baby were not going to be related to me because of some "donor egg" forget it. There's no point. Good luck to you. Lots of women have had biological pregnancies over age 45.


sonia989 - March 1

I have a friend who did 7 cycles of IVF starting at age 41. She has now decided on the donor egg option at 44. I personally would recommend acupuncture, no matter what else you do. I am only 35 but have decreased ovarian reserve. They didn't give me very good odds for getting preg, but here I am at 6 months with a baby boy! I really think the acupuncture increased my odds. Although we did use my own eggs, we had to use a sperm donor because of problems my partner has. At first I felt a bit weird about having a baby from someone I know nothing about. I was bothered by not knowing what to expect interms of looks or personality. But then I realized you never really know what to expect. Now I am looking forwad to the birth of my son and to raising him with Arron. He'lll still be our little guy, and he is related to one of us, after all.



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