47 And Pregnant Again

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Renee - October 11

Just found out recently I am pregnant again at 47. The problem I'm having has to do with daily spotting. Two weeks after my last period began I started spotting, and have done so daily since then. I thought perhaps it was a perimenopause symptom (I'd been having some) or even a cancer symptom. Called DR office and midwife suggested pregnancy test to rule it out. It was positive. Since then, no explanation for the continual spotting for the 4 1/2 weeks. Has anyone else experienced something like this? I should be about 6-7 weeks pregnant and have morning sickness & br___t tenderness and "feel" pregnant. Midwife gives the impression that I shouldn't get too excited (I'll probably miscarry though she doesn't actually come out and say it). I've had miscarriages and this spotting doesn't feel like that. Had to ask for an hcg test and go back tomorrow for a second. Not even a phone call with results from the first. I'd really love to have this baby and wonder if I'm overreacting and being a nervous nellie. Has anyone else experienced this kind of odd prolonged spotting? Could it be due to my age? Any response is appreciated!


Louisa - October 11

Hi Renee, I had spotting on and off for the first trimester. Mine started at 6 and a half weeks. I am now 21 weeks pregnant.


Renee - October 13

Louisa, Thanks for your post. I'm glad everything went well for you. Unfortunately, I found out my bleeding was because of a molar pregnancy, no embryo. To top it off, I won't be able to try and get pregnant again for a year after treatment. By then I'll be 48 1/2 and unlikely to have another chance but you never know, I guess...... Thanks again.......R


Louisa - October 13

Renee, Sorry to hear about the molar pregnancy. Don't give up yet, there is a lady that is 52 at my doctor's office that is expecting in December. Anything can happen!!!


sam - October 21

Renee, I am almost 12 weeks with first pregnancy at 39 years of age. There are increased risks of pregnancy with age, which everyone is very keen to mention continuously. I have had bleeding and spotting - dark brown discharge for 2 1/2 weeks. First scan at 9 weeks showed some placental separation, new scan today reveals placenta now reattached, still light spotting. You could have a scan after 6 1/2 weeks a foetal heart rate can usually be detected. It is a stressful time but hopefully all will be ok. Good Luck!!


Shirley - October 24

Hi Renee, I had two spotting episodes, one with my first pregnancy, which miscarried at 10 weeks and one with my third (and successful as my daughter just turned one!). During the first, it was definitely continual and was bright red almost the whole time. I don't want to be negative but I'd go for an ultrasound to check out heartbeat (as sam said) and just hold on tight. During my last pregnancy, I have to admit that I refused the hcg test cause they told me there was nothing they could do anyway (I was tired of getting poked by then!). Best of luck!!


reallyold - November 9

Dear Renee- I was pregnant this year at age 47, but lost the baby at 6 weeks. My hcg level was over 4200 at the time. I had b___st tenderness but not morning sickness. I had no spotting until the morning of the miscarriage. It is CRITICAL that you receive your hcg results from your doctor! Also, you may need projesterone to support the pregnancy. Please be proactive and do everything you can to make sure your doctor is taking care of you.


Kim - November 9

Renee - hang in there girl. I am 45 and ttc. I miscarried in May. My progesterone levels were low and they had me on 100 mg. progesterone. I am trying again and now up to 200 mg. progesterone. I would hold out for another scan. I wish you the best.


Renee - November 10

I want to thank everyone for their responses. I wound up having a D&C because there was no embryo. At first the doctors thought molar pregnancy but the pathologist report showed there was no mole which was great news because I do not have to wait a year to get pregnant again. Great news! Good luck to everyone and I hope to post good news myself sometime in the future....R


alla - November 11

i am 45. had miscarriage 6 months ago after got marriage again. 15 yeas have been living on my own without any s_x contacts. now my husband a i want to have our baby together. Trying 6 months after my miscarriage happened with ovulation test..but unsucsessful. What can i do now...i am 45 and i think we do not have time for wait...thanks.


BernieB - November 21

What I find very interesting is that most people are ok with grandmothers looking after their grandchildren, but some people are not able to view an older mother as acceptable in society. The rude comments made with regards to this issue are merely an unwillingness to accept that the world is progressing to the point where we are no longer bound by the shackles of societies expectations. In very simple terms for the ignorant people who do not get it:- "Welcome to the new millennium" By the way, I am 37 and I have been trying unsuccessfully for a child for two years - what to you say to me? Sorry - stop trying now as you are old enough to be a grandmother? I'd LOVE to hear your view..... and NO - I am not a career woman who left it too late - I am a woman who had NO partner to have a baby with when I wanted one desperately. Should I give up because some idiots out there think I am too old? Should a women in her 50's give up trying? I can't think of any good reason why not - especially as I've already mentioned that we as a society do not have anything against grandmothers looking after children. Stop thinking age and start thinking ability. Good luck to all older mums!


Renee - November 23

Unfortunately, I had a missed miscarriage, but my dr said I am obviously still fertile and will continue to try. I had one child in my middle 20s but, for some reason, was not able to get pregnant again for 10+ years even with fertility treatments. After giving up I became pregnant at 37, 40, and 43 & have 3 wonderful little ones. I'd love to have another. Having babies later in life was MUCH easier than in my 20s. I am financially better off and have been able to be a stay at home mom which wasn't possible with my oldest. I can offer a child so much more now than 23 years ago so I don't listen to fools like Over The Hill. I consider it a gift from God that I can still get pregnant at the age of 47. BTW, I have had 1 natural birth, 2 with epidural & 1 c-section (breech) which I hope to avoid if I am lucky enough to get pregnant again.


40+ moms - November 28

why let over the hill get to us, we should not even waste our time on people who have no sense, my mom had me at 45. She is the best mother and I am so glad she waited now I am 25 she is 70 and she looks and feels better then some 20 year olds, so please and my mom and dad had it all, she was ready to be a mom most 20 year olds have not lived there lives yet wait intill they have kids and decide they still want to party and my parents went around the world before they had me. So all you 40+ moms good luck and don't let foolish people get to you.


B - December 8

I am in my 30's but don't see anything wrong with women having babies in their 40's. After all, a child can lose it's mother at any age. You can be 20 and then pa__s away due to unfortunate circ_mstances. It doesn't take from the fact that you gave the gift of life to someone :)


to 40+ ttc moms - December 18

Awesome! There are people out there that want to conceive after 40! This support is great. Just don't let society get you down. There is no written rule as to when to have a child. God will provide!


Karen - December 23

This is more of a question. Is it dangerous to have a baby at 47. I had a baby 5 years ago, at 41 and it went well. I had a c-section for him. Now, I am scared at 47 that something could go wrong with me or the fetus. How old should one be to stop having babies and should I consider abortion.


To Karen - December 24

Things can go wrong at any age. There is increased risk for both mother and fetus when you are older for things like pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, (for mother) etc. Regardless, the risk is still relatively small. If you are in decent shape and take care of yourself, there is no reason to think that being pregnant at 47 will be harmful to you. As for the fetus there is, of course, a greater risk for a chromosomal abnormality but the odds are still in your favor. A CVS, amnio or high quality ultrasound can help alleviate your fears. I do not consider a mother's age to be a good reason for abortion if you really want to have the baby. The odds of a problem are higher but they are still in your favor. If you find out something is wrong later you can decide at that time what you wish to do. There are options available. Good luck with your new pregnancy! It is truly a blessing when a woman is able to become pregnant later in life. Unfortunately, for so many women it cannot be a reality.



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