47 And Pregnant Again

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To Karen - December 24

Things can go wrong at any age. There is increased risk for both mother and fetus when you are older for things like pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, (for mother) etc. Regardless, the risk is still relatively small. If you are in decent shape and take care of yourself, there is no reason to think that being pregnant at 47 will be harmful to you. As for the fetus there is, of course, a greater risk for a chromosomal abnormality but the odds are still in your favor. A CVS, amnio or high quality ultrasound can help alleviate your fears. I do not consider a mother's age to be a good reason for abortion if you really want to have the baby. The odds of a problem are higher but they are still in your favor. If you find out something is wrong later you can decide at that time what you wish to do. There are options available. Good luck with your new pregnancy! It is truly a blessing when a woman is able to become pregnant later in life. Unfortunately, for so many women it cannot be a reality.


Claus - December 25

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!


Sherry V - January 31

I wish Renee all the best and success. I am 46 yrs old, have never been pregnant, but recently married someone younger and we would like to have a baby. I have a lot of fear becoming pregnant at this age, but more realistically 47 or 48 if it happens. As we all do, I want to have a healthy baby and this whole concept of having a baby is new to me at this age. I know my doctor wants to start me on follic acid and get me off of meds I take now. Any other words of encouragement from those that have been thru this. Thanks.


Renee - February 4

To Sherry V, Good luck in your attempts to conceive! Getting pregnant in your 40s is difficult but not impossible. Follow your dr's advice and keep your hopes up. Since my 40s I've had 2 successful pregnancies (and 1 at 38) but unfortunately they came with 4 miscarriages during the same period. It is easy to get discouraged, but keep the faith. Best of luck to you and your new husband. Let us know how you are doing (I'm still trying!)


Elinor - February 6

At age 46 (almost 47) I had a "surprise" pregnancy during Christmas! Not only was I 46, but was perimenopausal with irregular periods AND on birth control pills. Sadly (as it was GOOD surprise!) I had a miscarriage at 6-1/2 weeks. However, now I'm sort of wondering...should we "try" again? We have a 15-year-old and 10-year-old. I feel 25 but I know that my eggs are actually almost 47! :) Good to hear your thoughts!


rozlynn - May 25

Hi ladies I have followed Renee's thread with interest. I am 47 and think I may be pregnant. I have a 13 yr old daughter. Always had reg. periods. My last period was unusally light was approx 6 Feb 06. I did a home preg. tst in March which was neg. I did a second 15 May which was also neg. I really dont know what to think. I had some sickness back in March which I thought nothing of, but I do go to the loo more freqently, my b___bs are bigger with blue thread veins, I have a belly swelling above the groin and have suffered severe tiredness. Today I have experienced tingly b___bs. I have been reluctant to go my GP in fear of being stupid and if I am pregnant I fear I will get a lecture about my age. I am in a second relationship and did start trying again when I was 45 but after a couple of years stopped thinking about it and a__sumed its probably too late so if I am preg. I would be delighted. I have finally made an appointment with my GP next week, who is a new GP and im really nervous. If I am preg. I reckon i'm about 15 weeks and should be having some important tests. Pregnant or perhaps menopause? Be glad to hear from any ladies.


vanessa1960 - September 30

with my son who is now 22 1/2 and his twin which i lost when they were 3 months along i bled alot took forever to find out i was preggy and same for my 2nd pregnancy i found out at 4 months and then lost her at 6 so hope you don't loose it ..i might be preggy too worried to go to doctor



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