51 Year Old Mother

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in the woods - October 13

A mother in my dd's ballet class mentioned that she was 55 years old. Our daughters are 4 yo. So, I just met, in real life, an over-50 mother!! I I kinda thought she was an older parent, but never thought she was 55. She's very thin. Yay for her! Lately, since we started going to pre-school, I notice that lots of mothers are my age - 40sh. Not a rarity anymore. And - this is a rural area!


FrancesM - October 13

You are so right. There are a lot of women that are in their late 30's and early 40's just starting a family. That is great about the 50 year old, good for her! Of course the younger gals in their 20's are doing it too! My dh's niece is 22 and has 2 (and yes, she is married!) I think anyone any age is blessed to be able to have a baby! Good luck to all of us, older and younger!!!


Terio - October 15

Good for her. I'm 35 and just had my first baby, and when we announced it to my husband's family at a gathering, a cousin of his started laughing and said, "Oh honey, I'm so sorry I'm laughing.. it's just I can't IMAGINE starting a family at your age." Oh my god, can you believe someone would say that (even if they were thinking it)? And you know how you always think of the really witty comments afterwards? When I was in the car, I thought about how I should have said, "Gosh, well I can't imagine getting knocked up and starting a family at 16 like you did." LOL. I wouldn't have said that, of course. Ahhh ~ silly, silly people. Honestly, I can't imagine a happier and more stable time in my life to be starting a family.


FrancesM - October 15

You totally should have said that. That would have stopped her in her tracks. Oh well, good for you for not thinking about it until you were gone. It still made me laugh. I am 38 and unfortunately had a mc but I am still hoping that I will be blessed with a little one, I don't care if I am 40! I see it everyday! Some people...grrr.


littlebaby2 - December 5

30's make sense to me...I do think 50 is a push...my mom 65 always complains how tired she is and can't help as much with the grandkids. I am tired at 35. Age 50 is a little too old unless you have a live in & lots of cash. Anything before 22 is way too young. College is like going to High School these days...can't do much with out it. Age 16 is a joke....Babies having babies.


myamazinggrace - December 15

I am 37, and just had a beautiful baby girl! I can not imagine having tried to do this in my 20's - I am so glad I waited. Except for that horrible 20-something woman I ran into at Baby's-R-Us who asked me how old my GRAND DAUGHTER was - Everything is PERFECT!!!!


in the woods - December 15

littlebaby2 touched on something I've been looking high and low for and haven't been able to find so far. I wish to know the story after the happy ending of being able to give a birth around 50s-60s. What happens when a child is 8-10 years old, 13-15 years old, 18-20 years old, how the mother feels/manages. There is no info out there, which eerily reminds me of the homeshcooling topic, when mothers are enthusiastic and talkative on forums when they "think of" or "just started" homeschooling, but not much from someone with 13yo or 18 yo homeschooler. Correct me if I'm wrong. I think, partially, if you are rich - yes, that helps to have children later and later. Partially, too, I do believe that a mother's system is programmed for a long haul. If I had a baby my body knows that it has to have energy for X years, and has to live for X years. Whether the starting point is 20 or 40 years old. Having a 65 yo mother who is tired means she's been a mother for 35-40 years, her body IS tired after performing all these tasks. Having a 65yo mother who's been a mother for 15 years means the she's mentally and physically programmed for yet another so many years of nurturing. I hope it makes sense. I've seen my age women (43) who feel older because their kids are 20 and 23 - I am not in that boat, I'm not tired out by life - my kids are under 5, I feel it's a nature's way to ensure that my kids have an active mother until they are grown up. So that's not quite masured by a uniform yardstick. Well, maybe I'm answering my own question. Then again, still, where ARE older mothers with older kids?


Ktrojane - December 16

CONRATULATIONS to all the women in their 40's having babies! I have three beautiful children (16, 12, & 9) and YES, I want another one. I just turned 43 and am not nervous. I think is is important that everyone keeps things in perspecive with the statistics. There is so much negative articles and comments from people and yes sometimes old time doctors (please get a young doctor!) that it makes me disappointed. Let's focus in on the healthy babies that are born to women over 40 every single day. I am looking forward to having a baby again. I am in good shape, have a good att_tude and feel I am alot more confident with myself, mothering skills and life in general at my age. We are at a slight risk, but the odds are still in our favor! Good luck and here is to all the success stories!!



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