6 Weeks Pregnant Starving And Eating Everything In Sight

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MelissaK - July 19

Hi - This is pathetic but I am just 6 weeks pregnant (5w 2d) and having no issues at all (no spots, no cramps, no M/s). I am 38 years old, a fit person, 5'6", generally bounce my weight between 125-131, and run 3 miles per day 5x per week. I normally eat healthy, whole foods basically. Since the week before bfp up until now (so about 3 weeks) I have been gourging, like out of control. I am hungry constantly. I start the day with 12 grapefruit, my 3 mile jog, then eat a good lunch like egg white omlette with cheese or salad with tons of veggies and chicken on top and balsamic dressing. then I just... crash. I start with the fruit around 3 pm, then can't stop, and deteriorate to chips, choc chip cookie batter, etc. I swear I want like 10 portions for dinner, then cookies, then I crash. Is anyone else doing this? I feel completely out of control - and weight and food have never been an issue before this. At this point I PRAY for M/S.


sandee - July 19

hello Melissa, I totally understand your situation. I was the same and this continued for me till I was in my 13th-14th week. Instead of having morning sickness all I had was craving and hunger and I ate all day. I put lot of weight in my first trimester but after that I got control of the situation and during my entire second trimester I put only 4 pounds. I am in my 3rd trimester now and sort of falling back into same situation of eating, but I am keeping with my exercise of walking 5 miles 5 days a week. I guess that will compensate somewhat for overeating.


Been There - July 21

MelissaK, I had the same situation. I was ravenous for weeks and no m/s. I had to eat like clockwork because if I didn't, I would feel weak and very ill. But it did get better. You have to remember that your body is craving extra calories to help grow the baby, so it's normal. In the first trimester is when all the vital and important stuff happens. So don't stress over it too much, you're just giving your body what it needs. The hunger did taper off for me in the second trimester. I'm now 37 weeks and have actually lost weight over the last few weeks. My hunger is pretty normal now. And it's not pathetic that you eat like that, you're pregnant. Congratulations!


Perl - July 21

Hi Melissa! Our bodies only need something like 300-500 extra more calories per day during pregnancy which really is not that much more. I know what you mean though. I cut out pasta and white rice from my diet before the pregnancy and afterwards, I wanted pasta all the time. Some days I'd feel like eating a sandwich, a chicken b___st with pasta and a bowl of cereal--3 meals-- all at the same time! It was like I couldn't decide what I really wanted to eat so I forced myself to choose just one thing and eat a small amount of it then eat the next thing (in small portions) 2 hours later and so on. Eating small meals or snacks every 2 hours making sure there was a combination of veggies and protein along with a little pasta or rice really helped to level out my blood sugar levels and curb my cravings and took care of my morning sickness at the same time. Some days though I'd go for that bowl of Lucky Charms cereal (yuch) or a scoop of ice cream so as not to deny myself completely. Maybe if you had a little more sugar in the morning, your body wouldn't feel like having it all after 3PM?? Like "Been there" and "Sandee" my hunger and eating was more controllable in 2nd trimester--at about 15 weeks for me. Now I have to remind myself to eat so that baby won't go hungry, otherwise I'd forget to eat. Don't be too hard on yourself, indulge a little but don't go overboard.


Betul - July 26

Hi Melissa, I am exactly like you!.. I am 39 (well, 38 during the first trimester..lol), same height and weight and very health concious about what I eat. I had no morning sickness at all and was hungry 24/7 during the first trimester. I could eat a full meal and a hour later be hungry again. Fatigue was killing my energy too and I didn't exercise like I should. I put on 20 lbs in the first trimester but my appet_te decreased significantly just as I hit the 2nd trimester. Actually it returned to normal and all my energy came back too. My weight gain slowed down and I gained 10 lbs in the 2nd trimester. My doctor has never been worried about my weight gain and always said all women are different. I am now in the third trimester (30 weeks) and should be gaining 1 lb a week but have only gained half a pound a week but I know my little girl is growing like a weed and is fine. In the end, I will probably be about 10 lbs over the recommended "average" but I also know I will lose it. This is my 6th child and I always go over the "average" weight gain and always manage to lose it. Everyone is different so don't get hung up on what the scale says or what the averages are. You know your body than anyone. Good Luck!


MelissaK - July 26

Thanks Ladies. I did discover something good - frozen grapes. They are healthy and take longer to eat!



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