38yr Old Pregnant Due In February 2007

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Lynn - June 10

I found out on June 2nd I was pregnant and due in February 2007. Is anyone else pergnant and due in February? Just want a buddy to compare notes.


ck - June 11

Hi Lynn. I can't be sure, but I suspect I may be pregnant and due at the end of February. Still a few days to wait before I can confidently test, so fingers crossed. I'm 36 and trying for my first ... very excited, nervous, scared, happy and anxious! Good luck, Cynthia.


Lynn - June 11

Hi Cynthia....Keep me posted. I skipped HPT and went right for the beta on cd 30. It was positive. I am excited and scared also. I have had a miscarriage and an ectopic. I had HcG levels check on cd 30=68, cd32=179 and cd 34=531. My RE stopped requesting it and now I go for an ultrasound on Tuesday to make sure we are pregnant in the uterus this time. So, after then I will feel so much better. Keep me posted and I pray you are pregnant. This is my first also.


Perl - June 11

Lynn: I'm due in Novebmer but I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!! After all you've gone through, you must be especially excited and I can understand why you will feel better after your ultrasound. Good luck with that onTuesday. Good luck to you also, Cynthia I hope you get a BFP!!!


Lynn - June 11

Perl...congrats to you also. Are you finding out what you are having? Is this your first? Keep us posted.


kiagrl - June 14

Hello, new here and I am expecting at the age of 42 on Fab 7/07 kia


ibk8t - June 14

I am due Jan 20th....when's your date in Feb? I'm 43


poweroflove - June 14

Hi all. I am Karla. 36 and pregnant with #1. I m/c earlier this year, and am cautiously optimistic that this one will be OK. Today was actually the day A/F was due, but I got a BFP at 9 dpo. At 9 dpo my HCG was at 197 at my progesterone was 14. My doctor prescribed 100 mg of prometrium at bedtime. I had more bloodwork done yesterday so I pray that my HCG levels are on the rise as well as my progesterone. Would love to find someone to share this experience with. I think I would be due around 2/20. My best to all of you.


Babette - June 16

Hi there! I'm due on January 30th. Not quite February, but almost there. Who knows when the little one will choose to come out and meet the world ... I'm now 7 weeks pregnant, this is my first and I'm 35 yrs. old. Congrats everyone, on your pregnancy!!!


Lynn - June 16

I go back on monday for another ultrasound so we will see. I too am being cautious as having a m/c and an ectopic I just want this one to be perfect. Let you know what happens after Monday.


ck - June 18

Hi Lynn, congratulations and all the very best of luck with your ultrasound. Since my last post, I've taken at least 6 HPT and all were positive! I've calculated my due date to be 25th Feb. My doctor gave me something to think about when she casually mentioned the possibIility of twins (given early positive results may equal high HcG levels which may equal multiples). I get the results of my blood test tomorrow, but of course won't know if I have twins for some time yet. I'm so nervous and excited, every small change in my body urges me to get on the net and research - never before have I doubted that what I'm feeling is normal. Again, all the very best of luck.


Lynn - June 18

CK, Good Luck and keep us posted. I'd be a little scared with twin but thankful also with whatever I had. Tomorrow is the day I go for another u/s so we shall see. Let me know what you numbers are. How is everyone else doing?


nicola18 - June 20

hi i am not actually pregnant, but my mam is and she is 40. i think that she must be due in Febs too. i am excited for her, as i will be old enough to see this pregnancy and b there to help and go shopping with her, as i will be coming up 20 when she has the baby. i am just wundering did u have stomach aches in the early stages of ur pregnancy? as i am worried about her, and just wanted some reasurrance that it was normal. thankyou nicki


poweroflove - June 25

Hey all, Lynn- how was your ultrasound? I have my first one this Thursday. I am nervous. The last ultrasound I had was to make sure that I had in fact miscarried. Is there anyone out there that is over 35 and pregnant that wants to talk? I have not thrown up yet, but I generally feel like I could throw up at any moment almost all the time. All I want to do is be in bed, with saltines.....


Lynn - June 25

poweroflove, my u/s on the 19th went great. we saw the heartbeat and was released back to my OB. i have my first appointment with them on July 3rd. i am about 7 weeks and feeling very sick. i cannot throw up but god help me if i could, i would be doing it all the time. i mostly get sick to my stomache. i am fine with whatever is thrown my way as long as this continues to be a positive pregnancy. i am 38 and this is the thrid time being pregnant. i had a m/s in 2004 and an ectopic (lost right tube) in 2005. hoping for third times a charm....let me know how yours goes.


poweroflove - June 27

Lynn, what great news! I am so glad for you. I also pray that the third time is a charm for you. I went to my ob/gyn yesterday for one more blood test to see where my levels are...the last time my hcg was 1500 and progesterone was 24. Those were my numbers for 14dpo or the day a/f was due. Anyway, all I know is that they were on the rise so I am thankful. I am sure my doctor will call today with the results of yesterday's blood test. My dh is out of town on a phototrip so he won't be with me tomorrow for the u/s, which makes me a little sad, but I am hopeful for good news! I hear you about the nausea- I haven't vomited, but my stomach always feels like it could at any moment. Little snacks throughout the day seems to help me. Take care, Karla


Old Mama - June 29

Nope....I am 38 due Dec. 30...scared to death. Baby #7-biolgical 4th child.....haven't shared news yet with anyone....



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