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miraclebaby - May 17

Hi girls, our other one was getting so full, I started a new one. Toni1 glad to hear everything is ok with you. We still have not heard from Julie - I hope everything is ok. Ok girls keep and touch and let me know whats going on and how its going. :) :) :) :) :)


Happy Me - May 19

I had my most recent doctor's appointment yesterday and my blood pressure was up! Now they want me in every week until it stablizes. Ouch!!! Hope no one else in our group goes into this category! Otherwise, all is well.


miraclebaby - May 19

Happy me I am sure everything will be ok, they will watch you close Mine was up my last appt. too, not alarming but higher than what it was in the past and when he put his finger in my lower leg the finger mark stayed. Let us know how all is and I will say a prayer for you. take care and good luck. It's so nice to be in the under 10 weeks count down. I love it. Just hope it goes fast and not slow. LOL LOL well take care and good luck.


kathy - May 22

I had my appointment this morning. Baby is breech, apparently it should be head down by now and my ob says it is unlikely to change of its own accord. I have another appt in two weeks and we decide then whether to get her to try and manually turn the baby (I'll have to do some research on that one) otherwise it will be a cesearean. She's not keen to try to deliver a breech baby. I'm not keen to have a cesear!! Happy me, hope the blood pressure stabilises soon. Six weeks to go!!!!


miraclebaby - May 22

Kathy, my doctor said he would not try and deliver a breech baby either. They have not checked me in a while, but when the nurse was looking for the heartbeat , she said is the baby breech. I replied, you tell me no one has said a word or checked me to see. Well my girlfriend just had a c-section and she said it was not that bad. Anyways did you have a sonogram or did he just feel you. How did they know the baby is breech. Oh, six weeks is right. At some points it sounds so long, and in some cases so close....... ok take care Ps how many of you sit and just watch your stomach move all day. I can not keep my shirt down. lol lol


kathy - May 22

Miraclebaby, the doctor firstly felt the baby and told me where the head is, then she confirmed it with an ultrasound. She checked back in her notes and said that at my last appt 3 weeks ago baby was head down, so she's a bit surprised it's flipped now. She asked me did I know, could I feel the head. I had to be honest and say that I knew there was a bump there under my right b___b but I thought it might be the babys bum. She told me the bum was squishier - now that it's been explained to me I can feel the head still in the same spot. Maybe your baby is like mine and wasn't breech last time they checked?? I don't want a c-section because we have a 3 year old and a nearly 2 year old, and we have no family close by to a__sist, it's just dh and me. If I have no other option, I have a c-section but I hope it flips again soon! Any your baby too. How often are your appointments now?


Happy Me - May 23

I need to admit that I also watch my tummy to see her move! Often, my coworkers hear me giggle and ask what is up... I just smile back! Sometimes I wonder if she will be a gymnast! I am still monitoring my blood pressure... still higher than normal, but ok. My doctor has not told me which way the head is yet. Hopefully I will remember to ask next week! Take care gals. Keep in touch...


miraclebaby - May 23

Hi guys, I have had a bump too which I have been a__suming its her bum too, I better quit pushing on it. LOL, LOL I love to feel it when it sticks out and she'll pull away and move then. I have an Appt. on Thurs and we will see. Kathy, as far as my appts. I have one more two week after thurs. and then every week . I can not wait.


miraclebaby - May 25

Had my appt. today and still measuring 1 1/2 weeks ahead, he said that probably means a big baby not going early. Darn, I could go for a week or so early if the baby is ok , ya know. Everything fine with me, baby is head down and i have confirmation her bum is what I see sticking out at times. two weeks till next appt. and then from there every week YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kathy - May 25

Good one Miraclebaby, you're growing a big one there! And head down too, it's all good. How's the blood pressure now?


miraclebaby - May 26

kathy, my blood pressure went down again 110/80 so its good , strange why it was up that day. Have you noticed julie has not been on the board since her appt. a while back. I feel worried that something happened. Did you or happy me have your strep b test yet?? I did not , just wondering when they do it. .Ok take care. hope all is well with you .


kathy - May 28

Hi Miraclebaby, good to hear your bp is under control again. My strepb test is at my next appt Monday 5th. I was positive last preg so hoping to be all clear this time. I did notice Julie has been missing. I hope all is okay with her and her bub. Have you all seen Toni's great news on the old thread?


miraclebaby - May 28

Thanks, I did not see Toni's. Toni congrats to you I am so happy for you and that everything is ok. I cant believe you went natural YOU ROCK. I am proud of you. Again best of luck to you


Happy Me - June 1

I hope that everyone is doing great! I had a doctor's appointment (one more to go that is two weeks apart - then I start every week). My blood pressure has evened back out, the baby's heart rate was in a good range, the weight gain was right on track... but, my gestational diabeties test came back a little high and now I need to go through a three hour test... As I type this, my little girl is kicking and her b___t is sticking out! She was head down at the appointment, but the doctor said they can switch back and forth a couple of times... Hope everyone else is doing great... take care!


Toni1 - June 1

Hi all...haven't gotten much sleep since the little one was born. We ended up back at the hospital the day after we came home. I was having problems waking Maddie up to feed her and she appeared a little yellow so I thought it best to take her back to have her checked out by the nurses. I'm glad I did, because it ended up that the slight case of jaundice she had when we left the hospital had become worse and she was getting dehydrated. It was very scary for me and hubby, but everyone at the hospital kept telling us it was pretty common (especially since we are at alt_tude). After spending a couple of days under the "billy lights" and getting her appet_te back, we were able to bring her home again last night. It is unbelievable how much a little girl can eat! I have literally been up all night trying to figure out the different cries...one is "I'm hungry"; one is "My diaper is dirty"; one is "hold me"; and another is "I've gotten my arms out of my swaddle blanket again and I'm cold"! lol I'm sure I'll get better at figuring it all out with time...right now, though, all I can think about is my pillow. I look forward to seeing how everyone else is doing in the next few weeks...


miraclebaby - June 1

toni1, WOW how scarey, But you had the mother instincts to know to take her in and that is great, and it speaks for its self. I am glad to hear that she is ok. And glad to hear that you are doing great too. take care and keep in touch


kathy - June 5

Hi everyone, Toni how is little Maddie doing now? And how are you adjusting to all the changes in your life? Happyme, good luck with the glucose test, I hope your levels are fine. It is good news that your blood pressure has stabilised. I have had my appointment this morning and my baby has turned head down, yaaaaaayyyyy. I couldn't even tell, this baby is just one big lump lol. Had my strep b test, fingers crossed. I'm supposed to be on weekly visits now but next Monday is a public holiday here and I'm busy on Wednesday, so I put it off until the following week. I feel well so all is okay. Keep us updated everyone and hope you are all well.



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