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Kayla - June 1

I went to the doctor and ask for a blood pregnancy test. It came out negative. I asked about my total HCG amount in my body. She said not pregnant. So the number is 0. I don't understand which test I was given. Can you please tell me the diffence between the pregnancy blood tests. I am a 31 years old. I have all these pregnancy signs. Lower backpain, tired, nausea, headaches, twinges, pulling & tugging feel in my stomach and brown slotting. I also feel hot an like I have the flu. I am not ttc. I had a mishave with a condom. Thanks any advice would be nice.


Kayla - June 1

I know I am not 35 years old.I hope 31 and half years old is close enough(smile). I just need some mature answers. Thanks Ladies!!


H - June 2

Have you been tested for infections and STD's ? If you aren't pregnant, you should be tested for other possibilities, especially if you feel feverish and flu-like. You would have to be pretty far along in a pregnancy to feel a baby move, if you think that is what the pulling and tugging is, and that would definatley be a positive test, and very obvious by then. Go to your doctor with your symptoms instead of a specific request, they can test for all manor of things.


Kayla - June 2

I have been tested and had a complete exam, expect for pelvic. I had no stds or infections. I have been pregnant twice before. So, you can feel movement earlier. I was just wondering if anyone else had this happen. Thanks for your comment. I got a good answer from Grandpa Viv. He answered and very nice. I need a hormone count. Thanks agai for aleast answerings. Congrats and Good luck on your pregnancy.


Jane - June 5

If you had a blood test you can be sure you are not pregnant. The home tests can be wrong sometimes but you will know for sure with a blood test.


Lena - June 11

The difference between the two pregnancy blood tests is that one checks for the presence of hCG. Either you have it or your don't. The other checks how much hCG you have present. This is offened used to determine the healthiness of the early pregnancy as it should double every 48 hrs.



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