Quot FALSE Quot Pregnancy Negative Tests Could I Still Be

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Sherylynn - May 7

Hi everyone. I am 41 yrs old and 4 days late for my period. 4 days feels more like 2 weeks! Every time I go to the bathroom, I cringe before I look to see if there is any blood. Been trying to get pregnant for a while now, (without the help of an ovulation predictor or clomid or anything else). On the first day of my missed period, I took two hpts and they both came up negative. I was crestfallen. Now I'm having strange feelings. I cannot just TELL if I am pregnant or not like some women can. I am having mild cramping and very mild nausea, lower back pain, odorless/ colorless but consistent discharge, bloated and sensitive abdomen, mildly tender swollen br___ts, ---you know----ALL the symptoms, but no period. I'm going MAD with the frustration of waiting. Trying not to worry or obsess, but it's hard not to stress out over this. It would just be such a blessing to be pregnant. Can anyone enlighten me more on early negative home pregnancy tests. What are the odds of still being pregnant after a hpt negative? And what about "false" pregnancies? Could I just be convincing my body that I am pregnant even if I am not? the waiting is killing me! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, and GOOD LUCK to all of you out there reading this. God Bless you all.


christa0120 - May 7

It may have just been too ealy to test with your HPT. Test again in a day or 2 and/or go to your Dr for a quant_tative HCG


docbytch - May 7

Hi there If you are pregnant, and you could be, the HPT would simply have not picked it up yet. The same occurred with me this pregnancy. I tested too early and had two negative results. About one week later, I decided to try it again....and have had three positive HPT results. your ovulation may have happened at a different time than you thought...thereby placing your cycle further back than you expect. are your periods very regular?


Sherylynn - May 7

Hi again. Well, I just got my period this morning. I was devistated. But...it's a very unusual period... 6 days late, it started with a lot of pink water-like substance...then only a few blood clots and very little blood, (bright red, and my usual blood starts out more brownish) but still, cramps and I no longer have hope that I am pregnant after 2 negative hpts and now this. My periods are 28 days on the dot, never late, so I wonder if I am miscarrying at an early stage? I am soooo depressed! Cried my eyes out this morning when this happened. Now I'm scared that this could be peri-menopause.


Perl - May 8

Even if it is peri-menopause you're obviously still ovulating and it's still possible to get pregnant. But, the fact that you had "a lot" of "water-like substance" and pa__sed clots and the fact you had all the pregnancy symptoms sounds a lot like this was likely a miscarriage. I'm so very sorry. A miscarriage is very difficult thing and even more so when you're hope is so built up after trying for a long time. A LOT of women do get pregnant again within months after a miscarriage though so don't lose heart or hope. Don't give up and may God bless you with a child very soon.


Sherylynn - May 8

Thank you, Perl, for your reply. I appreciate it so much. Yes, it's been a bad day. I could do little more than stay in bed and cry. Getting a period is like a little death sometimes, when you want to be pregnant so badly. This is not at all a normal period, and I'm going to the Dr. asap, just to ask about it, and maybe to ask about testing my FSH levels (?). Not to be too graphic, but the pinkish watery discharge was excessive, and my 'period', if you could call it that only lasted a few hours. After 15 hours, it seems to have all but stopped. I took yet another hpt, just to make sure, and it too, was negative. I am now wondering about the power of our minds, and how much effect it has on our bodies. I wanted to be pregnant SO soooo badly. I am really wondering if I subconsciously caused this to be so thrown off. Could that happen? Anyone else experience anything similar?


Sammy - May 25

Hi, This is my first time on this page. Sherylynn I’m sorry to hear that. I can imagine how frustrating this must be for you. I’m on similar situation I’m also 40 and trying. I’m 10 days late but have no pregnancy/period symptoms.... is it possible to be pregnant and have NO symptoms at all??


rozlynn - May 26

Hi Sherylynn I feel for you but really don't give up hope. Hi Sammy, yes I think its possible not to have symptoms. I have a 13 yr old daughter and by the time I realised I was preg. I was two months I had no symptoms. I am now 47 always wanted a sibbling for my daugt. but cirumstances always wrong and last year I gave up on the idea and put it out of my mind. My last period was Feb 06 I took a 2nd home preg.tst a week ago and its neg. Since March I have suffered extreme tiredness and this month my b___bs have started to get bigger and my belly has some swelling. I really don't know what to make of it I have a GP's appointment next week.



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