A Faint Line On Preg Test

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angela - June 28

I took a test this morning(first response), Im 13 dpo and I got a very faint line, Im going to test tomorrow morning again because it wasnt my first urine of the day, what do you guys think???? Some say a line is a line!!


kelly - June 29

I've always been told a line is a line is a line :) :)


Sherry - June 29

I had tested a couple years ago and also had a very pale line.. but the line was there and visible. Turns out it was a false positive, or a bad test. I followed up with a test a week later and another a week after that one. The other ones were all negative. Try another test. I recommend the one that actually says "pregnant" or "not pregnant" If you keep getting pale lines, follow up with your doc.


V - July 1

Angela- did you test again? What did it say? I got a faint line on my first test (11dpo) last night, and another line this morning. I found a good site with info about pg tests: http://www.peeonastick.com/. They compare a bunch of different tests and even show pictures of positives at various dpo. Good luck to you!


Chris - July 3

I also had a faint line about a year ago. I was within the "normal" testing period, and tested again a couple days later, still a faint line. Unfortunately, thinking what I have heard also "a line is a line", I ended up getting my period (a very heavy painful one) about a week later. I know I was pregnant or at least somewhat pregnant. I have heard that sometimes the hcg level is not high enough to support the pregnancy, therefore, the hormone is hard to detect on a preg. test. I hope your case is different. good luck.


angela - July 4

I waited a couple days a tested agin and the line was much darker, I went to the doctor to confirm and I am pregnant!!!


Desiree - July 5

Hi I am 7 mos along now. When I took the test in January, the line was so faint that I thought I was imagining it! I guess I wasnt... a thin line means a lower hcg count and you are less far along... I took the same test you did, 5 days before my expected period just like the box said.


Maureen - July 18

Angela, Congradulations! All the best to you and the baby!


Annie - July 25

I am 38, soon to 39 in November. When I was much younger I was pregnant and did not have it. I had symptoms that could have run me to the loony bin at that time. I had to wait two weeks after I found out and my symptoms at that time were enough to kill me. I wanted to remove my b___sts, they hurt sooooooo bad, I was violently nauseous. With my period I have always had PMS, which starts almost 2 whole weeks before my period and it is to the point that many would swear they were pregnant due to the swollen b___sts and tenderness, gas, bloating and possible indigestion. Now usually before the period the b___sts are so tender and heavy I don’t want to even touch them. Then when the period comes it subsides. I usually have a BM right before my period comes as well. Well, according to the records I kept of the last year I am a 24-27 day person regarding my period, once or twice it was 21. I am at day 35. I have been having little BM every day and I am not an everyday person. I took a test yesterday, EPT and it said I was not pregnant according to the faint line in the pregnant window. We have also been using condoms. Well I had no PMS in the past 3 weeks, except wanting chocolate -usually I CRAVE Sweets and Carbs) - (never chocolate) but I could attribute to an addiction after you’ve had a piece or two. Last week I started to lose any appet_te I had, felt very full a couple of times, didn’t even want to be bothered cooking anything, and if I did didn’t feel like eating it after I made it. Now about 2 days ago my b___sts started swelling somewhat and became mildly tender. So I took the EPT test and it was a faint negative. That was yesterday morning. I still have mild tenderness, nothing too bothersome but evident. I have no other symptoms. No cramps for a period. What do you think? Could I be pregnant?


Anne - July 25

Anyone ever gotten pregnant while using a condom?


Lynn - July 25

I am going through the same thing right now. I'm not so sure a line is a line, especially after a certain amount of time pa__ses after the specified time-limit. My line was so faint. It was almost like trying to read the old thermometers, rocking it back and forth to see if I'm crazy or not. And it does darken with time. Right now I'm still saying "did I see it in the first 3 minutes?" However, when I got pregnant for my 22 month old son, I went through a similar situation. I had a faint line, went to my doctor - they got a faint line. They then sent me to get a blood test, and it came back at 14. The second blood test two days later was 63. Here I am again going through the same anxiety.



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