A Worried Mom To Be About Echogenic Foci

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Chyna26 - January 11

Hello, everyone hope all is going well. I am a newcomer to this site. Well, her's my story 2 years ago I delivered twins a boy and girl at 24 weeks. They survived for only a week and died due to an infection. I am now 18 weeks pregnant with a single child and of course, if you have ever lost a baby it really causes you to worry the second time around. They are taking all the necessary precautions with this pregnancy because I have a weak cervix. So everyday of carrying my child in my womb is such a blessing. At 16 weeks I got the triple quad screen down and all was negative/normal. Yet, today I was informed that the baby had a little spot on its heart that could be a marker for downs. He said it is bery common in fetuses. My doc said not to worry being that my results came back fine but with all that I have been through with my previous pregnancy everything worrys me. Can any moms tell me your thoughts on the situation? I am in tears just typing this to you guys. I just been throught so much already. I know that the Lord won't give me more than I can handle. Please advise when ya'll can. Thanks again and May God Bless You All.


AbbiandEmmasmom - April 6

I recently had a sono at 17 weeks and they also told me my baby has an echogenic foci. All the measurements were normal, but I am having a stroke! Do you have any new information on your baby?


bgm23 - April 14

I had the same thing on my 20 week ultrasound, and delivered a beautiful, heathy boy. I was worried every day of my pregnancy even though I was told that everything would be fine. I know the feeling of anxiousness, but try to enjoy your pregnancy. This marker is such a soft one, and when found alone, it usually always means nothing. I hear in about a year or two it will probably come off the list as even being a marker when found alone. Good luck, everything will be ok!


AbbiandEmmasmom - April 20

bgm23 do you mind me asking how old you were when you delivered? I am 36 which is why I am seeing a high risk doctor. They are trying to get me to do an amnio because of my age and I don't want to. I am trying not to stress over all of this, but it is tough. I have 2 girls and had no problems. I didn't even do any of the tests. Thank you so much by the way for responding to my post.


bgm23 - April 21

AbbiandEmmasmom - I was 31 when I delivered. I did have a level 2 ultrasound where they look at everything more in depth with better imaging, more for my piece of mind. They didn't find any other markers, so the risks that go with an amnio far outweighed the risk of an abnormality. Did you have any of the blood tests done, or a level 2 ultrasound? Maybe they would give you some piece of mind? I don't blame you for not wanting to do the amnio. 36 is still young! I would talk with your doctor and see if you can get a level 2 ultrasound, or maybe do the blood tests? I'm sure everything will be fine!! My mother was 36 when she had me, and she never did an amnio, and back then they never did ultrasounds or anything! This day in age a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.


AbbiandEmmasmom - April 22

I also had a level 2 sono, and it didn't show any other markers. My regular doctor that I go to did not want me to do the AFP test because of the false positives over 35. I did do the test for cystic fibrosis, and it came back negative. I'm supposed to have a fetal echocardiogram on monday and they will really look at the heart. I just keep praying that the spot will go away. Thanks so much for responding!


bgm23 - April 22

Hey there - If there were no other markers, then I'm sure everything will be fine. You will get some more answers when you do the echocaridiagram. The hardest part is waiting! Try to stay positive! hang in there!


AbbiandEmmasmom - April 22

Thank you so much! You have made me feel alot better. I hope everything goes well. I will definately let you know what happens. Thanks again!



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