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MommyAgain - May 27

I started out overweight to begin with, so I require 18-20, and even 20-22 women's clothes. Needless to say, maternity clothes for larger women are hard to find unless you go to a specialty shop or order online. Then, it gets expensive. Well, I looked around and all I found was styles that didn't agree with me.. flared legs, short waisted, sheer and frilly.. etc. I'm a tomboy at heart and just don't wear those. Anyway, I finally went to a fabric shop and bought a maternity panel for about $5. My mother was gracious enough to sew it into a pair of my old jeans.. (I don't sew either) Problem solved without spending more money than I had :) Maybe if any of you are in the same boat either size-wise, or finacially, you could do the same with your existing clothes.


L - May 27

What a great idea! Also men's size t.shirts etc are quite good!


MommyAgain - May 27

I have found a great place for 2X-3X tshirts is a local dollar store or small neighborhood store. We have one called Roses that has sizes up to 4x with cute prints on them 3 for $10. Nothing like a comfy oversized tshirt to cover that belly ;) After the baby, and some weight loss, they can be sleep shirts!


lynnstress - May 27

I found plus sized maternity clothes at Target and Motherhood Maternity. I also have a friend who sews and offered to put maternity panels in anything I wanted. I will give her my knit pants (bought at Wal-Mart, under $10 per pair) to do this.


hello - May 27

Shop at lane Bryant!!! Plus sized clothing you can wear when pregnant. That is what I'm doing


Stephanie - May 31

Hi! I wear a 20-22 and bought every piece of my maternity wardrobe at Burlington Coat Factory (a plus is Baby Depot is in the store) I found jeans, shirts, dress pants, dresses, etc.


Tiffany - June 11

I am 37 weeks today, and I was wearing a 20 before I got pregnant. I started going to sears to buy my maternity clothes because they have a new line that is maternity and the sizes go up to a 3x. Also I have gone to Kmart and bought some really cute summer outfits that were a 2x in women's sizes and they are very cute and fit very comfortably


Karen - June 12

Thank you for this topic. I am in the same boat and wondered what to do! All of your input was perfect!!!


jl - June 23

I was also a plus size before getting pregnant. I was not looking forward to getting clothes during my baby shower, however I was given one shirt that I just love and it actually fit. I think the store is called dueduds. They might only be online, dunno, but I got the 2x and it still fits.


Carolyn - June 24

See if there is a Motherhood Maternity store near you from their online site. They've got reasonable leggings ($13), jeans, etc. I found Target marks down their maternity clothes, though they usually only have a rack or two of maternity clothes.


djb - June 26

JC Penney on their web site has all their maternity clothes in plus sizes.


Debbie - December 2

I'm a size 2X-3X normally and am 16 weeks. So far I'm still in my regular clothes, but have been purchasing some things already - I agree with you all - next to impossible so far to find pants - but I'm still searching!!! However, I've had very good luck with a catalog, JESSICA LONDON (or online). I've ordered some shirts and they are nice quality, inexpensive and better yet LONGER length. Also try Wal-Mart, Fashion Bug, Sears (some stores have a plus-size maternity department). Also try JUST MY SIZE catalog/online. Most of these places are "reasonably priced" I think. I've heard that some Motherhood maternity stores also carry plus-size, but I haven't made the trip yet to the one in my area to check it out - I'm hoping to find pants there! Hope this helps you all and don't lose hope. Congrats on your pregnancy ladies!!! Enjoy!



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