Acupucture And Traditional Chinese Medicine

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tooth fairy - February 23

Has anyone tried acupuncture or chinese herbs to increase chances of pregnancy? Please respond if you have and also if you have any success stories to share.


tooth fairy - February 26

No one out there has had acupuncture? Herbs?


MNMOM - February 26

Hi Toothfairy: I do not have experience with acupuncture or herbs, but before I got pregnant I did spend sometime on the ttc board, and several girls there did use accupuncture with success in conjunction with herbs such as Vitex, Evening Primrose, FerilityBlend for Women, and there is one more but I can't remember the name. I would say give it a try!! Good luck and let us know if it works for you too! :)


Bumblebee - February 26

Hi tooth fairy - I am currently doing acupuncture. I went to a fert spec. and he said he sends all his patients to it also , helps them relax, amongst other pos. things. I started it during my first m/c last Sep and cont. it thru now. I took a break from it for 2 months and restarted at 4th week of preg in Jan. Well, I think I must have m/c right about then. It helps to do it for 3 months before ttc since it helps build up your body and align your energy's / etc. I wish I did not take that 2 month break, but it could not be helped. I don't know for certain if it helps, but I trust my acupunc, and going with it for now. He also gives me some herbs depending on where I am. I don't have strong data or other's info and wanted to know also. Are you currently doing it?


tooth fairy - February 27

MNMOM- Thanks for the encouragement!! I'll have to ask my acupuncturist about those herbs. Bumblebee- Yes I am seeing an acupuncturist. She has me on herbs to strengthen my period. I also take a multi vitamin. I've only gone once but I have another appt tomorrow. I also changed my diet and drink only water. The herbs seem to give me more energy. She also told me not to ttc for 3 months. That's so hard. I have heard of other people conceiving after a month or 2 with herbs and acupuncture. Well good luck and keep me posted. Baby dust to all!!!



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