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Lisa M. W. - May 17

I am 39 years old with 1 child at 9 years old and my and I just had my doctor call me and she told me the results of my AFP test and it wasn't good. She told me it came back Postive with down syndrome 1 out of 10. My amnio is on Monday too. The only thing that I'm hoping it could be is that this was not planned and I couldn't remember my last period and when we may have conceived. But the Doctor was figuring I was around 16 weeks along . I really would love some honest feed back even if it's negative so I can prepare myself. thanks!


ThePezChick - May 17

My doctor told me that after 39 you can have a false positive. In fact, a friend of my sister's was told the same thing you were so she anticipated having a child with Down Syndrome her entire pregnancy. When her daughter was born she was perfectly healthy with no disability. Good luck with your amnio. I know it can be a little frightening. I was scared to death when we had the level 2 ultrasound and AFP done. Let me tell you though, as someone who has taught special education for 16 years, children with Down Syndrome are awesome. If I HAD to have a child with a disability, I would choose one with Down Syndrome. Here's hoping everything turns out okay and that your baby is healthy and happy.


Lisa M. W. - May 17

Thanks so much, I really appreciate your response, that makes me feel a little better.


rl - May 18

I went thru the same thing almost I am 35 yrs old and when I was pregnant with my 3rd (last) son I did the afp test and got a possitive result not for ds but for trisomy 18 which is much worse most babies with this do not reach birth and if they do they rarely live very long needless to say I was worried sick but I did tons of research while I was waiting for more test and I found the afp has a high rate of "false positives" so to speak and that made me feel a bit better but I did opt to have a level 2 sono which showed no problems and then I repeated it a month later to be sure and was told the same thing no problems I opted not to have the amnio due to mc chances but please try not to worry I know it is hard but I had my baby boy on 1/11/06 and he is just perfect nothing wrong at all with him!! In most cases that is the out come I think the afp test causes needless worries and stress on us moms make sure you go thru all the options before getting the amnio I got to have the level 2 sono first and was told the results and then given the choice to have an amnio or not and like i said I choose not to have it because even though the level 2 is not a 100% like the amnio they can in most cases tell if there is a problem with the baby by that alone...good luck to you I will keep you and yours in my prayers!!!


ThePezChick - May 18

Oops, I meant 35, not 39. Typo!


MellyMel - May 25

Hi Lisa. There are so many false positives that I would not worry too much over it. Our age naturally brings it up. Did you have your amnio yet and how did it go?


venus_in_scorpio - May 26

hey- try not to stress too bad... are there any "soft markers" or signs of downs on the ultrasound? I have read many places that there is a very high false positive rate on those AFP's... I actually opted not to take it because i had a scare before but my first trimester screen (blood+ultrasound) was good. Did you take the first trimester screen? the doctor told me yesterday those are better at detecting these things and there isnt such a high false positive rate. good luck!


Perl - May 26

Unfortunately, if Dr is estimating you're 16 weeks along, it's too late for first trimester screening with ultrasound to check nuchal translucency. I would not rely on AFP but would just wait for the amnio results before worrying so much. At this point you've already had your amnio. When will you get your results, Lisa?? I wish you all the best and hope that it turns out that your AFP results were just a false positive. Good luck!


alley24 - June 6

I had my level II ultrasound yesterday I am 13 weeks 2 days, and the baby was 73mm, and the nt scan was 1.2 and I am waiting for the blood test, does anyone know if this is a good test????


Kristin72 - June 6

Alley..those are excellent results!!! no-worries there..i too have wait for my bloodwork..I am in Canada and we do two rounds of second is anythime between 16 and 18 weeks..I am 15 weeks and 5 days I have to wait a couple of days. Lisa~ I was just wondering how your amnio went? Even though you had a 1 out of 10 that means 90% your baby would not have DS..Best of Luck and update us when you can..Kristin


alley24 - June 6

I had my level II Ultra sound yesterday and Now i have to wait for the blood test. My baby was 73mm and the nt was 1.4, i dont know if that is okay or what. They said not to worry if there was a problem I would have had to talk with the doctor.Does anyone know about this stuff


MellyMel - June 12

Hi Lisa, do you have an update for us? I hope everything worked out well for you.



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