After Ovuolation

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COL - April 9

Any one gets nauseous after ovulation? I feel this way since yesterday afternoon. Is this normal? thanks


Sann - April 10

Hi COL ... I do feel this way but not often guess it the hormones. I haven't got answer as to why, will try to answer from my TCM physcian when I see her tomorrow. Keep you posted. :) :) :) Take care.


COL - April 10

Thanks Sann, its really annoying , i das that feeling for 2 days. if you have an answer from your TCM, pleae let me know, although i have no clue what TCM is :) Good Luck


Sann - April 11

Hi COL .... :) TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine I'm currently under east meets west treatment for fertiliy, DH & I been diagnoised to be subfertile - got pregnant last Jun but had a mc in Aug. Are you taking any medication for ovulation??? It should subside after 2 days for me. Did you take an opk test and a hpt.


COL - April 17

Hello Sann thanks for the explanation. Hope this is working for you. As for the nausea, it’s gone now since I am 11 dpo, but now I am experiencing a CM issue, I have lots of CM discharge, this is not normal for me. Any ideas about why would this happen? I read on one site, that if does not smell or burn then nothing to worry about. Some sites conceder it one of the early pregnancy signs. Any Ideas again? Thanks and good luck.


Sann - April 18

Hi COL : ) Sorry .. I got no idea, I don't get heavy cm discharge. However, I did have this wet feeling during my pregnancy but not heavy cm discharge. Are ttc this month? And how your diet? I was told not to eat watermelon(basically "cooling" foods), depending on your body ... it will cause heavy cm discharge, too. Take care & keep me posted.


COL - April 18

Hi Sann, i am in my 12dpo, nothing to report other than the CM charges, its not heavy like like i need a panty liner, but i am wet, and i think this is new for me. i am ttc for 6 months now. talk to you


Sann - April 18

Hi COL ... : ) Will this be your first pregnancy ? Are you waiting 2 days before do a hpt? Do you have any symptons? : ) : ) : ) Take care & God Bless. Hear from you soon.


COL - April 18

Hi Sann , yes this is my first, never been pregnant before, i am so looking forwared for it. i am not sure about symptoms, nothing really big, its only that CM discharge, plus i get some cramps sometimes. but those are not really new for me. other thing though, i get some feeling in my belly botton, like pulling. and i get some pain, in my left lower side, like striching. i dont want to strich my dreams, i will wait :) wha about you ?


Sann - April 18

Hi COL .. : ) Sound promising to me. When I was pregnant ... I had some "twitching" on the lower left side and some kind of "pulling' feeling too. DH & I, we trying again this month, if things are place this month, it will be our 2nd pregnancy. Have you started on pre-natal vits and folic acid yet? Will be waiting for your news, take care : ) : )


COL - April 19

HI Sann, thanks for the encouragement, you are such a sweet person, I did start on my vitamins long time ago, first I started with the Centrum, then my naturopath gave me natural supplements. I will keep you in my prayers; I hope things will work fine for both of you. If I do not get my period tomorrow, I will be testing Friday.


Sann - April 20

Hi COL ... : ) You're making me blush... don't think I'm that sweet, some of ladies here are far sweeter. My temp has gone up today (36.9 Celsius). DH & I, our fingers are crossed and still doing the "every other day thing" : ) Take care & god bless. : ) : ) : )


COL - April 20

Hi Sann, that is a good sign that your temp went up, i will pray for youand keep my fingers crossed. today is my 14dpo, my temp went up to a hire levet yesterday, and styed high today too. i am so scared to think about it even. i dont want to think this is a good sign. i did not tell anybody even my DH, although i noticed he does his own calculations without telling me. :) he does not want to add stress to mine. keep me posted about your progress, we might be a good luck for each other :) take care


Sann - April 21

Hi COL ... I upset today : ( : ( : ( after reading the other thread .." Arguyng about pregnancy need support". Pls read, do I sound unsympathic(some cold/ heartless Bit*h) towards SoSad's situation, I feel like crying now. Let me know. Take care & God bless Hope to hear from you soon.


COL - April 21

Hi Sann, i did read it yesterday, and I was upset too when they attacked you for being reasonable and accurate in your approach. I meant to write there and say something, but I was at work and I was busy. Please don’t be upset or sad. Each one of those women sees the problem from her angle and most of us as human beings, we prefer giving directions (emotional) rather than giving advice and try to clarify the issue (reasonable). You took the right approach; you gave advice (which is difficult to do, but it tells the level of education. Before you said that you are a trained counselor, for some reason I thought you are involved in this field, it’s obvious that you have different level of education. Please do not get upset, as for me I found your answer is the more accurate and reasonable of all of them. It’s easy to tell people what to do from someone’s perspective, but the question is, is it easy for the person who is seeking help to comply? SOSAD knows that she is in a bad relationship, but do we know why she is still stuck in it? What if her pf has different story to tell, I am not saying she is making up the story, but as humans, usually we tend to tell the story the way we see it, not the way it is, this is normal, especially when we are angry, and it was so obvious she is angry. We all go through this, for example I love my husband, he is the best thing ever happen to me, but when we have any kind of arguments, and I get angry, I always think of the extreme. Don’t we all? So please be a__sured that you are the one who gave her the best answer. God bless you .


COL - April 21

Hi again, I am writing this after I read your last post in that thread, it was a perfect answer. while I was reading, I felt OH MY GOD, she is speaking my mind. If I wanted to put what I think about this issue, I would not put in a better way. God Bless you :)


Kristin - April 21

Are you talking about my education level Col?? Firstly, I do have my honours degree in Sociology and Anthropology from The University of Toronto in Canada. (A highly acclaimed school i might add). I have done an extensive amount of community and social work. So I don't think that putting my education level down for being sympathetic towards Sads position warrants such a remark. I thought many of the comments were valid and helpful, from the women who had responded to Sads situation. Even Sann's view carried much weight. But the approach on the second message, made Sad feel like she was not being validated.. she was clearly asking for support and Sanns comeback was way too harsh for a women who needed support at a desperate time. Col, By insinuating that women here could possibly be making up their stories is hurtful too. Not validating a personal story cold be detrimenatal to a woman reaching out from a volatile situation. You are wrong to say that, and I as a pregnant women take offence to that. I do not agree that Sann's response was "the best " or the perfect answer of the bunch either. There were inaccuracies...Sann referred to Sads relationship as being Sh*t in "HER" words. Whereas Sad wrote that this was the word her boyfriend used to describe the relationship not hers. I really felt bad for Sads situation and I do feel she is telling an accurate description of events that had taken the question suggests..she wanted "support" not advice or scolding. I stand by mine and many of the other opinions of the women there. I too am pregnant my 10th week..and I can just imagine what it would be like to be suffering from the abuse that Sad is...I would only hope I would get support, and not have people say I was exaggerating. I think she was telling the truth.( This is often why women do NOT speak up about abuse) She did not even give her name.. she would have no reason to lie. Let's just try and be supportive towards other pregnant women who are here, instead of put-downs about education levels or summing up people when we do not have the whole story. For all we know Sad is highly educated too..she was smart to come here and ask for support. I hope we can all be more positive toward pregnant included. Kristin



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