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K - July 22

Hi, does anyone know if afrin and visine are safe? I have allergies and they are killing me! Thanks! :)


Pam - July 27

Afrin and Vics sprays can increase the heart rate. However, I have bad allergies and use them occasionally. Basically the doctor told me two things 1) she allows me to use my Zrytec and 2) when the stress of your allergies get so bad that you are miserable, your baby feels that so you have look at your options....a small about of relieve to anxiety of being sick. I would only use one 12 hour Zrytec a day instead of two. Saline solutions (nasual rinse) and steam from the showers also helped. You just have to be careful not to get to hot while you are breathing steam. I also put two towels under my pillow and sleep slightly elevated and put the snore strips on my nose....not for the snoring but it allows more air to get in my nose and lets me breath better while I sleep. Oddly enough breathing peppermint also helped open up my sinuses...Good luck.


Kari - July 27

Hi Pam, I'm trying to stick it out & not take anything but I'll see how it goes & talk to my dr. Thanks for the advice! How far along are you?


Elle P - July 29

I went to my regular allergy injections and my prescriptions were switched from Allegra & Flonase to Claritin (without decongestant) and Rhinocort. Per Dr. Sudafed was off limits during pregnancy! For decongestant a salt water nasal spray was recommended.


lynnstress - August 4

I was using Claritin w/o decongestant and Flonase before I got pregnant for my seasonal, indoor and outdoor allergies. I was told it was okay to continue both, and that Benadryl is okay too. They also said that Sudafed is okay AFTER week 13. I use an otc saline nasal spray, but usually only before bed. Everybody's doctor says something different. Good luck, K!


Pam - August 10

Kari...sorry for the delay haven't been around a pc...I am six months this week and basically on my third month is when I couldn't take it anymore. I was getting less than 3 hours of sleep a day/night and sometimes you have to weigh your options which could be worse. I have found out that sometimes just one dose will clear it up for a few days. I have to use the flonaise daily but it has been about two weeks since I have taken any Zrytec. Good luck and I hope you are feeling better.


wollmich - October 23

I use otc comparable to afrin at least 3 times a day. I cannot breathe at all if I don't. I am just miserable when I try not to use it and then I get terrrible sinus headaches.


Carolyn - October 24

I'm 37 weeks pregnant and have taken a generic Claritin tablet daily since I got pregnant. My ob-gyn who is pregnant also takes it and said it was ok. I occasionally take Benadryl and use the "Salt Aire" drug-free nasal spray. It's a more expensive nasal spray than most other nasal sprays, but I find it more effective. You can buy it at your local drugstore or pharmacy over-the-counter in the cold/allergy section. I have really bad allergies and wouldn't have considered getting pregnant if I couldn't take something to alleviate them, which I realize might sound melodramtic but it's true. Of course, check with your doctor before you take anything. Good luck!



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