Alse Positive Nuchal Screening

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Crystal S. - November 29

I am expecting my 3rd child in May and I recently had a Nuchal screeening and my OB called with the results and told me it was false positive. My question is are there many results that give incorrect readings? I have been very upset since I got the results which are only risk factors not sure things. I was also told my trisomy 18 was fine and my chances are less greater for having a baby with Down's Syndrome. I have elected to have an amino for further testing and now I am on edge again :(


rl - November 29

if I were you I would opt for the level 2 ultrasound and see what that shows before getting an amnio the risk is far less with the level 2 and often you see you have no need to go on to the amino which has a higher risk of mc or infection....and with the level 2 you get immediate results no waiting 2 to 3 wks you can always have the level 2 and if you still want do the amino right after if you are still unsure...good luck


rl - November 29

one more thing with the level 2 you get to see very clear sono pics of your is very wonderful


CRYSTAL S - November 29

iI did have the level 2 ultrasound and I did see my baby jumping all around and clapping it's hands but I could not see the back of the neck which the Tech must have saw the "thickness" I'm really scared but my husband strongly urges me to make my decision based on do I really want a definitive answer.


rl - November 29

well it is really up to you but just think about it and pray about it if you do that sort of thing and you will know what to do in your heart you could always have another level 2 I had two of them done 4wks apart I had a positive afp result for trisomy 18...1/41 but everything is fine...there are other soft markers other than neck skin thickness did the baby show any heart problems or the extra nasal bone? The doc that went over my results was frantastic he went over everything brought everything the tech scanned back up on the screen and pointed out what they saw and what was normal and what would be there if it was not normal.....Did the doc do this for you? If not opt for another and request a neonatal doc to go over everything with you


rl - November 29

One more thing good luck to you I know how if feels to be worried your baby may not be normal it is really scary so you do what you feel is best for you take care and please post back and keep me updated I will say a prayer for you but I am sure everything will turn out just fine....( :


Crystal S - November 29

the tech and doctor did show us the heart and the chambers and the nasal bone and I saw nothing that indicated abnormal results. The baby frowned it's face :) I think they are basing my risk factor on my age (39) and aretoo quick to label me as high risk, I have no other health problems and neither does my husband. Next week we go to genetics counseling and I will strongly think about the amino before saying yes because I want this baby to be healthy without invasive testing that could furhter harm my chances. Thank you so much R! I feel much better now!


Julia - November 29

Sorry Crystal. Why did he call with a false positive? Do you know what your risk was or what the nuchal measurement was? I think just being older does skew the results. I did go for the NT u/s last Tuesday and all was good, now I am hedging whether I want to do that bloodwork at 16wks or not. Just more stress! Glad everything looked good witht he baby on the u/s, I wouldn't want to risk an amnio either unless it was absolutely necessary. Keep us posted!


kr - November 29

I was a little leary of getting this test done because a friend of mine had it done & they told her that her chances of having a downs syndrome baby were very high. She worried through her whole pregnancy and her baby turned out to be fine! I think all these tests can make us nuts!! Best of luck!!


: ) - November 30

Level 2's are not reliable in giving a DS diagnosis. They are only designed to pick up soft markers for DS IF their are any. Which sometimes their isn't and other times they can't pick them all up until the later weeks till the baby develops further. My baby had absolutely NO soft markers and looked great on level 2. It was only until my third trimester that they were able to see a CHD consistant w/ DH. So please, do not rely on a level 2 to predict Downs. If you want to know for sure, have the amnio. Especially if your risk for Downs is greater than the risk of complications from the test itself. Good luck!


Crystal S - November 30

Thanks ladies! Well yesterday I get a call from my OB telling me that the cause for alarm is that my HCG levels are very high which can indicate either I am having more than one baby (which we know that it's one baby from ultrasound) or it could be I am further than expected (which I told mu husband in the beginning I think I am further than they said). So now we are electing to go have the amino to rule out all those things and to find out the exact due date and the s_x. I am a little relieved to hear the news but a little scared also. I'll keep you all up to date after the test on 12/9......thank you again!


Karen - November 30

Yes. I had a positive result for downs on a AFP. I followed up with an amnio, and had a healthy baby girl.


kr - November 30

Good luck & keep us posted Crystal!


shelly - December 3

yadda i know what u mean once u are over 30 its a whole different ballgame im 35 and almost 6 weeks i have was offered the nuchal when went to 1st appoint and am going to have it so i can hear the babys heartbeat and maybe reasure myself but am going to take anything else with a pinch of salt, my friend was high risk and her baby girl was fine ,i dont think there hugely reliable,all this so stressfull isnt it,never ending worrys


shelly - December 3

good luck for monday yadda x


Crystal S - December 6

Yadda I know exactly how you feel, I go Friday for my amino and I feel tense already, I mean it feels like because I am over 35 they tell you these things to "be on the safe side" well it appears to me that it's more undue worry than anything. I am in good health and whatever happens just happens........keep ya head up, and I'll keep you all informed afte the test on Friday......bye


k - December 6

I pa__sed on the amnio and quad screen for this very reason. I think there are so many false positives that the more advanced we get in this the worse off and more cause for worry we have. I'm playing it the old fashioned way praying for a healthy baby and waiting til it comes. Just our feelings



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