Am I At Risk Of Having A Down Syndrome Baby

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Susan - November 6

39 and really wanting a baby. I am worried because my partner hadan aunt with downs syndrome. Does this put together with my age put us in a high risk catagory for having a down syndrome baby? Would really appreciate some advice. Thanks Susan


Susan - November 6

I think any women is at risk of having a baby with downs once you hit 35. So if that risk is not something you want to deal with while being pregnant, maybe you should try adoption.


older is fine but - November 6

of course you're at risk very high too but that doesn't mean you can't have a normal healthy child and besides the risks are there but not as high as you may think . The risk is being young enough to see your children grow up and leave home and maybe getting to know grandchildren over anything else .


kris A. - November 6

Have your baby. Partner's aunt has no bearing on your pregnancy - and every woman has a risk of downs - young women have downs babies, babies w/ defects, etc as well as us advanced maternal aged women - pregnancy always has been, and always will be, a game of chance that has favorable odds, but some are going to get a bad hand - it's just the way it is, like life itself. I am 35 next week, baby is due the 20th - a healthy girl, and we had a miscarriage right before this one. If you want your baby, play the odds - remember, you play the odds every time you get in a car too, but that doensn't stop you from driving, right? Live Life, and have your baby. Your age does make it harder to concieve, so the sooner you start trying, the better. Baby dust to you!


Ana - November 7

As long as you are menstruating and ovulating this is nature telling you that you are meant to have a baby at that age. My grandmothers, aunts and mother all had children in their late 30s and early 40s and we all came out healthy...



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