Am I Just In Denial Or Could The Test Be Wrong

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roxy - September 30

Please tell what you think? Been TTC over a year. Seeing a fert. doc. Been taking clomid, estrogen, progesterin and had an IUI 2 wks ago. Had pg test (blood test) yesterday and it was neg. Not pg. I just don't understand how I couldnt be? My ultra the day before the IUI showed 4 really good folicles and my mucas was just right. My dh has great sperm. And, for the past week I've had every symptom...really sore br___ts, cramps, constipation, really tired. The same symptoms I had when I got pg 18-mo ago (and then had mc). I never get PMS (lucky me) so its not usual for me to have those symptoms. Is there any darn way the blood test could be wrong??? I did take my estr. and progrs. right before the blood test which I wasn't supposed to. I asked the nurse if it could be wrong and she said prob not. Has anyone been pg when the test was neg or do I just need to accept it and start all over again??? Honest thoughts, please. I'm just so sad.


clindholm - October 1

Roxy, I am so sorry for your disappointment. I have been there and it never gets any easier. How many days past ovulation are you? Is it possible the test was too early? It sounds like all the conditions were right. As far as the symptoms go, from what I have heard they can be caused by your meds. When is your period due?


3_babies_at_41 - October 6

Hi Roxy, I've had every (and I mean, every. late cycle, nausea, cramps, sore b___sts, increased appet_te, headaches, irritability, extreme tiredness, etc...) pregnancy symptom imaginable, but no pregnancy. Also, recently, I was 8 days late for my cycle, and thought FOR SURE I was pg; much to my dismay ---- no. Try not to be so sad. Perhaps if you come to grips with the results, you can just accept it, and get started on that ttc road again. I'm 42, & have been trying for one more little one; however, if I'm not pg b4 the year is out, my journey is over --- I'll take that as a sign. Well, take care of yourself, and just take one day at a time. 3babies * HI COLLEEN!!


clindholm - October 6

Hey Bunny, good to see you! Wow, you really have some pg symptoms going on. Is it a hormonal imbalance do you think? Good luck ttc! Colleen


3_babies_at_41 - October 7

Colleen, I think I may have some perimenopausal things going on. So, how far along are you, sweetie?


early40 - October 7

Roxy. I am also two days late but I do not want to put my hopes too high. I want to wait for at least 7 days before I even take a test. I was late in May and got all excited only to turn that i'm not pg. It is not a happy wait but I just have to do it.. .3_b.... I am 42 and not giving up. I will try even next year when I am 43. I believe eveything is in God's hands. Let us journey together, Everyone take care of yourselves. All the best.


clindholm - October 7

Bunny- I am now 31 weeks and counting. My c-section date is 12/5 (2 days before my lo's 2nd birthday). I am a little sad that I will be in the hospital on her birthday but dh said he will bring a cake and we can do a mini-celebration in the hospital. I know you had planned on ttc until the end of the year, do you have any plans to extend your time frame? Perimenopause can go on for quite some time right? Hope all is well with you and dh and your little ones. early40- good luck ttc, God will hear your prayers. I am right behind you at 39, so it is possible. Colleen



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