Am I The Only One

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mom35 - May 11

I am 35 and 7 months preg. it has really been hard on me. Sometimes I'm happy , sometimes sad. My family is excited husband is really supportive, friends that I have not seen in a while makes me feel ashamed. Saying stuff like- you wait till you get old as dirt to have another baby, or your to old for that sh**! So my emotions are really all over the place right now. I try not to show my hurt and shamfulness but i guess it shows anyways. I tried to hide it for the longest, wearing larger clothes and stuff but after I could not hide it husband was like what the heck, your pregnant, let it show. He tells me that he's proud that I am carrying his child and that's sweet. So am I just being crazy or what? I know I should not let others bother me ......but it does........anyone else? Please help


penny - May 11

Nope your not the only one I'm 36 and have two boys already, (10 and 12)'s like starting all over again!! I'm almost 5 months....


MEME - May 11

Hello ladies! I am 34 (actually will be 35 next week) and I am 7 weeks pregnant with my first. We don't live in the dark ages anymore and it is becoming so common for women our age to start having children. We've had our lives, had our careers stabilized and know exactly who and what we are - now its time to be the best mom's out there! i say that if your friends are saying stuff like that, then they are ignorant and don't care about you at all. They should be happy for you and give you support. Try not to let them bother you, ask them if they're jealous of you? I think its awesome - Congrats to both of you! Keep smiling and keep positive!


Brooke Crow - May 11

Me, too ... and I have two girls aged 14 and 10 ... this is literally like starting all over ... almost like the first time all over again ... our families had the att_tude of "we don't need another one and we're too old" but our friends seem thrilled to death for us. It's like they're living vicariously through us ... we won't have a shortage of baby sitters.


Oh! - May 11

Wait a sec ... where's Kimber?!?!? Now SHE'S old! (LMAO) Let me see if I can find her and bring her over here for a look.


Julie - May 11

36 and 6 weeks no quilt feelings at all... You have to ignore what everyone else in your family says. You and the baby are all that matters right now.


sharon - May 11

just found out ....i'm pregnant i'm 44 and my kids are graduating highscool. am i crazy ??


Beth - May 11

I think it's time get rid of your friends. Some folks just don't get it. I say enjoy it. Me personally, I'm 36 and trying to get pregnant, just had my reversa and now I'm going through all the craziness of trying to conceive...ladies you give me hope. ^_^


Lisa - May 11

Hi. I am 39 and have a 3 month old baby girl, she is my 5th child. (second marriage) Initially, when i told my husband i was pregnant, he was a little concerned about being a dad again at 40, our friends and family were very supportive and happy for us. My children absolutely adore her, she has 4 teenage sisters and a brother, 10. Once i had the tests done to eliminate the fear of downs syndrome, i enjoyed my pregnancy and sailed through it without any problems at all. I met a lot of other mums who were having their first babies over 35 and all of them have had healthy babies, just as i have. I find that i have a lot more tolerance at this age, i have the time to spend with her and i am extremely proud of my acheivement. People who say negative things to you should mind their own business. Your husband is right, be proud of your 'baby hump', just as he is. All the best!


tex u.k. - May 11

Since when is 35 'old'? My parents were both 32 when my mum had my sister, and 37 when she had me. I'm now 20 and can safely say that having parents in their late 50s is great. To be honest both my parents seem really young for their age, but then 57/58 is NOT old! I never thought twice about having a mum who was not in her 20s or early 30s when i was growing up, in fact most of my closest friends were in the same position. I reckon that slightly older than average parents can only be a good thing, they've had time to experience more of life and i know that i was most definitely welcome when my parents thought at the time that they couldn't give my sister a sibling! Yes, they found it a tiny bit more tiring, but you name a new parent that isn't constantly exhausted at first! I say good on you, 35 is by no means old, if you are pregnant at this age then surely your body knows what it's doing, if you were too old you wouldn't be pregnant! I think that you and your husband will make brilliant parents so don't listen to nasty comments, ppl really don't think sometimes. Will your baby care what age you are? No. You will love each other unconditionally and that is what counts. Best of luck x


Jessica - May 11

i totally agree, don't listen to anybody's nasty comments, as long as you are happy that is all that matters right? your baby is a precious gift that is nothing to be ashamed about. tex u.k. is right if you were too old you wouldn't be pregnant. i wish you all the best of luck and have a happy and healthy 9 months!


Mary - May 11

I am 36 and expecting my first - all tests done so far show a healthy little one! You know what they say ... better late then never! I am so ready to be a mommy! :)


Mary - May 11

something else - on this month's Discover magazine there is article that talks about studies of longevity and motherhood - it seems that women who have babies later in life live longer!


toyou - May 11

Hey there, you should be happy - congrats! Who cares what people think, it only matters what you think. I know someone who had a second child when she was 37, no problem, she had her first when she was 30 he he, so she's not the type that cares what others think - it is all done in her own time. ( her husband loves her ) Still, no one dared to say anything to her, because she took no c___p from anyone anyways ha ha ha - so b___hy but sweet....


makie - May 12

I am 36yrs old and trying for the 4th child and I am going tl listeng to myself


becca - May 12

well i just had my first 2 months ago an im at theover end of the debate 15. i mean people say this is to young this is to old who has the right to decide??? im not having ne over kids till im at least 30 all u gals rock good luck to u all. And my mum had me at 38 so you know


Lissi - May 12

35 isn't too old!!! I can't believe you're friends could say that! This is very interesting to me. I've just turned 34 and pregnant with my 1st. I plan to be pregnant when I'm over 35 because I'd like to have a couple more kids before I'm done. I think it's more common for women to start families in their 30's now. I read an article i a magazine the other day that said some doctors are now saying that 34 is the perfect age to have a first baby. Don't let other's bother you. You are NOT old! You should be allowed to enjoy your pregnancy and be proud of your bump. My emotions are all over the place as well. I cry a little bit every day, but I have to keep reminding myself that it's just my hormones and one day I'll feel normal again.



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