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Marina - July 6

I am 34 and just learnt that I am 6 weeks pregnant. My doctor told me I should definitely have an amnio test. When I asked him about the risk of miscarriage he said there is hardly any risk involved! I am now having two dillemmas, first whether to go for the amnio test or not, and, second, whether I should consult another doctor.


s - July 6

hello and congrats! I think you should first speak to a genetics counselor. They can explain the risks involved because there are risks. I was wrestling with this dilema too. I didn't like the risks since I am 40 and we tried for a very long time to get pregnant. They say the risks are 1/200 (depending on where you live) are the odds of miscarriage. This is how I dealt with the problem. I had a Nuchal Fold Tranlucency Screening. My risk factor is now 1/591 which is much less riskier than 1/200 for an amnio. Keep in mind that this test is only a screening and if you need 99.9% rea__surance then an amnio is a way to go. The NFT test is supposed to be 90% accurate and it is not invasive. I am kind of surprised that your doctor said you should definitely get one, usually they don't make those types of a__sumptions/recommendations. I also did alot of online research. Hope this helps.


MHO - July 6

I think of that is the only response your doctor gave you, you should see another doctor. Mine gave me a very thorough explaination of all of the risks, what they were, and where I was on the chart. He even showed me charts that narrowed the risks based on a few factors. Then he allowed ME to make the decision, and he happily respected it. Your doctor should eductae you and explain things, not push for you to do something because he says to.


MHO - July 6

Sorry about the typos I'm in a hurry today!


Jeanette - July 7

I am 37 and 19 weeks pregnant. From the time I conceived to about 14 weeks I tormented myself over the decision of whether to have an amnio or not. I discussed it many times with my dr. and altho I have the feeling he thinks I should have one (drs. are all about numbers and diagnostics), I also knew he strongly respected whatever my decision was. At 15 weeks I decided to have the maternal triple screen test first. My results were that I was not at an elevated risk for having a child with Down syndrome. I chose not to have the amnio. My risk for miscarriage from amnio was higher than having a child with Down syndrome. My dr. fully respected my decision. It is hard to know what to do. It is such a personal decision and we all want to do the right thing.


j. - July 7

Hmm..that's a strange doctor you have. 34 is too young to consider having an amnio, unless you are totally adamant about knowing. Like everyone here said, your odds of having a Downs baby are much, much lower, than the risks of a 'spontaneous abortion' due to amnio. (A m/c in other words.) Your doctor seems like he hasn't quite accepted that nowadays having a baby at 34, is still deemed pretty young..I would consider changing too..


m - July 8

my doctor was totally 50/50 with me on whether to get the amnio. He wasn't for it, or against it. Didn't help with the decision making process, but it was a very fair way of talking about it. He explained the risks, but then explained that many women have it done no problem. If you do get one done, find a place (even if you have to drive an extra 25 miles or so) that is the best around, and a doctor that does them ALL the time. Most of the "finer" facilities have one or two specific doctors that have been just amnios for many years. So the experience is high, the equipment is high and all this lowers the risk even more so. My doc was 1 in 400 - that's their publicized risk factor, non-publicized is even higher. Anyway, your doc sounds like he's one way. If you don't feel comfortable with him or that answer, yeah you should switch.



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