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Karol - March 17

What are your thoughts on amnios? I am 36 will be 37 when our baby is born. I am thinking I will not have an amnio. I will have an ultrascreen and the tranditional blood screenings but unless any on those screenings show any concern, I think I will forgo the amnio.


miraclebaby - March 17

I am 37 and will be 37 I had blood and Ultra sound and all were fine. THe doctor suggested to me not to even think about it, as everything was fine and he said why take the risk. I did not choose the Amnio. I agree with you. :) :) :)


Karol - March 18

Thanks. Glad to here someone agrees with me.


Tammy - March 18

The risk of miscarriage from amnio is 1/200 I believe, Weigh that against the odds of something being wrong and then what you would do if the test said something is wrong. The test is not 100% foolproof either. I had a friend who had amnio at 7 months; the baby kicked the needle and cut the cord,\\ They had to get the baby out in less than 5 minutes and the perfectly healthy baby almost died


Debi - March 19

Hi Karol, I was 34 when I concieved and 35 when I delivered (5 weeks ago) and I didn't want the amnio either, even my doc said don't worry unless the other tests showed something abnormal. Well, my quad screen which was done at 16 weeks, showed that my baby had a 1:47 chance of Trisomy 18 (if a baby lasts until birth they usually die within days) So needless to say, I was freaked. I had genetic couseling and the amnio right away, which showed the my DD was fine. The amnio, which I was petrified of, was really not a big deal. The fear that I had was much worse then the actual procedure. Hopefully all with go well with your testing, but if God forbid something shows up, there are a lot of instances where it is a false reading and if you should chose to do the amnio, just make sure that the doctor has alot of experienced with them, don't be afraid to ask questions. The week of waiting for the blood results and the amnio results was complete hell, but in the end, everything was fine. I personally, because of the experience that I had, would forgo the quad screen again and go for the amnio. That is my choice, but you have to do what you are comfortable with. Best of luck :)


Leeanne - March 20

Hi Karol. The choice realy is, do you wnat to know fact or percentages. I chose to have no screening and get the amnio at 16 weeks. I will be 43 when i deliver. The amnio is realy quick and painless, and 99.9% accurate allowing .1%for human error. I would recommend amnio over % any day Take care


Jade - March 20

I had an amnio at 16 weeks due to my age (39) and also because I'm a need to know person. I also would take diagnostic accuracy over a risk screening any day. I did do the initial NT scan and bloodwork but I couldn't go the other 5 months without worrying about the numbers. However, an amnio is not a choice many people would be comfortable with. My risks for genetic abnormalities were about the same as the amnio risk so for me it made sense. I had it done at a major hospital with a large perinatal centre. I wouldn't have had it done anywhere else. And it really wasn't that bad at all. It was slightly uncomfortable for a minute or two and then it was all over. I had no complications.


L - March 21

I had an amnio and was very nervous about it beforehand. It ended up being nothing like I feared and I'm so glad we did it. The u/s is only as good as your baby is willing to cooperate and your technician is good at interpretting what they see. The bloodtest only tells you if your odds are high or low. On the otherhand an amnio will tell you if there is any chromosomal abnormalities. Think of it this way: How often have you heard that someone was unable to learn the gender of their baby during the u/s, or that the u/s told them the wrong gender? The u/s screening is open to the same misinterpretation. When I had my u/s for example they weren't quite sure I was having a girl or a boy. With the amnio, we had 100% a__surance. The same applies to the physical markers your tech looks for during the u/s. Granted their is some risk of miscarriage but with an experienced doctor those odds become even less. I'm very glad that we had the amnio and would do it all over again.



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