Any Mommy To Be Been Diagnosed With Subchorionic Bleeding

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sandraG - April 23

Hi I am 35 years old and am 7 weeks pregnant. Doc picked up on sonar i have sch on my placenta. I thought we might be having twins, cause i saw to embryo sacs but the other one was the blood. Any mommy gone thru this or going thru this that is over 35.


Kristin72 - April 25

I was diagnosed with this while pregnant with my DD (7months)when I was 8 weeks. I had some spotting and was very worried. The doctor told me that the subchronic hematomas usually resolve themselves and they usually do not interfere with the baby but when there is bleeding it is always good to keep a watchful eye. Are you spotting or bleeding?..cause this can cause uterine contractions so they always want to keep an eye as to how much bleeding etc. Try to relex and get follow-up ultrasounds. Try to drink water and some bedrest is sometimes prescribed but not essntial. I would take it easy as at 7weeks you are at a very crucial time in your pregnancy. You are still only dealing with small cells and the embryo is very delicate. I wish you the best! Things should be fine.


Kristin72 - April 25

oh btw I was 41 at the time :)


sandraG - April 26

Hi thank you mommy. Do you know there is little known about SCH here in South AFrica on our mommy forums. All of the mommies who have read my post says it is the first time that they hear of this. But i have searched and it seems that the chances of having a pregnancy be it high risk or normal is 2 out of 3. And the odds stacks up better so I am still very careful but i think it will be okay. I have not started to bleed yet but i have started with this kind of watery discharge when it dries in my undies it leaves a light brown sircle. From where are you Kristin. And 41 congrats on the beautiful little angle that you have. I am so scared cause i am 35 of chromosomal abnormalities. But i will for now only focus on this and when the time comes will focus on that. Thank you again you make me feel much better knowing that i am not alone. I hope you and little one will have a great day. Kind regards Sandra



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