Any Older Mom Due In Dec

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Old Mama - June 29

Curious if there are any over 35 Mom's due in December and involved in a blended family situation.....I am 38 and due Dec. 30th....this is baby #7! I have 3 step children (20, 18, & 15) and 3 bilogical (13, 11, & 9) Baby due on 9 year olds 10th b-day....any advice? Oh...crazy trivia ALL 3 of my biolgical children are born in Dec!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!


luvacuppajoe - June 29

Wow. I'm not quite due in December (Oct. 21 actually) but I too am having blended baby #7, at 39 yrs old. I have 4 step children (23, 20, 17 and 16) and 2 biological (18 and 14) and now my first for hub and I together..our 5th daughter between the two of us. Congratulations to you and your family -- and if you find any advice, I'll be sure to read along with you! LOL All I can suggest is take it as it comes and be thankful....but it looks like you already know that. Cheers, Mama!


alley24 - June 29

I am 43 and when the baby is due 44. I have 3 of my own children, ages 21,19, and 13. My new husband has no children this is his first.. Due December 9th. I have had all the early screening, and I went from the odds of 1-10 to 1-1000. Have my second trimester screening on the 10th and we will also find out if this is a boy or Girl. i am excited but WOW diffrent pregnancy, more tires and more aches and pains. More pressure that is forsure. But Hopefully that is all I will have to deal with. Hope all is well for you guys.


luvacuppajoe - June 29

Hope I'm not hijacking our thread, Mama. But I have to say to alley, I can related to the new aches and pains with this pregnancy too. We've all got over 10 years since the last baby, so I'm sure you ladies know what I mean. I'm finding muscles and ligaments I never knew I had. LOL I keep thinking that I have 4 more months to go, and I'm trying so hard not to be a whiney preggo (hehe) but I worry about how I'm going to feel by 8 or 9 months. I'm also worried about whether I can do this one without drugs again like the last 2. It sure is different! Congrats to your hub on his first baby, alley, and to both of you on your first together. It's a pretty special thing!


luvacuppajoe - June 29

Mama - That was YOUR thread, not our thread. Note to self: proof read before hitting Submit!


deltabwa - July 1

Hi, I'm 38, MAMA - I'll be 39 Dec 30th lol What a great day :-) I'm not blended tho I have 3 other children. 21 & 18 with my 1st dh and a 2 yr old from my current dh. LUV - Don't even talk to me about new pains lol 16 yrs in between will make you find all KINDS of things, not just aches lol MAMA - do I mention closing your legs in March rofl Try opening them in Jan or Feb, then clsing for a month (or 2) then start up again in June lol How about a 2 month vaca away from dh and all the kids lol As far as advice goes for the b-day.. I can really only say that I know how horrible having a b-day around Christmas is. We have decided that if this baby (girl) is born any later than her EDD of Dec 14, than we will celebrate her b-day either in the summer or let her pick the time of year (either before school lets out or at the beginning of the school year, so that she can invite her friends and that way her b-day won't be ruined by the holiday festivities. She will still get a small family b-day cake and such but as far as big parties.. it will be away from the holidays. Good luck!!



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