Any One In There 40 S And Pregnant And Due In December

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alley24 - April 11

iI am 43, have three kids the oldest is 21. I am 5 weeks pregnant and due December 15th. I am scared, but I had my hcg count done and found out yesterday they are good. I have a ultra sound due in two weeks, and at 11 weeks I am having a 3D ultra sound, and a amnio to see if everything is okay. I am worried.


bknbone - April 11

I am 42. I have two kids, 11 and 2. I have lost my last two. I am 6 weeks and due 12.3. I am scared, too, but I have to have Faith in God that I will get through it this time. It is a daily battle


alley24 - April 11

you will get through this and I too am relying on my faith. so we will keep in touch and check on things.have you had any test done??


naytabjoe - April 13



maharvey - April 16

I am 44 and following Nagel's rule (subtract 3 months and add 7 days from 1st day of last period) I would be due on December 21st. I found out yesterday that I was pregnant. This is my 7th pregnancy. My oldest child is 25 and youngest will be 4 years old this month. I am worried too yet one of the OB doctors that I work with (I work on Labor and Delivery) says that with my pregnancy history that my risk of miscarriage isn't as high as I thought. Miscarriage is what I fear and a chromosomal abnormality. I also don't want my children and grandchildren to get excited about this pregnancy and then be disappointed with a loss. I get so self absorbed when I am pregnant. It does seem that placing trust in a higher power is what needs to do to be done to help me through this time. The worrying probably would not be so bad except that the doctors think about the worse case scenario and then they share it with you. I'm glad that you are having the 3D ultrasound but I worry about the risks of the amnio for you. I think that the ultrasound may give you some piece of mind.


alley24 - April 17

I really dont want to do a amnio,I am afraid of misscarriages as well, I think that I am going to get the ultra sound. I want to know what my risk really are?? You know they say it but I just see so many woman having babies over there 40s, these statstics have to be off some where? how long ago where these results posted, if you look at some of the records for woman to have a high risk baby they were done in the 80s things have changed. I worry but it is out of my hands. I dont know what a 3d ultra sound shows


in the woods - April 17

Dear ladies, imagine this situation: you need to have a surgery for a serious reason, and the surgeon tells you that the success rate for this particular surgery is 91.7 percent. Would you consider the surgery? Probably, yes, because there is only 8.3 percent chance of something going wrong and you need this surgery. You'd think it's pretty good chances. Now, this rate (91.7 vs. 8.3 percent) is a chance for a 49 year old woman to have a Down baby. It is still a small chance, isn't it? Accordingly, chances for a 45 yo woman are 96.9 vs. 3.1 percent. For a 44 year old woman it's 97.6 vs. 2.4 percent. For a 42 year old it's 98.5 vs. 1.5 percent. For a 40 year old it's 99.1 vs. 0.9 percent. For a 38 year old it's 99.4 vs. 0.6 percent. I took these numbers from the official statistics table ( ) and translated into percentages. When you look at these percentages from the point of view of a possible surgery, they don't look as scary, do they? One has to feel through the numbers before getting scared by them. Other possible abnormalities, probably, also have the same or smaller rate of danger. I wish you all the luck and I know that all of you on the board will have healthy babies.


New one - April 17

Hi, i am 41 , i am ot pregnant, and i do not have children yet. i do have a dream of one though:) . what i have been doing lately, i have been going to the forums where younger women are posting there 2ww, and early pregnancy signs..etc. here what i noticed, and you can check this yourself, most of there posts are, TTC for 12 month, TTC on climid, TTC after 2 o3 MC. or Pregnanant and the doctor said, something not right in her ultrasound, etc... my point is, not only old women get comlications, the chances are there for all ages. not only for older women. please try to relax and enjoy what God gave you. i like the Arrgument of IN THE WOOD. VERY WELL SAID. good luck all


alley24 - April 17

I like that anwser as well. I have a freind that is a nurse in the OB ward and she told me that more younger woman are having ds babies than older, my thing on this is that I feel when you are older you take care of your self more, know what to do not to do and when you are young you take it for granit that all will be fine. I am not worried, It is in gods hands


Breni - April 20

Congratulation alley24 and all other expectant mothers here. I am 40 years old and currently 7 weeks due Dec 9th. I have a son who will turn 12 in July and had two miscarriages in 2004. Had very light (brown) then turning light pink spotting over Easter weekend (not constant). Went to OB ER and they did transv____al ultrasound. I was expecting the worst though the doctor saw the sac, embryo nad HEARTBEAT, although it was 104 (I heard it also) too cool. Trying not to get hopes too high up. Had quant HCG test on Monday was 11,412 and on Wednesday level went up to 14,996 (good sign) another test to follow tomorrow Friday. I will feel much better when I see it has increased even more. Anyone know much about the quant levels? I've been doing research and it is enough to freak anyone out sometimes. Any comments will be appreciated.


Valerie - April 21

Hi all and congratulations to everyone! I'm 42 (will be 43 at delivery) with my first! EDD 12.7.06. Had my first u/s this week. Baby measured well (they actually moved my due date up a couple of days) and heard a strong hb (128 bpm)! I know that there are any number of stats out there that talk about higher risks and all that but all I can do is take things one day at a time, be positive, pray and stand that I am having a healthy baby. I think sometimes with that advent of the internet, we have access to TOO MUCH information and it's easy to obsess on the risks. God has already decided the outcome and my worrying isn't going to change anythin



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