Any Soon To Be July Moms

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Bimko - February 1

I'm 39 and this is my first. I'm nearly 18 weeks, and am due July 9th. My friends are all done having babies, but still always seem to have advice. While it's certainly appreciated, I'd still like to have someone to talk to who is right there, going through the same stuff I am: the first flutters, the unzipped pants and the out-of-the-blue power-nipples. ...All that fun stuff! So what part of your pregnancy seems to you to have come as the biggest surprise? For me, I think it's the fact that I don't feel too huge, but the books and internet are telling me my baby is more than 6' crown to rump! Where the heck is it!? I'm also suprised I'm not generally "puffier" - I normally swell more than this just with PMS!


Bimko - February 1

Forgive the typo - that would be something if my baby were 6 feet CRL and I didn't feel too huge - or didn't make some record book! ;-)


Terio - February 17

Omg, 6 feet would be somethin'... I'm due August 1st with my first, as well and I'm 34. Best of luck with everything, Bimko! And I know what you mean about not feeling big yet. I'm hoping to start showing pretty soon.. because right now, I'm just looking like I've let myself go a little, LOL.


Bimko - February 21

I have my 20-week anatomy scan today! I am so excited - I was in bed the other day with my hand draped in front of my tummy, and my fingertips got kicked out of the blue - the first time I felt it from the outside - so I just can't wait to get a look at the little critter who is knocking my insides around!!!


salk - March 2

I am 40 this March and pregnant with my second. My son is going to be 20 years old in Sept. and I am due end of June. Definitely was not planning on any more kids - our lives will be forever changed. But now am happy and looking forward to being a Mommy again. Haven't felt the baby move from the outside yet -guess that will come soon. I have only gained 6 pounds but feel like my stomach is going to burst through my skin!!! Good luck in your pregnancy. I am afraid I forgot all I knew about little ones. Guess I will learn it all again!


perchy - March 13

Ooo. Me! I'm 37 and a first-time preg.... due July 24. It's a girl! :) We just registered for baby stuff -- and I have to say I felt way too old to feel like I don't know what I'm doing. I love meeting (cuz there aren't many of us, it seems) those over 35ers on their first pregnancy.



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