Any Successful Pregnancies Around Over 40

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Karen E - February 21

Hi ladies. I have just turned 43 and found myself pregnant, purely by accident, last month. Unfortunately I miscarried at approximately 6 weeks. Just wondering, after having a miscarriage, and after reading so many sad stories on here, just wondering if there are any success stories of women over 40 having healthy babies? Thanks!


Nancy - February 23

Hi Karen - On another thread a woman gave a web address: -----and I did go there and read some really encouraging stories. Hopefully this thread will be filled with success stories very soon (and my hope is that you and I will be included!). Take care Karen.


Lisastar9 - February 23

I am turning 42 in March with my third and am due March 20 Monday I will be 37 weeks. Maybe check into taking pregestrone pills when you do get pg have to get dr's precription for it I believe.


Karen E - February 24

Nancy and Lisa - thanks for your replies. I have had an elevated temp for about a week now, and bad headaches so hope that is a good sign. How funny we all want to feel "lousy" when hoping to be pregnant lol! Trying to get pregnant can make one go a little nuts.


Karen E - February 24

P.S. to my last post - congratuations Lisa. Are you having a boy or girl? How excited you must be? How has your pregnancy been?


Nancy - February 24

Headaches are a very good sign - Karen! My fingers are crossed! - Lisa - Did you take pregesterone? I've heard women talk about taking it, but never asked my dr. He is not an RE, he's a regular obgyn and delivered my son. He told me of two women he personally delivered for and both were over 46. Healthy pregnancies too.


Tammy - February 25

I will be 45 mar 21 and I am 9 weeks preg with baby #13. Of those 13 pregnancies, I have had 3 misc. Since I was 35, I have had 6 preg and 3 healthy baby boys. My last baby was born two months before my 42nd bday. Read Dr John Lee's book What Your Dr won't tell you about Pre-menopause. Progesterone cream is essential to establishing good hormonal health for a pregnancy


Karen E - February 25

Hi Nancy - thanks for your kind wishes. And Tammy, thank you for sharing your stories with me. Wow, 13 pregnancies, that is amazing. So you have 10 children. Congratulations! Is progesterone cream something you started using after 35? Or something you used all along? I have heard mixed reviews on it. Some swear by it and say that it prevented miscarriages for them, while others say it just prolonged their miscarriages and that if you are meant to miscarry you will. What do you think? I also read that about 60 to 70% of miscarriages are choromisone related so I guess in that case progesterone cream wouldn't help. As well, just wondering if I get preganant again (or I am hoping I am right now) do you think I should get my progesterone level checked? I have read that headaches and elevated temps are as a result of progesterone, and those were 2 very big symptoms for me, so wouldn't that mean that I have plenty of that? Anyway, thanks for your replies ladies.


KaCee - February 26

Karen, I am 39 and pregnant (will be 40 when the baby is due). I have had two miscarriages in the last 3 years and three healthy babies prior to that. I am on progesterone now for the first time (pills 2x per day) and hoping for good results. There is a lengthy discussion on progesterone on this site (see "Progesterone Level") that has been very helpful to me. Good luck!


Karen E - February 26

Hi KaCee - thanks for your reply. Just curious, with your miscarriages, did they find a cause for them, or was it just bad luck. I know with my last pregnancy they thought it was a blighted ovum, so I guess progesterone wouldn't have helped anyway. I have now had 4 miscarriages (but not in a row), but also have 2 healthy kids. I had two miscarriages in my 20's, one before my daughter was born, and one after, and another one in my 30's, before my son was born, and the one I had last month. Not sure if they are related, or just bad luck since I did have 2 healthy kids. I will read all I can on progesterone though so I am fully informed. How far along are you? At what point in your pregnancy did you start taking progesterone? Thanks.


Tammy - February 27

I started using prog cream after my first miscarriage at age 38. Obviously, if you have a fetus that is genetically unviable, prog cream won't make a difference. However, the cream keeps your hormones balanced so everything works as well as your body should. It also keeps your eggs healthier so you are less likely to produce a genetically inferior fetus that will not survive or a down's syndrome baby. Also read the book, Coming to Term, its about miscarriage. One of the causes of misc or infertility is a short luteal phase, meaning your period starts within 10 days of ovulation. This is n ot long enuf for a successful pregnancy. Progesterone cream helps increase this luteal phase.


KaCee - February 28

Karen, they did tons of tests on me after my last miscarriage, but everything came back fine except for one of the MTHFR gene mutations, but they said it wouldn't affect any pregnancies. I guess it was bad luck (or old eggs?) Tammy - did you take progesterone in between pregnancies to keep the eggs healthy?


Karen E - March 1

Tammy, KaCee - thanks for your replies. I am really hoping I am pregnant right now. I miscarried Feb 2nd so not sure exactly when to expect my period, but probably the end of the week or this weekend if things are still on track (28 day cycle). Not sure when and if I ovulated either so I guess it's a waiting game. I tested yesterday and it was BFN so will wait a couple more days. Off to Disneyland today with my DH and DS so guess I will find out there!!! Thanks again for kind replies.


Tammy - March 2

Yes, I used the cream between pregnancies when my cycles started back up. Since I was nursing, my cycle did not start until the baby was about 7 months old.


Tammy - March 2

You should wait about 2 cycles after a misc to try again. Your uterus needs to build up a healthy layer for the new baby to implant. Though I do know several people who did get pregnant right away and had healthy babies.


Tammy - March 2

After my misc, I got my period almost exactly 4 weeks after. I was sure I ovulated only 2 weeks after, so your body can get right back to it!


Renee - March 3

I have had 2 successful pregnancies in my 40s (1 at 40, 1 at 43) and 4 miscarriages (including one 5 months ago). Turned 48 last weekend and still trying though odds are small. Dr says I can still get pregnant and I'd love to have 1 more. So, who knows? Good luck to everyone and lots of baby dust!



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