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momto1 - May 23

Ladies, did you do anything different than usual the month you got your BFP. Any tips are most welcome. Thanks in advance.


annabanana - May 23

sorry but what is bfp


Perl - May 23

I think you mean the month before I got my BFP, right (in the month we conceived)? My husband and I had not had any s_x for about 3 weeks (awful I know but I was under extreme stress that month) but because I knew I was having a very fertile day (according to my ovulation calendar) , I ignored my busy schedule and stress and we made love and stayed in bed together for a long time afterward. Getting up and washing up right after is not a good idea. Anna: BFP = big fat positive, a positive pregnancy test.


Betul - May 23

I had been on prenatal vitamins for about 6 months before I concieved and then I began taking FertilAid supplements two months before my BFP and started charting my temps and fertility signs so that I could pinpoint ovulation. During my fertile week I took one teaspoon Robutussien (plain) three times a day to thin out cervical mucus to allow easier transport of sperm. We had s_x 1, 2, and 3 days before ovulation ( I had used an OPK (ovulation prediction kit) to verify ovulation too. We wanted a girl so we didn't have s_x the day of ovulation or after (Shettles Method). It worked, I am pregnant 21 weeks with a baby girl! I know it sounds like we had to do a lot but we had been trying for a year and time was of the essence as i am 39. Good Luck and Baby Dust to you!


Babette - May 24

I just found out I'm pregnant. This month I used ovulation tests. We did it on schedule and I put a pillow under my b___t and just lay there for about a half an hour afterward. I felt a bit silly but it's supposed to work (which it did indeed :-) Then I carefully eased out of bed, carefully peed, slid back into bed and slept through the night. I was determined to keep as many of those swimmers inside me as is humanly possible. And here I am, two weeks later, feeling sickish, tired and pregnant. I am carrying a my digital camera with me so I can look at the picture I took of the BFP test this morning. It's so hard to get my hear round this! Lots of luck to you, getting pregnant! Love, Babette


annabanana - May 24

betul hi i was reading your post, what is shettles method? i have never heard of that before


christa0120 - May 24

We had s_x... I conceived March 1st. First time we had s_x all year! (2006 that is) Been a slow year...LOL.My 6 year old son was still awake. We put him to bed a tad early because I was hornier then all get out. I had s_x for fun, I was on top, on the bottom andy position I wanted (we weren;t trying to have baby making s_x) I just wanted to get laid. After the fun settled down a bit I heard son crying at my door!. I jumped up, got dressed really quick cleaned up and snuggled with my son who was upset because he was locked out of our room (I am sure he suspected something of that nature must have been going on and got a bit freaked out) So basically. I did everything you arent supposed to do to get pregnant.


marranie - May 25

I took 12 fish oil capsules a day for about 8 weeks after o day.... not my first bfp but this time no miscarriage. Still taking fish oil but only a couple a day. Also had late bfp as o'd on day 17 rather than normal day 13 - 14. I had no ewcm at all, had it early in the cycle, days 9-11, so it was way off.


CaliTrish - May 25

I started taking multi-vitamins with 400mcg of folic acid when I got off the pill. Waited about 5 months before ttc, then we followed my doc's low tech method - s_x every other day for a week starting on Day 10. Third month was the charm. I am 20 weeks prego with a baby boy. Next time, we'll have stop having s_x 2-3 days short of ovulation to let the slower girl sperm do their job. Good luck.



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