Any Tips On Avoiding Public Symphysis Separation

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Kay36 - January 16

I had my daughter 4 years ago and extremely painful pubic symphysis separation occurred during the birth, and I was left on a zimmer (sic) frame for a couple of months afterwards. I want to have another (I'm 36 now) as I've just about got over the experience, it was very traumatic for me, and I would welcome any tips any sufferers may have for me.


babymakes5 - January 16

Hi Kay, I tried posting earlier but lost it. I'm on pregnancy #4 and have had spd with all 3, but I was fortunate to not have problems during delivery, it was just a lot of pain before and after. There is a website if you search for pelvic partnership that has information about things people have tried. My doc says there's not much that can be done because it's the hormone relaxin that causes it. I do know there are braces, but I'm not sure how helpful they are or how comfortable. I also have heard of some physical therapy that can be done, some say it works and some say it doesn't. My ob doc with my first 3 kids said that it gets worse with every pregnancy. His wife had it and they had 7 kids. By the last one, she couldn't walk very well. Anyways, I'm not sure if I was helpful or not, good luck with your decision. Maybe read up on it online to see what else you can find out.


andreaf - January 24

Hi Kay, I had that with my first and am now 6 weeks pregnant. I'm 41 in a few days. I had it the first trimester, then bad in the 3rd, and awful pp. I used an SI belt (finally) and my back had already gotten SO messed up. Your pubic symphysis joint and SI joints are the three pelvic bone joints and all affect each may know all of this now. Make sure you DONT go up and down steps. I have been through PT now (and still much better) since I had Jake (he is 20 months now.) I was very sick afterwards. I do aquatherapy with an excellent physical is not aerobics...and the strengthening is careful and much safer than on land. don't let a doc b__w this off...Mine may have been exacerbated at delivery with my emergency second surgery (pphemhorrage) when they knocked me out and likely spread my legs too much. Keep stretching gently with someone good (PT type) and in the water if you can to help take the stress of those ligaments...the more flexible you are, the less stress on them. I hope that helps!! I'm hoping for the best this time, too....a bit scary!! Good luck! BTW..what is a zimmer frame?



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