Anybody Here Pregnant Over 40

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Maureen - July 17

I had my baby when I just, just turned 42, he was healthy with no problems what so ever. Now I am thinking of having another one, not sure though. Some days I want another one, some days I don't. This baby I had is my only one. Anybody with the same or similar dilema? What is your story?


to Maureen - July 17

Hi..How long ago did you have your baby? Have you had time to recuperate a little? How old are you now? Personally I think IF you can get pregnant again, then why not.. Physically I don't think it's a big deal, 40 something or not. Of course if you want to give your little one a sibling, you can't wait too long..Maybe you should let nature take its course? Because it's probably at least (?) 18 months ago that you last got pregnant, and at this age 18 months can already make a difference, to how easy it is to conceive...


Maureen - July 18

Hi again, my baby is 9 Months old now. He just turned 9 Months actually. I feel great, the Dr. says I'm fine and am very lucky to be in such great physical condition but I think it's genetics really. These things we have no control over although I do have a healthy diet so mabey that helps. In any case, do you think it would be alot, alot of work at my age to have another baby? I mean, I don't know that in 10 years from now I will still have the same energy level, but who knows? Please let me know. Thanking you in Advance.


Me again - July 19

Hi Maureen..Well, I'm trying to have another baby and I'm close in age, so I guess I'm all for it!! I'm not worried about it physically at all ('good' genes help, lol..) but 2 kids are always going to keep you busy... But frankly, I don't mind because I always think long-term. So what if it's a little challenging at times, the baby stage pa__ses at some point, you'll get your sleep back, and you'll have a sibling for your child. That by far outweighs any temporary, 'I feel soo tired' glitches. As to in 10 years time, when your little one is 10, he/she won't want Mommy to roll in the mud/play ball non-stop, and hop around on playgrounds. They'll have their friends, and Mom's not always allowed to play..I think you'll be absolutely fine, you'll be sipping your tea, reading magazines, while the kidz scream over who gets the ball...~~smile~~. PS: I do find though, that pregnancy isn't happening as fast as I would like it to..that's why I think it's best not to delay..


Tammy - July 19

Maureen-Go for it! I had my 2nd child at 41 and did have a harder time conceiving this baby. I will be 45 when I deliver, EDD10/28. I have had such an easy pregnancy so far. I did have amnio with this pregnancy, due to the fact that I had 2 prior miscarriages. Good luch with you baby and any future little ones!


Me again - July 20

Tammy, how long did you have to try for your last baby? I've been trying for 5 months now, and I've always got preggers pretty much instantly before..Did you have the 2 m/c's while ttc #3? Anyway, you give me hope!! Congrats on your's exciting! Maureen, how are you doing?


Tammy - July 20

me again- In the past I got pregnant in pa__sing. haha! I had my son at 41. I had a mis at 42 & 43. It took about 18 months to conceive this baby. I didn't even think that I was pregnant. My period which was like clockwork started coming whenever. I truly thought that it was the beginning of the change. In March I went for my yearly and happen to mention that my periods were screwy and she said that was because I was about 10 weeks pregnant. I couldn't beleive it. I have 14 weeks to go and am having another son. If you want to keep in touch, email me @ [email protected] Good luck


LINDA NY - July 29



Me again to Tammy - August 2

Hey Tammy, it'd be nice to keep in touch, will email you soon. Just so that you know 'Me Again' mail, is not 'spam'..~smile~~


Donna - August 8

Hi Maureen, A year ago I gave birth to my first baby, a beautiful boy named Jacob Daniel. I was 44 years old. Like you I had been wondering about having another. It would be great to give Jacob a sibling. I loved being pregnant. I came to the conclusion that I would love to have another baby and my younger husband (he's 35) and I are leaving it up to fate. I am still b___stfeeding twice a day (Jacob is slowly weaning himself) so that might be holding things up a bit but my cycles returned about 3 months ago so I am hoping for good luck soon. A baby is always hard work but well worth it. I am so happy and thankful that I was able to concieve, carry and deliver a happy healthy baby at my age and would be extatic if it were to happen again. Good luck to you whatever you decide.


Alexsandra - August 29

is it safe to have a baby at 41 when you already have 2 kids(13and2)?


Kids are great but - August 29

yes its safe no not good if you plan on knowing grandchildren . Really bad if there are no God parents ie fosterhomes


to kids are great but - August 29

how old r u 14???? More and more women r conceiving at 40 do you really think a young parent is better?? wrong wrong wrong most younger parents are still very selfish and impatient it is a proven fact that older parents produce more centered and educated kids, so maybe a younger parent will know a grandchild if their childre grow up normal enough to have a family, most of my friends whose parents were young are very screwed up oh and thanks for your optimism



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